Button necklaces,chunky button necklace,button press,button makers,circle cutter american button machine


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Make your very own button necklace! ABM has all of the products and supplies for you to make your very own chunky necklace as well!

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Button necklaces,chunky button necklace,button press,button makers,circle cutter american button machine

  1. 1. button necklaces,chunky button necklace,button press,button makers,circle cutter - American Button MachineAuthor : Jim KnightAmerican Button Machines is your one-stop button machine shop, with a button making machineavailable for any button maker or button press project.
  2. 2. How Churches Can Benefit From , Owning a button Press and Using it for Fun RaisersChurches are one of the biggest and the best fund raising organization in the present world,because most people have a hard time saying no to giving to God, and that’s great for the upkeeping and meeting the general expenses of a church. Fundraising brings people and talentstogether in all sorts of new and interesting ways. Fundraising events also tend to offer anopportunity for the participants to socialize and get to know new people. Church fundraising is nota simple task and one needs to think of the best approach in order to organize a successfulfundraising event. When the time comes to start thinking of church fund raising ideas, clearly thething one would be most of the organizations are concerned with is making a decent profit. Thereare various ideas for fundraising by churches.One very good fundraising mechanism for churches can be to own a button press. Buttons can bepromoted during a fundraising event, and can be sold along with the other items ranging from abike to other large donated articles. The buttons can be promoted using ideas like, buttons ofhope. Buttons of hope are buttons that have a photo of some one special on it. Wearing a buttonwith an imprint of a picture of a loved one tends to give a sense of honor and pride to the personwearing it and also proves to strengthen the bonding between two individuals. This way thepeople would collect and buy a lot of buttons from the church and since it is something that isbeing manufactured by the church itself, the amount of profit made will also tend be more.Buttons can also be used as a medium to advertise about the church. They can be used topromote about the church simply by printing its name and contact information, like a phonenumber or website, on it or they can also be used to promote something special like an upcomingevents like church events, missions, or other fundraising activities and thus can prove to be a veryhandy yet simple advertising tool. Organizations who own a button tool have tremendousflexibility and avenues for creativity and thus churches can attract more charity donors by makinguse of the press.Buttons can also be dealt to appeal to certain demographic by stressing a kids activities or specialevents for seniors. One of the greatest and most rewarding uses of a button machine is thecreation of novelty items that can be an excellent addition to the list of original fundraising ideas.Buttons can also advertise new services, for instance a contemporary jeans and sneakers servicefeaturing contemporary Christian rock instead of traditional hymns. In this case, perhaps clergyand those working with the youth as well as church members can sport their great promotionalbuttons. These are some of the many benefits that a church has if it ever decides to own a buttonpress.For more information Click Here
  3. 3. How To Create A Professional Button BadgeButton badges have become a style statement among the Gen-X teenagers and adults alike, theyare also seen as a collectable item. To make a professional button badge the first thing that onerequires is a specific badge-making machine. The machine assembles and presses different partsof the badge together. The second decision to make is regarding the size of the badge. The size ofa badge can vary any where between 25mm to 120mm; the 1’ ones are the most popularamongst the lot and have a metal or safety pin at the back.The design of the badge can be considered as the major challenges while creating a button badge.The design can be made, by hand or by using graphic editing software like Adobe Photoshop etc.In order to design a badge, first of all a template of the design should be created for which threedifferent size circles needs to be drawn within each other. The size of each of those three circlesdepends on the size of the button that is to be made. The innermost circle becomes the face orimage area of the badge, where the design of the badge is made. The text or artwork should beinserted in the inner circle and should not be extended outside of the image area circle. Once theartwork has been centered within the image area circle, the image area circle needs to bedeleted; otherwise it tends to become a part of the design and would be shown on the face of thebadge. The second circle or the middle circle is called the bleed in printing terms because itensures that the background color goes over the edge of the button. The outer circle is called thecut line as the badge is cut out from the outer circle. It is really important to make the outer circleso that the off-center design does not get cut off from the badge. Once all of these things are inplace, the designs should be now ready for printing and cutting.The next step is to print the design in small quantities or in bulk. Designs can be printed withinkjet or laser printer. The paper material user for printing must be of good quality and needs tobe chosen with utmost care. After the design has been printed it is now ready for cutting. Thereare different ways of cutting out the designs, some of which are graphic punch, adjustable rotatorcutter, cutting by hand and the volume cut press.The most basic and simple way of cutting would be to do it manually by using a pair of scissors orbox cutters. An adjustable rotator cutter is good for those looking to do multiple sizes. Graphicpunch is also a good option, as it is a lot faster and accurate compared to the other cuttingtechniques. Volume cutters are the best choice for professional button makers. It is easy to use,can do multiple sizes and cuts through 30 pages of graphics at once.Now that the designs have been cut out, it is time for the badge-making machine to do the lastpart. The cut out design, the metal shells and a thin plastic cover all needs to be placed in to themachine and once this is done, the badge is released out from the machine. A pin needs to beattached at the back of the metal shell and the button badge should be ready to be put to use.For more information Click Here