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  • Your motivation will impact what information you want to look for, which will in turn affect what resources and methods you choose to use.Take medical information carefully and be respectful of the privacy of individuals.
  • Many different computer programs and software packages help with genealogy organization. Some cost, but others are free.Whatever program you choose to use, compare with other programs to see which features you need/want, and what the system requirements are.
  • Ancestry subscription begins at $13/month for US, and $25/month for world. Includes some content not available to all viewers (non-public trees).LDS Centers: Lawrence, Kansas City, Leavenworth.Genealogy Bank: $70/year, $20/month. Get access to newspapers, books, and government documents.GNIS: locating place names (includes land and water features, as well as human-created locations)
  • Cemetery records: may provide just lists of names and dates taken from tombstone, or perhaps pictures as well. This can give you possibilities on other relatives you may not have known about.
  • Most common way to track ancestors*Look for alternate spellings or abreviations (census takers sometimes guessed or took license)*Handwriting legibility and/or style may also be an issueRecords sealed for 72 years. 1930 Census now available. 1940 Census will be available in 2012.1890 Census: Most records destroyed by fire. Led to creation of National Archives.Census records can be printed at the library on 8x14 or 11x17 paper for 10 cents each.Heritage Quest census records are free to view with a Kansas Library Card
  • Genealogy workshop

    1. 1. April 22, 2010<br />Tonganoxie Public Library<br />Presenters: Julianne Newberry & Jim Morey<br />Genealogy Workshop<br />
    2. 2. Getting Started<br />What is your personal pedigree?<br />Ancestral chart: records the ancestors from whom you directly descend<br />Why are you searching?<br />Medical information<br />Family history: My Family Health Portrait<br />Free Worksheets<br /><br /><br />Others in your packet<br />
    3. 3. Computer Software<br />Fee<br />Family Tree Maker ($40,<br />Free<br /> (download)<br /> (web-based)<br />
    4. 4. Printed Resources<br />Family Bibles<br />Letters, postcards, journals, diaries<br />Published family histories<br />Published books on towns, counties, states<br />Phonebooks, city directories<br />Newspaper articles (print or microfiche)<br />
    5. 5. Online Genealogy Research<br /> (free to look up)<br />Publically posted family trees<br />Census/Voter lists<br />Birth/Marriage/Death records<br />Military<br />Immigration/Emigration<br />LDS Family History Center<br />Genealogy Bank<br />Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)<br />
    6. 6. Online Genealogy Research Continued<br />Social Security Death Index (free)<br />Obituaries (may be free to search, but cost for copies)<br /><br /> by state and newspaper name<br />Newspaper websites (*there may be time limits on availability of information)<br />Cemetery Records (can include written information, and possibly pictures of gravesites)<br /> (international)<br /><br />
    7. 7. Cemetery Record<br />Great-grandmother; Leon’s wife<br />Gr-gr grandma; Leon’s mom<br />Great-grandfather<br />Gr-gr-gr grandparents; Leon’s grandparents<br />Gr-gr grandpa; Leon’s dad<br />Leola Gimlin’s mom<br />Leola’s brother<br />Leola Gimlin’s dad<br />
    8. 8. US Census<br />Began 1790<br />Occurs every 10 years<br />New form for each census (different information requested)<br /><br />Privacy Law: 72 year blackout on information<br />Heritage Quest <br /><br />Census Search<br />Free and printable<br />
    9. 9. Local Resources<br />BDM Card File<br />High School Yearbooks<br />THS Alumnae List (Deloris White)<br />Cemeteries & Burial Grounds in Leavenworth County (Jim Claunch)<br />Yesteryears (John Cass Lenahan)<br />Local newspapers on microfilm<br />Genealogy books at the Tonganoxie Library and other libraries in our network<br />