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Awarepoint Samples (Brochures)


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Here are some brochure designs I completed while at Awarepoint.

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Awarepoint Samples (Brochures)

  1. 1. Built on Awarepoint’s aware360°Platform, the aware360°Suite of RTLS-enabled ® solutions help hospital clients reduce hard operating costs, boost top line revenues, ® and increase compliance management and patient satisfaction. Clients have deployed Awarepoint’s patented RTLS technology and software platforms in the areas of Assets with the Lost assets using Real-time asset Asset utilization Patient/Satff Safety Locate Eliminate Monitor Optimize Protect asset management & tracking, rental reduction, temperature monitoring, hand hy- ease of one-click scalable map views status and and Manage Par and Configure for most used within your facility temperature Levels Dynamicly Business Process giene, emergency, and perioperative departmental workflow and throughput, and enterprise patient tracking and workflow automation.Go Beyond Dots on a Map! Hospitals and health care facilities can scale their imple- mentations by the entities they wish to track (movable medicalAutomating Hospital Workflow Though Visibility, equipment, patients, staff), by the purpose (temperatureCommunication and Real-Time Tracking of Interactions monitoring, asset management, patient flow, infection control)Between Patients, Staff and Assets.As a health care provider, are you feeling the increased pressure and by the scope of hospital workflow (acute care, inpatientto do more with what you have – or more with less? Recent floors, outpatient services, enterprise-wide).regulatory changes along with staff or budget cuts may impact “Our Real Time Awareness Solutions Allow Our Clients to Easilyall facets of your facility’s operating performance and quality of awareTracker goes beyond dots on a map and determines Anticipate and Manage Patient Flow and Asset Utilizationpractice. the status of any entity in any environment. The software Throughout their Healthcare Enterprise Increasing Top Line and hardware has been designed to provide department toBuilt on the advanced aware360°Platform™ awareTracker™ , Revenue and Patient Satisfaction” enterprise-wide visibility for multi-building, multi-campusis an enterprise-wide patient and asset tracking and workflow Jay Deady, Chief Executive Officer delivery networks that share Awarepoint Corporation—San Diego, Californiaautomation solution. awareTracker is Awarepoint’s core and/or centrally manage their assets.engine driving department to facility-wide workflow and real-time location system (RTLS) hardware solutions and services. awareTracker will provide the comfort and satisfaction thatThe awareTracker™ module is designed to more efficiently you will get detailed and complete information in real time.and safely orchestrate patient care via real-time visualization Customized reports provide the appropriate level of detail inof patient flow and, is architected around the principles of a format best suited for your success. “The system gave us a huge baseline of data. It told us how long people were waiting forLean, which eliminates waste and improves the interaction more than 15 different milestones.” Carol Nachreiner, RN—Executive Director of Emergency Services Long Beach Memorial Medical Center—Long Beach, CAbetween staff and patients. In addition, it automates capacitymanagement. I think the biggest ROI has been the overwhelming satisfaction of the staff, surgeons,The underlying RTLS technology platform Awarepoint uses to anesthesia and patients.” - Deborah Tuke Bahlman RN, Regional Manager Surgery Information Systems Providence Health System, Oregon, WAdrive these solutions is the IEEE ZigBee mesh network which is ® T.R.U.S.T.self-forming, self-healing and self-calibrating. Requiring no Awarepoint’s TRUST model: Tracking, Rentals, Utilization,hard wiring, Awarepoint’s “plug & track” ZigBee -based wireless “Awarepoint support for this product has exceeded all of our expectations for customer Shrinkage, and Temperature. Effectively applying this model ® service. They are quick to respond to our requests and have diligently worked with us tosensor network is fully managed, including hardware and empowers hospitals to achieve outcome improvements in the develop multiple customized functions that improved our ED workflow.” Linda Laskowski-Jones, RN, MS, APRN, BC, CCRN, CEN, Vice President of Emergency, Trauma & Aeromedical Servicesremote network monitoring, providing ease of use, scalability, Christiana Care Health System—Wilmington, DE areas of efficiency and safety. TRUST is driving transformationalreliability and the accuracy needed to support the current and operational efficiencies and strategic cost containmentfuture business requirements of your organization. healthcare facilities worldwide. West Coast HQ | 600 West Broadway, Suite 250 East Coast | 11325 North Community House Road, Suite 500 San Diego, California 92101 Charlotte, North Carolina 28277 www.awarepoint.com ©2011 Awarepoint Corporation, San Diego, California, USA. Awarepoint, the Awarepoint logo and Real-time Awareness Solutions in their entirety are registered trademarks of Awarepoint Corporation. All other marks held by their respective owners. All rights reserved. Specifications and features are subject to change without notice. 09/21/11
  2. 2. Proven ROI Actual Customer Results Reduce Time Spent Manage Patient, Staff, &It’s an unfortunate reality that health care facilities incur Locating Equipment Asset Workflowunnecessary expenses replacing equipment that has been lost, • 64% utilization improvement over baseline Operational Improvements: awareTracker™ provides powerful tools to help end users Communicating location and status information is critical in astolen or simply misplaced. Capital and leasing expenses erode • Lost pumps went from 14.2% to 0% visualize the location data gathered by Awarepoint’s RTLS chaotic health care environment. With awareTracker™ Mobile,vital facility margins and eventually end up displacing other • Brought preventative maintenance from 93%/30+ platform in multiple different ways. You can manage your you can notify the right people when events of special interest days-past-due to 99%/on-timeinvestment needs. recalls, preventative maintenance and equipment needing to them occur. For example, a transporter can find patients • Currently monitoring 579 refrigeration units, savingOur customers consistently and often dramatically improve repairs more effectively. Hospital staff virtually eliminate the in the transport queue, view basic information about them, staff 19.3 hours/daytheir operating performance through demonstrated ROI: they common “hunting and gathering” runs that waste time, select a patient to transport based on priority and specify his • Service so well received – added 22% more MME unitstreat more patients more quickly without increasing lead to system (e.g. gurneys, crash carts, breast pumps, diminish staff satisfaction and even threaten patient safety. or her destination. In addition to locating patients, staff and wound vacs., and specialty beds) equipment, awareTracker™can also monitor their status andtimes, staffing levels, or capital expenditures. Most importantly, In addition, the awareInterfaceGateway™ supports the • Improved patient and staff safety with automatic help dispatchers and transporters orchestrate and streamlineAwarepoint solutions achieve all of these objectives while exchange of data between awareTracker™ and virtually encounter summary for interaction withincreasing safety, enhancing patient/family experience and contamination/infectious conditions workflow. any hospital information system. Key functions includeimproving quality of care. • Reduced risk of thermal compromise (and the sending/receiving, data transformation, transaction logging, associated consequences) on temperature-controlled administration/monitoring and notifications. awareTracker™ environments Improve Utilization Of Existing interfaces with leading pump manufacturers to derive even • Hand hygiene pilot has contributed to an over 50% Equipment/Reduce Unnecessary increase in compliance higher levels of utilization and data integrity. Our extensive Equipment Expenses interfacing experience, coupled with real-time tracking of awareTracker™ identifies what resources you have and awareTracker has additional modules that provide value to specific needs including temperature monitoring and hand interactions between patients, staff and assets provides hygiene compliance. The scope of enterprise visibility and workflow automation is up to you and the unique issues that locates them when you need them. awareTracker manages unprecedented outcomes to the healthcare industry. face your health care facility. With the awareTracker solution, look beyond seeing dots on a map, and see the limitless • Eliminated pump rentals - average savings of $600,000 current inventory levels by asset type with quick and reliable Financial Improvements per year possibilities to drive workflow automatically and increase asset utilization for a maximum return on investment. insight into the utilization level of each piece of equipment. • 230 infusion pumps valued at $674,000 redeployed to This information can suggest opportunities for reducing the other facilities due to increased utilization inventory of equipment not in regular use or determining if • Reduced rentals by 46.3%, saving $312,000 per year Patient Staff, Equipment, Bed Status Tracking utilization can be increased. Theft/loss prevention functionality and Complete Workflow Automation. • Eliminated asset budget redundancies by $450,000 can be integrated with awareTracker™ alerting staff when • Eliminated IV pump rental excess by $216,000 a yearReports Result: Your staff can spendHere are just a few of the types of reports you can get from the an asset leaves a designated area. An enhanced inventory { }valueable data you collect. optimization program helps to establish optimal inventory valuable time focusing on their Make informed purchasing, rental, and levels to support patient care. allocation decisions by analyzing whether the real jobs... Caring for patients. facility is making the best use of the assets it has. Utilization Reports: Tracking Assets, Equipment, Patients and Staff is simple. You can choose to use either numbers of events or time intervals Improve Staff Satisfaction between events. awareTracker™ drives rapid acceptance and staff satisfaction Average Reports: Improve Enterprise-Wide & List and provide the details for all events of a via its delivery of real-time actionable information. Caregivers particular type. They also form the basis for Department Productivity statistical reports. awareTracker™ is a flexible platform that gives caregivers can respond quickly to avoid or correct delays and shortages, or Log Reports: Quantify rental expenses and help determine throughout the facility improved visibility of the environment so address safety concerns and infection prevention. awareTracker whether rentals of different assets are actually necessary. they can perform their jobs more effectively. As a result, you will will help you identify innovative ways to increase profits, reduce Rental Reports: Calculate how often individuals or improve patient safety, increase staff satisfaction and streamline risk, predict trends and make confident, fact-based decisions The awareTracker control panel highlights entities across the groups comply with defined protocols. nterprise, Monitors Utilization, Maintains Dynamic Par Levels your asset management efforts. Rate using real-time data. Reports: and Automatically Documents Patient Interaction for Infection Control and Data Mining
  3. 3. Today’s Challenge Driving Quality with Better Intelligence Enhancing the Care Experience through Superior Asset ManagementHealth care providers are under constant pressure to do more with less. Many hospital executives are expanding the The Awarepoint’s RTLS solution contains a variety of standard reports Awarepoint Client Clip Accurate Information at the Bedside | awareAssets provides room-level accuracy of equipment location and interprets move-visibility and management of their facility assets to dramatically increase top-line revenue growth, improve operating and dashboards that help leaders visualize asset utilization in real-time, ment, maps asset location for staff, sends notifications based on intelligent rules and provides detailed reports in real-time,efficiency, reduce costs, enhance equipment workflow and augment staff productivity while enhancing quality of care. identify trends and formulate strategies for opportunity improvement. increasing the amount of time care providers may spend on direct patient care. The cornerstone of continually driving value are Quarterly Business Proven Technology | Built upon a self-forming, self-healing, and self-calibrating IEEE ZigBee mesh network, Awarepoint’s “plug & The Power of Enterprise-Wide Visibility i ty Effic Reviews (QBRs), designed to measure and monitor key outcomes such track”  wireless sensor network includes hardware and remote monitoring that is easy to use, reliable and accurate. The system l ie ua Today’s health care providers need more than the simple asset location and management as: asset utilization, room turnaround, patient throughput, alerting requires no hard-wiring for installation – it uses existing wall outlets so it can be installed quickly across the enterprise. nc nc functionality of most real-time location systems (RTLS). Awarepoint’s awareAssets is the history and a variety of other metrics. Q Flexible and Scalable | The awareAssets infrastructure supports easy expansion of asset tracking beyond the initial implementa- y industry’s only enterprise visibility tool that packages software, hardware and services Texoma, TX tion. Organizations may choose to track additional assets (IV pumps, specialty beds, wheel chairs, surgical instrument trays, etc.), to help hospitals and health systems manage location, status, and predictive workflow Healthcare providers worldwide have been able to use this information 235 bed Acute Care Hospital of equipment and other assets. expand to other departments (inpatient units, outpatient services, specialty departments), or add additional functionality to identify innovative ways to improve quality, expedite service, increase • Saved $32,000 annually in rental costs (temperature monitoring, patient flow management, infection control, etc.) profits, reduce risk, predict trends, and make confident, fact-based • E xp Eliminated $300,000 in new equipment ics By improving asset visibility throughout the enterprise — both across hospital depart- decisions, such as: Broader Visibility | The awareAssets dashboard helps materials management staff ensure that an optimal supply of equipment is r ie o purchases m • e ments and across multiple health care system facilities — the fully-integrated awareAssets available at all times and provides utilization insight that helps organizations redistribute equipment to better meet demands – nce E con • Recognizing violations in equipment cleaning processes (i.e. an IV Rescued $32,000 of equipment acciden application allows administrators and clinicians to advance the Quality, Efficiency, Experience, tally thrown away within or across facilities. Additionally, the system simplifies Biomedical Engineering’s search for specific equipment for preventive pump moves from one patient room to another patient room while and Economics of Healthcare. maintenance and easily interfaces with leading Preventative Maintenance and device applications to streamline workflow. bypassing central sterilization) to address root cause issues We’ve seen a remarkable transforma- • Identifying aging refrigerators (i.e. significant fluctuations in tempera tion around asset management at Awarepoint Client Clip ture or out of range readings) to avoid contamination of food or Texoma. We’ve completely eliminated Software and Hardware Equals the Complete Solution for Workflow Automation. medications manual temperature logging of refrig- erators and given back time for Nursing • Warning personnel of breaches in decontamination of instrument trays care. In addition, our staff can rely on (i.e. an instrument set bypasses autoclave) the availability of equipment based on • Associating care delays (i.e. surgery start times or implementation of PAR levels, which has completely Oceanside, CA new orders) with equipment availability to adjust PAR levels. changed the relationship between 397 bed Acute Care Hospital • clinicians and materials managementSupporting Strong Economic Performance Monitoring 145 temperature-based tags (40 in Pharmacy) staff.awareAssets was designed to track and ensure quality using the • Receiving 1-10 alerts daily on trendsTRUST methodology, driving operational efficiencies and strategic cost toward out-of-range temperatures Gregg Stepp—containment for health care facilities worldwide. • Saving 1.5 hours per day by eliminating manual checking, or 8,500 per year Director of Supply Chain OperationsTracking: helps staff easily locate assets, maintain an accurate • Save an average of $____ annually by awareAssets Software-PAR Levels moving contents of failinginventory, improve the timeliness of preventive maintenance and refrigerators/freezersadhere to compliance requirements RFID Hardware Tag Family-T3S Sterilizable, T3E Environmental, T3A Asset Family- The California Dept. of Public HealthRentals: provide visibility to overall rental costs and rental days by Streamlining Workflow and Driving Efficiency conducted a Patient Safety Survey andequipment type to better match supply with occupancy and acuityneeds asked us how we tracked and docu- Quickly locate any tagged asset Awarepoint Client Clip mented the temperatures of medicationUtilization: understand patterns of use for equipment across the refrigerators. I was able topull up data Send alerts for par level variances to ensure availability Miami, FLorganization, and identify process inefficiencies for equipment for a specific unit on a specific day, and Integrated Delivery Network of 6 acute-care facilities Send alerts for egress violations 2,482 beds—74 employed Physiciansmanagement such as cleaning procedures or distribution practices explain the process for identifying and addressing negatively trending units. Monitor trays through the sterilization process • 14,940 tags deployed across 4+ Million Sq. Ft., 3 campuses, 91 floors, 21 buildingsShrinkage: reduce the incidence of shrinkage (lost, misplaced and Awarepoints temperature monitoring • Reallocated IV pumps, avoiding a $616,000 purchasestolen equipment) through real-time alerts and enhanced reporting system saves us a great deal of time and Automate temperature monitoring • Average 100+ exit alerts per month, saving $100,000 in equipment lossthat analyzes shrinkage trends and adjusts to hospital operations helps us ensure the quality of medica- • Save 1,700+ hrs. monthly searching for equipment; 900+ hrs. in temperature monitoring Send alerts for out-of-range temperatures We regularly meet with Jackson Health leadership to talk about the systems return on investment. The monthly tions here at Tri-City.Temperature: support regulatory monitoring compliance reporting Provide time-stamped reports of historical information & trends value of Awarepoint’s RTLS solution routinely exceeds $250,000 across staff productivity, theft prevention,with automated temperature collection for pharmacy, lab and dietary Tori Hong, PharmD improved utilization and deferred capital expenditures!refrigerators, send alerts for out-of-range temperatures, and Utilize reporting for data-driven Pharmacy Operations Manager Jasen Thacker—Professional Services Manager, Awarepoint Corporationdocument corrective action