Cloud FTP Gateway white paper


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An overview of Storage Made Easy FTP Gateway that turns any Cloud or private storage into an FTP server whether FTP is supported natively or not.

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Cloud FTP Gateway white paper

  1. 1. STORAGE MADE EASY IS THE PRODUCT TRADING NAME OF VEHERA LTD REG NO: 07079346 WWW.STORAGEMADEEASY.COM Investor Newsletter CloudFTP by StorageMadeEasy enables companies to create their own private FTP server that uses their existing Cloud Storage, CloudFTP works with any standard FTP client or FTP enabled product There is no need to waste time supporting a separate FTP Server and separate data store where there is a need to maintain duplicate copies of files,. Simply use an existing cloud data store with the protocol access needed! CloudFTP supports FTP as well as FTPS for an encrypted service and secure transfer Storage Made Easy can supply CloudFTP as a hosted Cloud Appliance in which there is no software to install or maintain or it can be supplied to be run entirely on your own premises CloudFTP is an ideal way to expose your existing cloud data directly to your clients using a standard transport - FTP ! Use Cloud FTP to automate backup or transfer website / blog files, upload digital media from scanners, security cameras etc to an existing Cloud Storage service. CloudFTP Supports: Google Drive, Google Storage,Amazon S3, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, Azure Blob Storage, Box, RackSpace Cloud Files, OpenStack Swift, HP Object Cloud Storage, Eucalyptus Walrus, Ubuntu One Cloud,BaseCamp, IBM Connections Files,EMC Atmos, Office365, SharePoint, Scality,Alfresco,WebDav, SalesForce, Evernote,AmpliData, Nifty Cloud Storage, Connectria, Constant Cloud Storage,Tiscali Storage Cloud, GreenQloud, SeeWeb Storage Cloud, Riakcs, Cloudian, LunaCloud, HostEurope, Dunkel Storage. Cloud FTP - Gateway access to almost any Cloud Storage WHAT IS CLOUDFTP? CloudFTP is a Storage Made Easy Protocol Adaptor that supports FTP access into almost any Cloud Storage even though they do not natively support FTP. HOW IS IT DEPLOYED? CloudFTP can be deployed in your own premises or it can be made available on IaaS infrastructure either supplied by us or using your own Account on Amazon EC2, RackSpace etc. DOES IT SUPPORT MULTIPLE USERS? CloudFTP can support as many users as needed each with their own unique FTP login to get access to back end cloud storage. DOES IT SUPPORT PERMISSION CONTROL? Yes, CloudFTP supports full permission control at a user, role and folder level. DOES IT SUPPORT FTPS? Yes, both FTP and FTPS are supported.
  2. 2. STORAGE MADE EASY IS THE PRODUCT TRADING NAME OF VEHERA LTD REG NO: 07079346 WWW.STORAGEMADEEASY.COM SECURELY SHARE FILES FROM ALMOST ANY COMPANY OR CLOUD DATA SOURCE The Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync (EFSS) Solution The Storage Made Easy EFSS solution is storage agnostic and can be used as an Enterprise File Share and sync solution with one or more public or private storage clouds. The solution allows IT to regain control of "cloud data sprawl" by unifying private / public company data and privately used employee cloud data solutions into a single converged infrastructure. This can easily be managed and be used to set and enforce governance and audit controls for file access and sharing in addition to providing deep content search of indexed data. This approach provided a solution to the "shadow IT" conundrum and makes it possible for companies to find a balance between the protection of corporate data and employee data by allowing businesses to monitor, secure and audit all data silos, be they private or cloud or company or employee, from a single access point. More information can be found at
  3. 3. STORAGE MADE EASY IS THE PRODUCT TRADING NAME OF VEHERA LTD REG NO: 07079346 WWW.STORAGEMADEEASY.COM Storage Made Easy UK OFFICE Vehera Ltd 26-28 Mulgrave Road First Floor Unit 1 Mulgrave Chambers Sutton. Surrey SM2 6LE. UK TELEPHONE: +448006899094 ext.1 for Sales US OFFICE 8 Wright Street. 1st Floor. Westport. Connecticut. 06880 USA TELEPHONE: + EUROPEAN OFFICE Imbisbuehlstrasse 108 CH-8049 Zurich SWITZERLAND TELEPHONE : +41 (0) 43 818 46 74 StorageMadeEasy Free hosted and enterprise free trial available from