Constitution and by laws


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Constitution and by laws

  1. 1. SAINT MARY’S UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL AND SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF THE ENGLISH CLUB We, the High School and Science High School students of Saint Mary’s University firmly believein the oral expression and interpretation as the best avenues to channel our ideas and convictions dohereby promulgate and adopt this constitution and by-laws. ARTICLE I: NATURE AND NAMESection 1 This organization comes out in response to the call for an avenue where students can channel their talents and creativity.Section 2 This organization shall be an integral part of the curricular activities of the students in the school.Section 3 This organization shall be called the Saint Mary’s University High School and Science High School Department English Club. ARTICLE II: OBJECTIVESSection 1 This organization aims: a. To provide an avenue where the students can channel their creativity in the performing arts and oral expression. b. To cultivate the inherent intellectual capabilities of the students. c. To foster friendship and brotherhood among the Marian students, and with the other students, and people in the community. d. To involve the students in worthwhile and profitable activities in order to avoid growing menace of drug addiction, fraternity rumbles, alcoholism and juvenile delinquency. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIPSection 1 All secondary students of Saint Mary’s University who express their ardent desire to become members if the organization shall be accepted.Section 2 Graduate students who were members of the organization and express their conviction to further support the organization shall hold special membership or shall be honorary members.Section 3 Fees a. A penalty of P50 will be imposing the officers and P100 for advisers who will not attend the meeting. b. Special fees may be collected to support a worthwhile activity of the organization of the approval of at least ¾ of the members. Article IV: ELECTIONS
  2. 2. Section 1 The organization shall have a set of officers yearly which is composed of President, a vice-president, a secretary, a treasurer, an auditor, two business managers, two sergeant at arms, a muse, an escort and 8 representatives.Section 2 The president should belong to a graduating class and should have acquainted himself with the school for atleast two years. He should not hold the major positions in other clubs and other organizations in the school.Section 3 The first election of officers should take place during the reorganization of clubs scheduled by the CSA.Section 4 The first election should be presided over by the advisers or the previous president or vice president of the organization.Section 5 The officers shall be elected by plurality of vote of the members present.Section 6 The term of office of the officers shall be one year, until their successors are elected at the next annual meeting.Section 7 All elections shall be governed by rules accepted by the school. ARTICLE V: SUCCESSIONSection I In case of resignation, disability or transfer of school of the President, the Vice President of the organization succeeds him.Section 2 In case of resignation transfer of school of any officer of the organization the advisers may meet to appoint a member to fill the vacated positioned. ARTICLE VI: COMMITTEESSection 1 The organization shall have the following permanent committees: a. Committee on External Affairs- which has the primary duty as the coordinator of the club with the administration, other clubs in the school or outside the school. b. Secretariat- which has the primary duty of keeping the records of the clubSection 2 The officers and the advisers can create any standing committee anytime to respond to the call of conditions, and for the welfare of every member. ARTICLE VII: POWERS AND DUTIES OF OFFICERSSection 1 The President of the club, as the head of the organization, shall perform the following: 1. Call and preside over the club meetings and assemblies 2. Countersign all accounts and reports of the club. 3. Represent the organization in other assemblies called by the school administration of other authorities in the community. 4. Approve the disbursement of funds. 5. Call special elections if necessary. 6. See to it that the club runs smoothly in the achievement of its aims or objectives.
  3. 3. 7. Serve as the foremost motivator in all endeavors that the club wans to venture
  4. 4. Section 2 The Vice president of the club shall: 1. Assume the power and duties of the President in his absence. 2. Succeed the president during his resignation, disability of transfer of school. 3. Assume the power and duties delegated to him by the president or advisers of the club. 4. Assist at all times the president and all other officers in the club in all its activities. 5. Act as one of the primary mover of the club in all its activities. 6. Head of the External Affairs Committee.Section 3 The Secretary of the club shall: 1. Keep all the records of the club. 2. Take the minutes of meeting and assemblies. 3. Take the necessary pronouncements for meeting and all other activities. 4. Head the Secretariat committee.Section 4 The Treasurer of the club shall: 1. Collect all fees. 2. Prepare the expected expenses of a certain activity that the club whishes to do. 3. Keep a record of the club’s finances. 4. Submit the proposed expenses of the club on a certain activity. 5. Prepare the detailed financial account of the club, which is to be represented to the body at the end of the year.Section 5 The Assistant Treasurer of the club shall: 1. Assume the power and duties of the Treasurer in his absence. 2. Succeed the treasurer during his resignation, disability of transfer of school. 3. Assist at all times the Treasurer in financial reports and others. 4. Keep a record of the club’s financesSection 6 The Auditor of the club shall: 1. Attest the accuracy of the financial statements made by the Treasurer. 2. Sign all financial account prepared by the Treasurer. 3. Assist the officers in planning any activity.Section 7 The Press Information Officer of the club shall: 1. Coordinate with the different classes in high school. 2. Coordinate the club with the honorary and special members of the club who are in other places.
  5. 5. 3. Coordinate to the club the other activities of other clubs in the school.Section 8 The Sergeants-at-arms of the club shall: 1. Calls the quorum order during meetings. 2. Maintains peace and order in all organizational events.Section 9 The Business Managers of the club shall: 1. Supervises any business activities of the club. 2. Responsible for buying any materials needed by the club.Section 10 The Representatives of the club shall: 1. Relays the information discussed in the club meetings to their respective years. 2. Represent their year level and School during club meetings. 3. ACTIVITY VIII: MEETINGSSection 1 A general meeting shall be held every second week of the month to keep everybody abreast with the current activities of the club to insure that the spirit of dedication is kindled in every member.Section 2 The officers can hold their meeting as they deem to be.Section 3 A simple majority shall constitute the quorum during every meeting. ARTICLE IX: SUSPENSION AND DISMISSAL OF OFFICERS AND MEMBERSSection 1 As an officer or member of the club may be suspended by a majority of vote of the members if he has been inactive or any personal reason expressed by an officer or a member. ARTICLE X: ADVISERSSection 1 The advisers of the club shall be any or more English teachers appointed by the school principal.Section 2 The advisers may be appointed by the school principal or a voluntary expression on the part of the teacher to join the organization.Section 3 The advisers shall serve as the consultant of the club.Section 4 The advisers should help in the planning of the activities of the club.Section 5 The advisers shall preside the first meeting of the club every year if no available officer is present.
  6. 6. Section 6 The advisers should announce the registration, termination or suspension of a ember or an officer.Section 7 Advisers should attest the appointment of a successor. ARTICLE XI: ACTIVITIES OF THE CLUBSection 1 The club shall have the following activities to be carried for the whole year: 1. Holding of choral recitations, speech contests, dialogues, and skits to spur the talents of the students. 2. Holding an annual display of projects made by members of the club. ( Posters, slogans, poems, etc.) 3. Constantly take information campaigns in the value of education in order to direct the students concern on them, the school. 4. To serve as volunteers for outreach programs such as, gift-giving and hospital visitation. 5. Raise some funds to support some worthy projects of the school. 6. To help students lagging behind their communications skills.Section 2 The club can indulge in other activities planned by the officers and advisers. ARTICLE XII: EFFECTIVITYSection 1 Ratification. This constitution and by-laws shall be ratified by a majority of the members of the club.Section 2 This constitution and by-laws shall take effect upon its adoption or approval.