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C:\Users\Degree\Desktop\Wordpress Work\Instruction


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C:\Users\Degree\Desktop\Wordpress Work\Instruction

  1. 1. Instruction: How to use a POS system from APEX<br />It is very important that clear instructions are given in order to correctly maintain the primary functions of the point of sale system for APEX. With the correct instructions, employees can keep track of new customers, while also keeping track of money in and money out. Why money out? Well APEX has devised a program that uses technology to reveal entries in a sweepstakes. Instead of the old way of pealing back the label; patrons can now use a computer to reveal entries to see if they won anything. The POS system keeps track of every detail in the process for running a legal sweepstakes.<br />Step 1: First things first, the employee must be given a username and password to access or login to the POS.<br /><ul><li>Receive ones username and password
  2. 2. Then login and when the cash draw opens, count the amount of money the POS will start off with. The POS will be waiting for the amount to be posted before the employee can begin their shift.</li></ul>Step 2: The whole point of the POS system is to take in new customers and issue them plastic registered cards. So learning how to create a new account would be key for the next item of instructions.<br /><ul><li>On the left side, click on the player registration button and create new account button.
  3. 3. Employees can ask for ID’s at this time, to correctly post the information in each window, the more information the better.
  4. 4. Once the information is taken from the ID. A card can be issued, click on the account button, then click issue card button and swipe the new card on the key board for the POS. The patron now has an issued card and click apply to finish.</li></ul>Step 3: The task changes now that an account has been created for the new custom. Now it is time to fully use the capabilities of the POS system by World Touch Gaming. Now it will be easy to keep track of account activity for each patron, because that is the POS’s specialty.<br /><ul><li>When the patron makes a donation, employees will place the donation amount on their registered card. Employees can do so by selecting the cashier register button on the left side of the screen and swiping the patron’s card, then tapping on the enter button. This will pull up their personal account and history.
  5. 5. Once the account is open, employees can select a range of options at this screen. The choices are the donation button, transfer button, or redeem button. It is at this screen that much of the needed information for employees will be utilized.
  6. 6. For donation, click the green donation button and amount, then ok. This action is the same for the transfer button and redeem button.</li></ul>Step 4: In the event the patron wins a cash prize, the employee will select the redeem button from the patrons account page.<br /><ul><li>Once the patrons’ card is swiped and their history comes up. The employees will have to look closely to see the winnings under the prize box.
  7. 7. Once the prize is confirmed, click the red redeem area and click enter.
  8. 8. The cash register window will open, then click enter to zero out the balance, and pay the patron the cash prize.</li></ul>Step 5: In the event the patron wishes to put their winnings back into the POS as a donation, the employee can take these steps to complete the task.<br /><ul><li>In the cashier register screen, swipe the patron card and click enter.
  9. 9. Once the account history window opens, check over the prize winnings, confirm with the patron and then click the transfer selection.
  10. 10. The transfer selection will put the prizes winnings back into the POS as a donation.</li></ul>In conclusion, these are the main steps of instructions needed for regular employees. There are several other usages for the POS, but those selections are for higher management. The following instruction should be service for grasping the cashier register POS system by Apex. <br />