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Columbus hardwood flooring,phenix city carpet columbusflooringandmore


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Flooring & More - Carpet One of Columbus, GA offers the largest selection of carpet, rugs, wood, stone, tile, vinyl and laminate in the Chattahoochee Valley including Phenix City & Fort Benning.

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Columbus hardwood flooring,phenix city carpet columbusflooringandmore

  1. 1. Columbus Hardwood Flooring,Phenix City Carpet -columbusflooringandmoreAuthor : Jim KnightContact Columbus Flooring & MoreColumbus Flooring and More4848 River Road ColumbusGeorgia 31904PH 706.324.4451
  2. 2. Most popular types of carpet in 2011 Nowadays, carpet is found in almost every household. It might be all around the house or across certain rooms in the house like the living room, bedroom etc. Many home owners prefer the carpet in comparison to other more expensive flooring options like marble tiles, stone and wood. The type, color and texture of the carpet are very important as it affects the overall appearance of the room. So, one should choose a carpet very carefully. Today there are many types of carpets available in the market which differs in material and quality. So if we look at the market today, in the year 2011 we will find innumerable options. Carpets are available in many colors, styles and brands which are as follows.BerberThe name Berber comes from the depths of North Africa. Berber is a North African tribe. Thesecarpets are made from wool fibers or nylon olefin fibers. These look stunning in a living room asthey come in various styles and have a very distinct feature, where it can hide tracks and marks.These carpets come in light shades like off-white and light camel. Berber carpet has become verypopular in the recent past due to their high durability.SaxonySaxony is also a very popular choice this year in the carpet owner’s fraternity. Saxony carpetsprovide the tone of luxury and at the same time get into the skin of your home interior décor. Thistype of carpet is made out of tufts of tightly twisted heavy yarn which is later on straightened withheat after being softened. Saxony carpets provide an excellent finish to the overall look of theroom but fails miserably in hiding foot patches and dust marks. So, regular maintenance isrequired.Saxony carpets also come in a textured form, which is known as Textured Saxony. These areconsidered an excellent choice for homes and offices. They are considered very durable as theycan hide patches and marks due to their multicolor highlights, accents and textures.FriezeIf you have a lot of people in your family and also have a lot of pets, then Frieze carpets are theones appropriate for you. These carpets are considered to be appropriate for high traffic areas.Twisted fibers are woven together in a cut pile procedure in order to make a Frieze carpet. Thefibers in the carpet are curled in shape which is why they are extremely efficient in hiding patches,marks and spills. These carpets come in a wide variety of colors and designs.For more information Click Here
  3. 3. The Differences between tile and laminate flooring - pros and cons of both Laminate flooring was invented in the 70s by a Swedish company called Perstop. It was under the brand name Pergo. It was marketed in the 80s ad it came to the US in the mid-90s. Pergo later became the flooring division of Perstop. Laminate flooring is a multilayered flooring product. It is considered a hybrid since synthetic product is fused together with a lamination process. This type of tiling replicates hardwood or stone, but it is clearly not made out of it. The inner layer of the tile is made of fiber board andmelamine resin. A lot of people like laminate flooring, but along with its multiple plus points thereare a few negatives as well. Here are a few pros and cons of laminate flooring:Pros- • Majority of people like laminate flooring because it is very easy to install. Several hundred square feet of ground space can be installed within a couple of days. • Compared to other floor tiling, laminate flooring is very easy to clean. • Laminate flooring is impervious to scratches and dent compared to other forms of flooring. There are companies which offer warranties of more than a decade for this kind of flooring. It is known as a “wear layer” in the industry which enables it to protect the photographic layer which is situated underneath. • It is a very tough form of flooring, which is also stain resistant. Even if there are stains, it is easy to just clean it up with a mop. • Laminate flooring comes with a click lock design which comes with dry glue. So it can be applied on to the floor, just with a swipe of a moist cloth or water. • Laminate flooring is good for moist places.Cons- • Laminate flooring looks like wood or stone but it is not. It is made out of artificial material which can bother a few. • This type of flooring is slippery in nature. • Laminate flooring cannot be repaired and refinished as a replacement is required if there are deep scratches. • Tile is manufactured out of materials such as stone, metal, glass and even ceramic. These are all hard wearing material. It can used for any type of covering job e.g. floor, roof, walls etc. Nowadays tiles are also made out of materials such as wood, perlite, mineral wool etc. • Tile flooring is considered one of the most popular forms of flooring today. There are a lot
  4. 4. of reasons why tile flooring is so popular, but there are a few drawbacks as well. The following are the pros and cons of tile flooring: Pros- • Tile floors are very durable. • Tile floors are very easy to clean. • Attractive flooring options are available with tile flooring. • This type of flooring is easy repairable. • Tile flooring is available everywhere. • It is stain resistant in nature. • It is not damaged by water, so it is an excellent flooring option for bathroom. • An excellent option for kitchen flooring as well. • Cons- • Cold weather can cause colder underfoot. • Tile flooring is a bit slippery in nature. • It is very uncomfortable in case someone is standing for a long period of time. • Tile flooring does not have any sound dampening qualities. For more information Click Here*********************************************************************************** Thanks For Visit