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SIM University ECE213 Seminar 3


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Published in: Education, Technology
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SIM University ECE213 Seminar 3

  1. 1. ECE213 Children’s Science, Mathematics &TechnologySeminar 3 28 March 2012Dr Yeap Ban Har www.i-teach-k.blogspot.comAgenda for Seminar An Undergraduate Experience – Writing with Precision Where is the Maths? Where is the Science? Wrapping up Maths Reflection Next Week – Give an Example of Technology
  2. 2. Writing with Precision Strategy: Using a Framework
  3. 3. Jerome Bruner - Revisited
  4. 4. Through activities such as making two-eyemonsters and three-eye monsters, children learnthe idea of making equal groups which servesas a foundation for learning multiplication anddivision in primary school.
  5. 5. Using pattern blocks, make the hexagon usingother pieces.Is it more red or more green?Is it more blue or more green?Visit National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
  6. 6. 1, 2, Buckle my shoe. 3, 4, Shut the door. 5, 6, Pick up sticks. We study this rhyme to understand 7, 8, Lay them straight. - Rote counting 9, 10, - Rational counting A big fat hand. We also discussed forces. Children are used to pulling and pushing, both of which are essentially the application of force. As a teacher you know that things move when push, things stop moving after a while, things are heavy, things turn, things change shape because of forces.
  7. 7. Spot the MistakesChild: Why does the feather fly?Teacher: Because It is light.The fact that the feather is light means it has a weight – just that less of it.This means earth is pulling it down! Being light does not explain why things fly.Child: So, the plane flies because it is light!(Or Dr Jia Jia would say in Singlish: Plane fly. Light, meh?