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Big picture in ed tech & how to make yourself virtually indispensable


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Presented at Zest for Tech conference at Frostburg State University - July 10, 2012

Published in: Education, Technology
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Big picture in ed tech & how to make yourself virtually indispensable

  1. 1. James Lerman Zest for Tech – July 10, 2012The BigPicture in EdTech and…How to MakeYourselfVirtuallyIndispensible
  2. 2. Critical ThinkingCooperationCommunicationCreativityCharacter
  3. 3. Critical Thinking
  4. 4. Critical ThinkingCooperation
  5. 5. Critical ThinkingCooperationCommunication
  6. 6. Critical ThinkingCooperationCommunicationCreativity
  7. 7. Critical ThinkingCooperationCommunicationCreativityCharacter
  8. 8. Critical ThinkingCooperationCommunicationCreativityCharacter
  9. 9. Story #1
  10. 10. Martha Payne
  11. 11. May 3 – First blog post with picture
  12. 12. This morning in maths I got taken out of class by my head teacher and taken to heroffice. I was told that I could not take any more photos of my school dinners becauseof a headline in a newspaper today.I only write my blog not newspapers and I am sad I am no longer allowed to takephotos. I will miss sharing and rating my school dinners and I’ll miss seeing thedinners you send me too. I don’t think I will be able to finish raising enough money fora kitchen for Mary’s Meals either.Goodbye,VEG
  13. 13. June 18…5 million+ blog hits Raised over $150,000
  14. 14. The BigPicture in 5 Slides
  15. 15. Writing PrintingSpoken 3-4000 Press Internet Word BC 1440 c. 1972
  16. 16. AReminder
  17. 17. Critical ThinkingCooperationCommunicationCreativityCharacter
  18. 18. Story #2
  22. 22. 7 Steps toMake YourselfIndispensible
  23. 23. -Learn how to work with video-Learn how to teach online
  24. 24. Story #3
  25. 25. If youdon’t putthe bigrocks infirst, youwill neverbe able tofit themin
  26. 26. Where to Begin?
  27. 27. For Further Reference (1 of 2 pages)Martha PayneHer blog: fundraising site: article and links to others about her: Eras of CommunicationTEDxASB – Scott McLoed: World Is Flat: Book by Thomas FriedmanPrivatization of Public EducationArticle: Why The US Is Destroying Its Education System The Biggest Problem with Traditional Schooling TogetherArticle: Continuous Partial Attention “Alone Together”: An MIT Professor’s New Book Urges Us to Unplug Tale of Two Teachers
  28. 28. For Further Reference (2 of 2 pages)Build PLNCreating a PLN with Web 2.0 Tools to Build a PLN – Free Technology for Teachers a PLN (step-by-step directions) Your ClassroomGlobal Collaboration Projects I’ve Joined – Linda Yollis with Other Classes Through Blogging – Kathleen Morris on Global Collaboration and Blogging – Kathleen Morris interviewed by Linda Education Conference Network - Lucy Gray – learning with the world, not just about it… Knowledge - CreateProject Based Learning for the 21st Century Based Learning – Edutopia Learning Institute
  29. 29. Image sources in order of appearance Yollis-Morris kids with visiontrust/ Payne - relationships lunch PLN lunch globalize your classroom Kitchen - build knowledgeFlat World! uncle sam for sale clock together – Khoi Vinh big empty jar TeachersKathleen Morris jar of rocks rock stackLinda Yollis Footsteps06-11+at+5.57.08+PM.png States distance friends Class Class