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Best price guarantee and free shipping available! American Button Machines is your one-stop button machine shop, with a button making machine available for any button maker or button press project.

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Circle cutter,photo buttons,photo button maker – abm

  1. 1. circle cutter,circle cutter paper,photo buttons,photo button maker – American Button MachineAuthor : Jim KnightBest price guarantee and free shipping available! American Button Machines is your one-stop button machineshop, with a button making machine available for any button maker or button press project.Address : American Button Machines1845 Summit Ave.Suite 408Plano, TX 75074Phone 972-985-5074 All about Buttons“An honest man, close-buttoned to the chin,Broadcloth without, and a warm heart within.” - William Cowper (1731-1800), famous English poet.For centuries, the button has been an integral part of human civilization. While it started out as acontrivance to hold clothes together, in Victorian England it transcended into high fashion withbuttons being made of expensive materials like gold and diamonds.Even nowadays, when people no longer use gold and diamonds to adorn their clothes (except forthe very rich and very eccentric), buttons hold a special place in the sartorial scheme of thingsbecause of their varieties and ability to be personalized. Combine these with the fact that they areeasy and cheap to make, and you have a winner.Speaking of winners, one of the most popular uses of buttons is in election campaigns. I am surethat all of us have come across buttons with messages like “XX for President!” or “Vote YY!” anytime there is an election forthcoming.Other than election candidatures, buttons also find use in more mundane activities like promotinga product or service. When traveling on the subway, you can often come across people sportingbuttons on their jackets cajoling you to ask them “how to lose weight” or “make money in arecession.”Personalized buttons also make great gifts. When you gift someone a button that conveys apersonal event or relation, it shows the receiver that you care. All these opportunities makebuttons a very popular item, and button-making a very lucrative business.If you want to know how to start a button-making business, here are some basic stepsyou will need to follow:
  2. 2. 1. Invest in a button-making machine – In this decision, you are literally spoiled for choice.There are machines which can make only certain sizes of buttons while there are more expensivemodels that can produce buttons of multiple sizes. Also, there is a wide variety of manufacturers,both American and international. Although Chinese models may come cheap, you are better offbuying from a reputed American manufacturer – it will work out cheaper in the long run, besidesthe obvious quality advantages.2. Invest in graphics software – Although you can do adecent job with free software, it’s better to work withspecialized software like Adobe Photoshop. There are loads oftutorials online that can show you how to navigate the menusand use the in-built tools to create breathtaking designs foryour buttons. Now, print out the designs to be used in buttons.3. Invest in a rotary cutter – This is required to cut outperfect circles of the printed graphics. An adjustable rotarycutter can cut circles of different diameters, something that isuseful if you are planning to make buttons of multiple sizes.4. Make your button – Of course, you won’t bemanufacturing the basic structure of the button, also known asdie. You can buy them wholesale to make your personalizedbuttons. Insert the die and design as depicted in the button- photo_button_maker_machinemaking machine’s instruction manual, operate the machine and you’re ready to go into business!For more information Click HereWhat are the differences between American-made and Chinese-made button machinesBased on the increased demands for button making machines in the market nowadays, it is easyto realize the existence of a tough and clear competition between the American button makingmachines and the Chinese ones. Several new professionals, all over the globe, wish to know thedifference between the two types before they enter the industry. While most of us choose to drawconclusions only based up on our personal experiences, researches and opinions, it is the viewand advice of industry experts that the American machines win the battle due to their excellentfeatures and cost effectiveness.The button maker kits that are manufactured in the USA are made with good quality parts. Incomparison to their Chinese counterparts, the American machines are both easy and quiteefficient to use for the purpose of button making. Buyers should know that the American buttonmakers are more effective, much better and highly cost-efficient products.There are several customers who search for button machines that would make buttons of severalsizes. “Can we exchange the dies to create more than one size of buttons with the professionalmachines?”is the most common inquiry. The easy answer is “no”, one cannot exchange the dieswith professional machines and make good buttons.However, the Chinese all-in-one or the commonly known as the Chinese 3-in-1 button makingmachine allows users to make buttons of different sizes. However users do not see the series ofdrawbacks that are present in the China-made 3-in-1 exchangeable or all-in-one button makingmachine. The biggest drawback is that this machine actually ends up making less efficientbuttons. This all-in-one machine has also proven to be quite inconvenient, and becomes
  3. 3. comparatively more costly than purchasing a separate machine for each size of button you chooseto make.Let us see the design and usability differences between the American and Chinese button makermachines. With American button maker machines, the button supplies can be directly loaded infront of the operators. Due to this the operators will not have to make any time consumingmovements towards the left or towards the right for loading the parts while moving the diesbackward and forward, unlike the Chinese button makers. This feature allows faster production ofbuttons.The designs of American button makers usually comprise of two dies that revolve around thecenter axis. This provides high levels of accuracy and speed and the operators are able to produceone button within five seconds. American button making machines comprise of a cushioned handgrip which is set at a low profile with an effective fulcrum position that reduces fatigue whilemaking buttons. The China-made ones possess a tall tower style design with handles that areinconveniently high.In our conclusion we would like to highlight the fun of supporting the “home team” when it is thebest alternative in all ways. It is now time to make the smart choice and choose the Americanbutton makers which are the best in the market.For more information Click Here