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K-5 Common Core Math Success                                                                                              ...
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Singapore Math through Lesson Study


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Singapore Math through Lesson Study in Vero Beach, FL.

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Singapore Math through Lesson Study

  1. 1. K-5 Common Core Math Success , PLC and Lesson Study! Brought to You By: in K-5 math and lesson study strategies April 15-16, 2013 collaboration tools you need to be more effective 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. highly-skilled professional Location: St. Edwards School, learning community Vero Beach, FLT Institute Overview: ruly effective teachers are constantly PRESENTER: K-5 Common Core Math places committed to improving their practice. Dr. Yeap Ban Har is rigorous demands on teachers and They realize that collaboration coupled an established name in school districts. You have begun mathematics education the implementation process and itwith an intense focus on instruction is continues to be challenging. Now it’s and teacher professionalabsolutely necessary to achieve real gains in development. He spent ten time to develop the knowledge andstudent achievement. This two-day program years at Singapore’s National tools you need to make your transitionwill provide you with all the tools you need Institute of Education training to these new standards begin your very worthwhile journey of pre-service and in-service Lesson Study is perhaps the mostbecoming a more effective teacher through educators. A leading educator, valuable tool you can add to your PLC speaker and trainer Ban Har toolkit. Singapore is not only a worldcareful planning, thoughtful reflection leader in K-5 mathematics, but alsoand purposeful collaboration – the lesson has authored dozens of text books, math readers and fully embraces the concept of PLC and Lessonstudy process. Incorporated throughout the assorted titles for teachers. He Study, which have been instrumental in theirworkshop will be the instructional strategies has been a keynote speaker at international success. The Team at Progressiveand insights that have made Singapore international conferences, and Classroom Designs is thrilled to be able toone of the highest performing countries in is currently the Principal of the provide educators in the United States a rare Marshall Cavendish Institute – opportunity to learn from one of Singapore’smathematics in the world. The program finest educators – Dr. Yeap Ban Har.includes lesson analysis, break out sessions the professional developmentand ample individual and small group division of Singapore’s #1 education publisher. Ban Hardiscussions with Dr. Yeap Ban Har. Progressive is passionate about earlysuggests you bring as many members of numeracy, problem solvingyour grade level team as possible along with and teacher professionalcurricula and materials to plan lessons. development. To Learn More or Register, Visit: or Call (800) 450-2509, ext. 105