What Exactly Does it Mean to Dig Deeper


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http://www.nelsongy.com Shaun T’s INSANITY® Workout DVD Series warns that you’d better be prepared to DIG DEEP.But what exactly does it mean to DIG DEEPER? http://www.nelsongy.com/how-to-insanity-dig-deeper

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  • I tell ya, I'd written something not to long ago about this very thing, but, this challenged me to 'think deeper' about what I felt it meant. I was thinking way too shallow. It made me look back to a time in my own life to a LONG battle with some big things in my own life... something that literally had my hand on the gun for a split second before I snapped out of it. God brought me through that, and if I can get through that, I can get through it all.

    I truly appreciate this as it has made me look deeper into my own heart and life to those things that have challenged me the most... those things that have stood out over 36 years as the MOST challenging things in my life. EVERY one I've made it through. That temporary physical 'pain' in exercise is just that, temporary. Time to apply that to EVERYTHING else in my life as well.
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What Exactly Does it Mean to Dig Deeper

  1. 1. Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson http://nelsongy.com
  2. 2. If you own a television then you are probablyfamiliar with the #1 ranked infomercial in thecountry: Shaun T’s INSANITY® Workout DVDSeries.It claims that it “might be the hardest workoutprogram ever put on DVD”. It also warns thatyou’d better be prepared to DIG DEEP.Cute phrase, but what exactly does it mean to DIGDEEPER?
  3. 3. As a cast member in three of the INSANITYworkouts (Core Cardio & Balance, Max Recovery,& Max Interval Circuit), I’m constantly askedwhat it is like to train with Shaun T.The concept of DIGGING DEEPER was new to mewhen I met him. Heck, I thought I was a pretty fitbad ass the day I went in for my INSANITYaudition.I completed multiple rounds of P90X…how hardcould this program be?
  4. 4. Let’s just say within 5 minutes of the warm up, the panic button in my brain was going off!!Every muscle in my body was screaming ‘QUIT!!!!’ My hands and feet were tingling. I was done before I ever got started.
  5. 5. I remember one specific moment: I was strugglingthrough a particular move when I could ‘feel’ Shaunnear me.Next thing I knew, he was four inches from my face,doing the move with me and telling me to DIGDEEP. “You will not quit. You can do this. You have to dig deep. Your mind has to go beyond this temporary pain! You can do more than you think you can, so stop thinking!”
  6. 6. AMAZINGLY, HE WAS RIGHTLast weekend, I had the privilege of seeing Shaun Tin Dallas for a Beachbody Coach Super Saturdayevent. After an amazing workout from his new program, INSANITY: The Asylum, I had a chance to interview Shaun on stage.
  7. 7. My first question was on the root of his phraseDIG DEEPER.I was curious about when this concept became hismantra. Was there something in his past or in hisprevious training that led him to be able to gobeyond the temporary physical discomfort, andget in this mental zone?His answer was surprisingly deeper than Iexpected.
  8. 8. He went through a very traumatic event as a childthat required him to live with a rather hauntingsecret (He did not go into specifics). Goingthrough and overcoming that experience played ahuge role in his athletic career later.When he was tired and wanted to give up, his mindwould go back to that moment as a child. He toldhimself that if I survived that pain and trauma as achild, no temporary physical exertion compared tothat.
  9. 9. He chose to DIG DEEPER in his mind and tap into thesame strength/resolve he had in his youth.Is there something in your life that is a painfulmemory that you still carry around with you?Perhaps it was a death, abuse, hurtful words that stillweigh on your spirit.What if you could take an event used to break youdown, and use it as the pivotal moment that launchesyou to new amazing heights?
  10. 10. Maybe the only thing standing between you andyour goals is someone next to you, goingthrough your pain with you saying “You will not quit. You can do this. You have to dig deep. Your mind has to go beyond this temporary pain! You can do more than you think you can, so stop thinking!”
  11. 11. I WOULD LOVE TO BE THAT PERSON FOR YOU. I would love to be your personal cheerleader tospeak life and encouragement into you, and watchyou achieve more than you ever dreamed possible. In This Thing Together! – Coach Jimmy
  12. 12. Jimmy Hays Nelson Beachbody Coach is a self-proclaimed ‘former fat guy’. In his mid 20’s he was anoverweight college dropout, who found himself living backat home with his parents. Knowing something had tochange, he took action.Through his transformation journey he lost 100 pounds,started his own business, was featured in the Shaun Tworkout series INSANITY, and has been seen multipletimes on QVC with his buddy Tony Horton promotingP90X.He founded NELSONGY FITNESS with his wifeKelly to reach out to give hope and support to those thatare dissatisfied with their current situation. Whether youare lacking physically, emotionally, financially, ornutritionally we are here to help you see REALRESULTS!http://nelsongy.com