Choosing wood flooring for your home


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The floor is often a neglected part of a house, but worth paying attention to considering its ability to influence its entire look. If you are planning to refurbish your home, you should consider new flooring.

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Choosing wood flooring for your home

  1. 1. Choosing Wood Flooring for Your HomeAuthor: Jim KnightThe floor is often a neglected part of a house, but worth payingattention to considering its ability to influence its entire look. If youare planning to refurbish your home, you should consider new flooring.Some might prefer the natural look more than carpeting, so there areactually different choices these days. The benefit that a wooden flooroffers is that it comes with many choices in material and shades. Itmakes any room look good. Before deciding on which sort of woodenfloor is to be used, certain pros and cons should be considered first. Byadopting this method you might be able to know that your selectionsare perfect for you and your needs.There is a wide variety in choices of wood flooring. It really dependsupon the taste and preference of the home owner or the kind of décorappropriate for the job. Wood flooring can make any room lookmarvelous except for a few rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. This isdue to the vast amount of moisture which gets accumulated in theserooms.Hardwood is one of the most popular choices for wood flooring. It is akind of wood that comes from certain trees which are denser thanothers. The different type of trees includes bellawood, walnut, maple,cherry, hickory and oak. The hardwood can be stained to look like anyother color out there or it can also be kept in its original form. Forexample, in case of hardwoods like cherry and walnut, no stain isrequired because the normal wood has a very rich texture.After the selection process is over, you have to decide how you wantthe finishing touches to look like. Pre finished wood can be anexcellent purchasing option if they are already pre-stained and coveredwith a coating of polyurethane. This may not be the best way to go
  2. 2. considering the higher expenses compared to unfinished wood, but itsaves a lot of time.Another alternative to this process is that you can install the woodyourself and do the finishing. Although, in this case you also have todo the sanding, staining and finish coating such as urethane. Thiswhole procedure of drying and sanding the wood between the coatscan take several days. The process can become even lengthier if youdecide to put on extra layers of polyurethane. But in the end of thewhole process you will have more protection on the wood.There are some people out there who like the option of reclaimedflooring, which is also known as distressed floor. This particular type offlooring has its own unique feature. Due to its rough finish it does noteven show the smallest of scratches and nicks, which is almost asgood as a smooth surface.Outside of using traditional wood flooring, laminate flooring is also agood option. Laminate flooring resembles hardwood and with the bestlaminates, you will have a hard time finding any difference betweenthe laminate and a real hardwood floor. A very good example of acompany which makes quality laminate flooring would be Armstrong.Few other choices in wood flooring are cork floors or bamboo.For more information, please visit: