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Annual Report 2012


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Annual Report 2012

  1. 1. Visitors & Convention Bureau Annual Report May 2012
  2. 2. TOT 2011 $3,667,154 Occupancy levels > 2008 Rate < 2008•Increase transientoccupancy tax by Length of stay on rise 4% annually 100% of goal (year over year, but Although Ventura is not nearly not long range) as well-known as other California coastal communities, it should be. Great beaches, exciting surfing spots, a beautiful harbor and wonderful walking/biking trails along the water are welcome surprises. San Joaquin Magazine
  3. 3. PRINT ADVERTISING SunsetS WestwaysWBudget Travel National Geographic TravelerN USA Today California State Guides• Increase column LA TimesL Antelope Valley Pressinches Coastal Living C Canadian Traveller 85% of goal• Response Exceeding goal + 594,000
  4. 4. MEDIA RELATIONS USA TodayU KEYT NewsK Smart Meetings RV JournalR San Joaquin Magazine Meetings Focus West• PAE $1,649,979 Travel GirlT The Province• Impressions 67,441,250 Desert Sun D WestwaysWSunset•Familiarization Ready for a little getawayTrips with average that’s just under an hourof 10 writers away from LA? Pop up to Ventura, a sweet seaside city with great eateries, wineries, a super walkable downtown complete with a Fine Arts Museum, an Historic California Mission Quote from and a thriving live music media scene.
  5. 5. SALES• Tradeshows “Until recently, my only knowledge of Ventura was the lyrics of the • Pow Wow song by America that mentioned alligator lizards in the air. Hardly • UCLA a reason to visit. But now that I’ve been down that Ventura Highway in the sunshine, I’m• Familiarization Trips enamored by its charming small- town feel. Just 70 miles from Los • UK, France, Pow Wow Angeles, Ventura draws surfers, shoppers and visitors simply seeking its friendly vibe.• Leads Travelgirl Magazine • 22•Bookings • +4,500
  6. 6. OTHER OPERATIONS• Earned Income • Visitor Center • Frontline • Engaged Partners • Film • Prosperity Council • Sports Tourism 
  7. 7. THANK YOU Michele Gilmore Visitor Services Manager Hilda Kilpatrick Office ManagerJim LuttjohannExecutive Director Annie Campbell Sales Manager