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The Future For Bioplastics Feedstocks


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The Future For Bioplastics Feedstocks

  1. 1. Preconference Seminar “The Future for Bioplastics Feedstocks” Jim Lunt & Associates LLC.Meet speakers from 15 companies representing leaders across the spectrum of Bioplastics activities.This unique one-day event will provide expert perspectives in answering the question:“When will biomass products replace food-use crops in the manufacture of bioplastics?Trepidation about using food crops for bioplastics feedstocks continues to be an issue. Organizer and Chairman, JimLunt, of Jim Lunt & Associates LLC states “This concern will not simply go away and must be addressed now byall players in the value chain.”The Seminar has three integrated sessions:Session 1: How justified is the concern over food-based renewable feedstocks for bioplastics? John Williams, Head of Materials for Energy & Industry, NNFCC York, UK, will open this session along with other experts from academia, NGO’s and Industry. Coca Cola and Nike will add their perspectives and also join with the other session speakers in a panel session to bring this session to a close.Session 2: When can such a transition to waste biomass feedstocks and derived products realisticallyoccur; which feedstocks are already being considered, and what are the challenges? Mike Hamilton, CEO, Renmatix, will speak over lunch about the unique Plantrose™ process to convert cellulosic biomass to sugars. BASF recently announced a $30 mill. investment in this technology. Mike will be followed by three other renowned speakers who will add their perspectives around when biomass technologies will be commercially viable. Also of particular note is the presentation by Kevin Triemstra, CEO /Founder Minneapolis Biomass exchange who will address the issues of connecting suppliers and purchasers of Biomass.Session 3: Who are the emerging leaders in converting either waste product from the food chain or othernon-edible products to bioplastics? Kieran Furlong, Director of Chemicals, Virent, kicks off the final session. Virent is one of three companies recently invested in by Coca Cola. Kevin will highlight Virent’s Bioforming® process to convert sugars to a variety of intermediates, including p xylene to enable 100% bio PET. Joining Virent will be Global Bioenergies S.A. and M&G. M&G will be making the first public presentation on their unique Bio PET technology. Rounding out this session will be Segetis and Myriant who represent key players in the use ofalternative feedstocks to produce bioplastics and intermediates.For the complete Agenda see: