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SME Big Data Portal 0613


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Google announced a major initiative to develop the YouTube platform by creating a series of segment portals to address specific niche market segments. A critical and extensive market segment that is under served and highly fragmented is the global SME market segment. Sum2 proposes to work with major ISP’s and portal services to develop product marketing solutions to the SME market segment.

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SME Big Data Portal 0613

  1. 1. SME Big Data PortalInventing the New Normal
  2. 2. AboutSum2Sum2 is dedicated to delivering sound practiceproduct solutions to small and midsize enterprises(SME) that address risk management, corporategovernance, shareholder communication andregulatory compliance.Founded 2002Digital Assets:,,sum2storefront, credit|redi blog, sum2llc blog,tweeting@sum2llc, smeriskmanagementLinkedin
  3. 3. AboutSum2 Began as a consulting firm to implement sound practiceprograms for hedge funds through prime broker saleschannel 2002 Developed PACO as a response to compliance requirementsof The Patriot Act 2004 Developed Profit|Optimizer in response to Basel II capitalrequirement for SME 2007 Developed IARP and Credit|Redi in response to evolving taxcomplexity and credit market meltdown 2009
  4. 4. New ChapterEvolving Business Model Consulting Service Provider Product Company Long Tail Software / Managers Mark Brand Monetize IC Assets Disaggregate Products Create Vertical Retail Apps License Apps to ISP’s and Portals
  5. 5. Risk AssessmentProductsSME 360° Product Series Profit|Optimizer Credit|Redi IRS Audit Risk Program S3 SME Seismograph Risk Management Webinars SME Channel Services
  6. 6. Sum2AML ProductsPACO™ AML Compliance Solutions broker dealers hedge funds /RIA Money Service Business Credit UnionsAML Audit Risk ProgramBSA Reporting ModuleCIP AssessmentTraining & Compliance
  7. 7. Sum2PartnersFidelity Information Services Identity VerificationExperian Credit Reporting Credit Reporting ProductsTelekurs Financial Securities InformationCreditAides SME Financial Health AssessmentsCervalis COLO and Business Continuity Services
  8. 8. Clients andDistributors
  9. 9. SMEBig Data PortalGoogle announced a major initiative to develop theYouTube platform by creating a series of segmentportals to address specific niche market segments.A critical and extensive market segment that isunderserved and highly fragmented is the globalSME market segment.Sum2 proposes to work with major ISP’s andportal services to develop product marketingsolutions to the SME market segment.
  10. 10. SME PortalProblems and Opportunities Goalo drive capital and sales into segmento aggregate content specific to SME’so generate on-demand ad saleso sales revenue for portal Problemo recession, segment realignment, credit risk,o SME incubation, capital formationo differentiation of ISP/Portal in niche Opportunityo content aggregation on SME portalo alignment of interests with Industry Service Providerso 27,000,000 SME’s in the United States
  11. 11. SME PortalProblems and Opportunities Directed On Demand AD Opportunities uncover and direct product market opportunities within segment drive ad revenue for portal with ISP’s and banks drive revenue for ISP SME Capitalization Rosetta Stone proprietary and branded assessment apps needs determination, lead generation clicks and closure Prospects Google, AOL, Fox Business, NY Daily News, etc.
  12. 12. Align ISPWith SME DemandUser Generated BI ISP/Associations Product Marketing Demand Aggregation Capital & Credit Capacity Utilization Hedging Psychographics / IAOCapitalSMEDemandSupplyISP /Association
  13. 13. SME PortalAligning SME StakeholdersISP/BI/OriginationBank/Portal/VendorCapitalGoodsServicesSME
  14. 14. ProspectPortalsGoogleAOLMSNBAIDUebayAppleAmazonNYTB&NFox WSJBanksPEOsISPsPortal GoalsAd RevenueClicks BISegmentISP GoalsLeads / BIRevenueMarketSME GoalsGRCSalesCapitalGlobalReplicationEU / ASIALatin AmericaEmergingSegmentationSize / LocationPsychographicsAIOMicrosVerticalsIndustriesSupply andValue ChainsContentWhite PapersWebinarsGrouponsAdsDeviseDroidiPhoneExcelTabletsAppsPOSFormsOriginationAssessment14
  15. 15. SME ChannelAssessment AppsHP MRP WebinarLoan ApplicationCredit GuidelinesBankCredit Risk MitigationOriginationHP / ISPSME, GeocodeCredit RiskAssessment App,Capital Requirementand Allocation15
  16. 16. Profit|OptimizerProduct Features• Z-Score Calculation and Financial Statement ReviewFinancial Health Metrics• Products/Customers/Competition/Supply Chain/Market DynamicsProduct & Market Risk• Management/Sales & Marketing/Operations/ Facilities/ Accounting/HR/ITFunction Assessment• Event Metrics/Financial Ratios/ STEEPLE/ MacroeconomicCritical Success Factors• Risk Visualization / Aggregation/ ROI/ PrioritizationManagement Dashboards• Customer Service/ Workbook/ROI CalculatorSupport• Quarterly Z-Score / Webinar Review/ Management SeminarPerformance Measurement
  17. 17. Product FeaturesPerformance DashboardsRisk Discovery, Assessment and Management ToolsScores Risk VulnerabilitiesPerformance MonitoringRisk Aggregation & VisualizationMonetization, Prioritization Tracking and ROI
  18. 18. IARP/CARPCorporate Tax Audit Risk• Industry Focus Issue Tier Assessment: One / Two / ThreeIRS Audit Risk Factors• Threat Scoring , Initiative Identification and Strategy DevelopmentMitigation Assessment• Expense Estimation , Issue Assignment and TrackingEvent Management & Tracking• Links to Guidance and Explanatory DocumentationGuidance & Documentation• IRS Forms and IRS Issue Search EnginesIRS Document and Search
  19. 19. SMEAssessment Apps (partial listing)Template 1: Market and Competition AssessmentTemplate 2.1: Product Service Grouping, CustomersTemplate 2.2: Product Service Grouping, SuppliersTemplate 2.3: Product Service Grouping, CompetitionTemplate 2.4: Product Service Grouping, Market DynamicsTemplate 3.1: General ManagementTemplate 3.2: Sales/ Marketing ManagementTemplate 3.3: Operations and Production ManagementTemplate 3.4: Facilities ManagementTemplate 3.5: Financial ManagementTemplate 3.6: Planning and Information ManagementTemplate 3.7: People and Human Resource ManagementTemplate 4: Financial RatiosTemplate 5: Business and Financial Plan AssessmentTemplate 6: Scoring Specific Critical Success FactorsTemplate 7: Scoring Generic Critical Success FactorsTemplate 8: SWOT AnalysisTemplate 9: STEEPLE AnalysisTemplate 10: Macroeconomic Event Risk
  20. 20. Contact DetailsJames McCallumPresidentPO Box 665Oakland, NJ 07436973.287.7535E-mail : president@sum2.comBlog: sum2 company blogWebsite: www.sum2.comThank You for Your Interest
  21. 21. Sum2 is dedicated to the commercial promotion of sound practices. Sum2’s objective is toassist businesses to implement corporate sound practices that add exponential value forshareholders, employees, clients and to the communities in which they operate and serve.Sum2 identifies its core competency to be the creative application of sound practiceprinciples to the industries and businesses that we serve. Sum2’s SMB 360 is a clear exampleof this creative application of sound practices to an industry need. Sum2 is dedicated tocorporate responsibility, ethical business practices, customer service excellence anddelivering to our clients a unique and essential value proposition. We uphold these values inall our work and continually strive to deliver on the commitments that we make to ourclients.All products marketed by Sum2 are focused on risk mitigation. We look to creatively packageand bundle solution suites that address targeted client and industry market segmentrequirements. All product marketing activities and business development initiatives areguided by and conform to a clearly identified industrial application of sound practices.We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you about our products andhow we can improve it.PO Box 665Oakland, New Jersey