Differentiated Instruction


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Differentiated Instruction

  1. 1. DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION CORAL SECONDARY SCHOOL Yeap Ban Har Marshall Cavendish Institute Slides are available at www.banhar.blogspot.com
  2. 2. PROGRAMME• An Overview of Differentiated Instruction• Models for Differentiated Instruction• Differentiated Instruction and Professional Learning Communities• Differentiated Instruction in Different Subject Areas• Learning from each other• Conclusion
  3. 3. “The idea of differentiatinginstruction is an approach toteaching that advocates activeplanning for and attention tostudent differences inclassrooms, in the context of highquality curriculums.” www.caroltomlinson.com
  4. 4. Goh’s Report (1978) recommended adifferentiated education system for Singapore.
  5. 5. We want to make our educationsystem even more student-centric, and sharpen our focus inholistic education – centred on valuesand character development. Heng, 2011
  6. 6. the content of instruction
  7. 7. the processes and techniques used to help make sense of a given topic
  8. 8. the products produced bystudents that demonstrate their learning
  9. 9. differentiation for the entire class
  10. 10. differentiation for groups within a class
  11. 11. Differentiated instruction is reflected inthe Professional Learning Communities(PLC) four critical questions Richard DuFour 2004 Educational Leadership May 2004 | Volume 61 | Number 8 Schools as Learning Communities Pages 6-11
  12. 12. what is it that theteacher wants students to learn
  13. 13. how does a teacherknow when students have learnt it
  14. 14. what if students do not learn it
  15. 15. what if they already learnt it
  16. 16. MODELS FOR ADVANCED LEARNERS• Acceleration model• Enrichment model
  17. 17. Differentiatedassessment in some N(T) subjects
  18. 18. Subjects Assessment ComponentsComputer Applications Written Examination Practical Examination CourseworkElements of Business Written ExaminationSkills Coursework
  19. 19. Differentiatedinstruction in concept learning
  20. 20. Concept of NationalismLanguage Approach Role Play ApproachNationalism is a politicalideology that involves astrong identification of agroup of individuals with apolitical entity defined innational terms, i.e. a nation.
  21. 21. Concept of NationalismLanguage Approach Role Play ApproachNationalism is a political From tomorrow onwards, Iideology that involves a want all of you to stop usingstrong identification of a the names your parents gavegroup of individuals with a you. Instead, use a name thatpolitical entity defined in consists of only consonantsnational terms, i.e. a nation. and no longer than six letters. I decided that we will be part of a new nation called cnsnnt.
  22. 22. Role Play Approach Model Approach
  23. 23. Differentiatedinstruction in concept learning
  24. 24. Concrete and Visual Approaches
  25. 25. GCE O Level 2011Setiap manusia menghabiskan sekurang-kurangnyaantaraseperempat hingga sepertiga daripadamasanya setiap hari untuk tidur. Sebenarnya, tidurmerupakan cara yang terbaik untuk (14) __________badan dan fikiran. Tidur yang (15) __________membolehkan kita mengumpulkan tenaga untukmenjalankan kegiatan hari esok. Pelajar (16)__________ tidak terkecuali. Mereka harus sedarbahawa perbuatan berjaga malam untuk jangka (17)__________ yang panjang boleh menyebabkankesihatan mereka (18) __________. Hakikatnya,melalui tidurlah, terjadinya pembentukan sel-seltubuh yang baharu dan perbaikan sel-sel yang rosak.
  26. 26. Semantic Analysis Approach terjejas merosot How are they similar How are they different How are they differentMereka harus sedar bahawa perbuatan berjagamalam untuk jangka (17) __________ yang panjangboleh menyebabkan kesihatan mereka (18)__________.
  27. 27. Source: http://www.deliciousasianfood.com/2007/05/17/pineapple-tart-pastry/This is my mother-in-law’s recipe for Pineapple TartPastry.Ingredients to make the pastry for the tarts1 lb. flour10 oz. butter3 egg yolkssome cold water4 teaspoon castor sugarMethodSift the flour and add in the castor sugar. Learning in Context Approach
  28. 28. Differentiatedinstruction in applying learning
  29. 29. Integrating Area of Interest or Current Events
  30. 30. Task Anticipated Teacher Actions Responses Incorrect understanding Emerging understanding Established understanding