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Back to the Future (evolving model of communication agencies and content in the social and digital era)


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This presentation provides an analysis of the evolving operating model of communication agencies in the digital social era, along with assessment and recommendation of the content and the content creation process in an ever-changing culturally sensitive and diverse Middle East.

The digital revolution has introduced new media that virtually melted the physical borders and gave birth to an interconnected world of individuals. A new world power was born, it is the power of “One”. One individual today can be more influential (positively or negatively) with more audience reach than a media agency in the previous decades.

Social Media forced a change in the communications gameplay. Traditional influencers no longer control and anticipate the outcome of the game, the new game-maker today is what we previously referred to as the “audience”. Long gone are the days of the press release. Community, brand and reputation management have now become extremely personal and immediate. PR, media, planning, branding and advertising strategies now go hand in hand more than ever all part of a greater communication strategy.

Over the past few years the communication industry in general has been evolving its operating model trying to find the most suitable setup, hence we see agencies re-integrating previously created independent entities into one (i.e. Branding, Media, PR, Events, Social, Content, Planning), other smaller models are the New Media, Digital and Social Media agencies. Regardless of the operating model the objective is the same, communication is moving away from “Mass Targeting” towards “Listening and Engaging”.

Technology and mass media contributed in creating a new Middle East, one that is evolving and opening up to the rest of the world. One must not forget that the Middle East is a region cultural and ethnic multiplicity and that even if the operating model is global, the content and the communication need to be extremely local. Social, religious, economic, cultural differences and values (many times within the same country) is forcing customized targeted communication, better yet is contributing at recreating the virtual borders that were erased by these same media.

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Back to the Future (evolving model of communication agencies and content in the social and digital era)

  1. Back  to  the  Future  Yesterday’s  Values,  Tomorrow’s  Media   Jimmy Ghazal Head  of  Digital  |  Quantum  Communica>ons  
  2.  "In  a  virtual  world  one          cannot  be  homeless"   Eli  Khoury  |  CEO  Quantum  Group  
  3. From  the  early  ages  of  cave  pain<ng  ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  4. To  modern  day  technology.    ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  5. Cave  Pain>ng   Clay  Cuneiform  Script   Parchment  Wri>ng   Paper  Prin>ng   Television   Screen   Mediums     have  changed  but  the  essence  remains  the  same.       ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal    
  6.  In  its  ever-­‐changing  form    Contentt    he   Medium  has  always  been  at   ArCorm  heart  of  communica<on.   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  7. Visual   +   Word   =   Content   The  visual  and  the  words  remain     the  trampoline  ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  8.   The  available  mediums  of  the  era     Dictated  the  format     of  the  message   and  Defined  a  specific  audience  ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  9. Enter  Digital  ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  10. The  Digital  Era  forced  a  radical     change  on  all  communica<on  fronts   /    The  Medium       /    The  Audience       /    The  Content     /    The  Agency  ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  11. /    What  Changed?   Non   Exhaus<ve   Pre-­‐Digital    Post-­‐Digital           /  Long  live  the  TVC   /  Hail  Facebook  Medium   /  Paid  Media   /  Earned  and  Owned  Media   /  Selec>ve  Experts   /  Everyone  is  a  Producer       /  Unengaged   /  Engaged   Agencies     /  Mass  Targe>ng     /  Targeted  Media     needed  to    Audience   /  Simple  Reach   /  Wide  Reach   revisit  their   /  Vague  Analy>cs   /  Detailed  Analy>cs   opera<ng   /  High  Sa>sfac>on   /  High  Expecta>ons   model         /  One  Content  Fits  All   /  Tailor-­‐made  Content  Content   /  Issues  Resolved  by  the           Ongoing  Community           /        Press  Release        Management   /  High  Produc>on  Cost   /  Cheap  User  Generated   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal   Content  
  12. The  digital  revolu<on  has  introduced  new  media  that  virtually  melted  the  physical  borders  and  gave  birth  to  an  interconnected  world  of  individuals.         ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  13. /  There  is  a  change  in  the        communica<ons  game-­‐play.   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  14.  /  Tradi<onal  influencers  no  longer   control,  determine  and  an<cipate   the  outcome  of  the  game.   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  15.  /  Today’s  new  game-­‐makers  are     what  we  previously  referred  to  as   the  “audience”.     ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  16. A  new  power  was  born,     it  is  the  power  of  “ONE”         ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  17. One  individual  today  can  be  more  influen<al  [  posi<vely  or  nega<vely  ]    with  more  reach  than  a  media  agency  of  the  previous  decades.   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  18. The  Evolu<on  Campaigns   PlaCorm  Short  Lived   Infinite  Life<me  Press  Release   Blogs,  Pages,  Tweets..  Issue  Tackled   Issue  Re-­‐emerging  Audience   Par<cipant  /  Community  Fan   Influencer  /  Ambassador  Brand   Product   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  19. How  did  that  affect  the  Agency?  ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  20. /      The  communica<ons  industry  has              been  evolving  its  opera<ng  model              to  be]er  suite  the  era  it  is  living.   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  21. /    Agencies  today  are  re-­‐integra<ng   previously  created  independent     en<<es  into  their  core  bodies.     (i.e.  Branding,  Media,  PR,  Events,  Social,  Content,   Planning,  Interac<ve)   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  22. /    Smaller  new  media  models  i.e.  the  Digital  and  Social   Media  Agencies  will  either  need  to  extend  their   services  to  cover  the  full  communica<ons  spectrum     or  embed  themselves  into  larger  exis<ng  models.   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  23. /  Clients  nowadays  want  a    one  stop  shop    experience   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  24. /    But  regardless  of  the  opera<ng  model,  the  industry  is   moving  away  from  just  “Mass  Targe<ng”  towards   “Listening    Engaging”   and ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  25. The  Old  Agency  Model   Mass  Targe>ng  /      Core  disciplines   are  embedded   in  the  agency   Business   Media   Mass  Targe>ng   Crea<ve   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  26. Mass  Targe>ng   Media  The  80’s-­‐90’s  Model     Branding  /    The  rise  of  the   specialized   divisions   Business   Planning   PR   Crea<ve   Mass  Targe>ng   Produc<on   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  27. Technology   Mass  Targe>ng   Media  The  Current  Model    /      More   Branding   specialized   divisions   Business     Planning   PR  /   Interac<ve   Social   /  Digital   Crea<ve   Listening   Analy<cs   Produc<on   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  28. The  Issues  Today  /    Lack  of  synergy  between  agency  division    /      Lack  of  understanding  of  the  core  brand  values              from  third  party  suppliers  (i.e  Digital  and  Social)    /      Intermixed  communica<ons  and  messages  between                client,  agency,  social,  PR,  and  online  community    /      Very  slow  reac<on  <me  (specially  in  <mes  of  crisis)    /      Confused  clients      /      Content  is  randomly  disseminated  and  oden              repackaged  by  users.     ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  29. The  Content    Maze   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  30. The  Solu<on  /    Centralized  Efforts  and  Follow  up  /    Fast  Reac<on  Time  /    Content  is  King  /    Qualita<ve  vs.  Quan<ta<ve  Analy<cs  /    S.L.A.R   Send   Listen   Adapt   React   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  31. The  Recommended  Model   S.L.A.R   Media  /      All  disciplines  are   Branding   re-­‐embedded  in   the  agency   Technology   Planning   Business   Analy<cs   Interac<ve   Digital   Content   PR  /   S.L.A.R   Social   Crea<ve   Produc<on   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  32. Tradi<onal  Workflow   MANAGEMENT   Discovery   EXECUTIVE   STRATEGIC  /  MEDIA   PLANNING   CLIENT  SERVICING  /  TRAFFIC   COORDINATION   ART  DIRECTION,  DESIGN   Crea<ve   ART  /  DESIGN   PRINT  /  BROADCAST  /  INTERACTIVE   Deployment   PRODUCTION   POLLING   Measurement   EVALUATION  ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  34. In  the  Social  Media  World  For  every  ac<on  there  is    an  equal  and  faster  reac<on   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  35. /      Few  decades  ago  when  a  situa<on  emerged,                                   a  brand  had  the  luxury  of  <me  to  wait,  evaluate,  plan   and  issue  a  press  release  to  contain  the  problem.   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  36. /    Today’s  reac<on  <me  needs  to  be  almost  immediate:   PR,  Community  Management,  Project  Management,   and  the  Agency  need  to  work  hands  in  hand  to  be   able  to  respond  properly  before  the  snowball  effect.     ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  37. /  PR  and  Social  are  now     two  sides  of  the  same  coin  ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  38. /      Community  Management  need  to  be  handled  by  the   brand  guardians  and  the  communica<on  experts   simultaneously.    /      A  badly  managed  issue  can  transform     in  days  into  thousands  of  li]le  out-­‐of-­‐hand  crises.   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  39. #New_Middle_East  ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  40. /      Technology  and  the  speed  of  digital  communica<on  helped   shape  a  new  Middle  East,  one  that  is  young,  evolving  and   connected  with  the  rest  of  the  world.   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  41. The  Challenges  /    It  is  a  region  of  cultural  and  ethnic  mul<plicity  /    Sharing  one  language  doesn’t  mean  that  every     one  relates  to  the  same  message.  /      Social,  religious,  economic,  cultural  differences   and  values  (many  <mes  within  the  same  country)   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  42. Back  to  the  Future  /      Social  Media,  Targeted  Communica<on,  Detailed   Analy<cs  are  now  recrea<ng  the  virtual  borders  that   were  erased  by  the  virtual  revolu<on.   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  43. /    Personalized  targeted  content  creates  more  engagement   with  individuals  and  communi<es.                   Personalized   Content   +   Targeted   Audience   =   Engaged   Ambassadors   ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  44. /    Forget  about  the  highest  number  of  idle  Fans.                                      /      It’s  about  Quality  not  Quan<ty.    /        Talking  to  people  in  their  own  language  and  values.    /        Conver<ng  genuine  fans  into  Social  Ambassadors.       ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  45. /  Think  Local,      Act  Local,      Grow  Global  ©  2012    |  Jimmy  Ghazal  
  46. /  Thank  You