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Persuasive presentation


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Persuasive presentation

  1. 1. James Bear Spending for our Future… and whyMenuThe FutureA Culture ShiftOur Technology DollarsTechnology UseWord Processing ChartPowerSchoolEngaging Classroom ContentConcluding NotesWorks Cited
  2. 2. The Futuremenu
  3. 3. A Culture Shift From This To Thismenu
  4. 4. Our Technology Dollars •Where they are spent •Why they are spent •Why they need to continue to be spentmenu
  5. 5. Areas of Use •Word Processing •Internet Research •Online Gradebooks •Engaging classroom Contentmenu
  6. 6. Word Processingmenu
  7. 7. menu
  8. 8. PowerSchoolmenu
  9. 9. Engaging Classroom Contentmenu
  10. 10. The Future is UncertainLet’s Prepare our Studentsmenu
  11. 11. Works Cited Bangert-Drowns, Robert L. "The Word Processor as an Instructional Tool: A Meta-Analysis of Word Processing in Writing Instruction." Review of Educational Research 63.1 (1993): 69-93. Leidner, Dorothy E. and Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa. "The Use of Information Technology to Enhance Management School Education: A Theoretical View." MIS Quarterly 19.3 (1995): 265-291. Owen, Polly S. and Ada Demb. "Change Dynamics and Leadership in Technology Implementation." The Journal of Higher Education 75.6 (2004): 636-666. Tallent-Runnels, Mary K., Julie A. Thomas, William Y. Lan, Sandi Cooper, Terence C. Ahern, Shana M. Shaw, and Xiamoning Liu. "Teaching Courses Online: A Review of Research." Review of Educational Research 76.1 (2006): 93-135. Wallace, Raven McRory. "A Framework for Understanding Teaching with the Internet." American Educational Research Journal 41.2 (2004): 447-488menu