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Air conditioning plano tx, air conditioning plano kleenairservices


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Kleen Air Services is a full service heating & air conditioning company that provides duct cleaning service to reduce the pollutants and allergens in your home. We service North Dallas including Plano Frisco Mckinney Garland and more.

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Air conditioning plano tx, air conditioning plano kleenairservices

  1. 1. Air Conditioning Plano TX, Air Conditioning Plano -kleenairservicesAuthor : Jim Knight Kleen Air Services is a full service heating & air conditioning company that provides duct cleaning service to reduce the pollutants and allergens in your home. We service North Dallas including Plano Frisco Mckinney Garland and more.Contact UsKleen Air Services1825 Summit AvenueSuite 206Plano, TX, 75074Tel: (972) 527-320
  2. 2. Home Heating Improvements You Can Make Before Winter Sets inNowadays people are concerned about how to lower heating bills while the winter is around thecorner. This is a great cause of concern as the cost of home heating has doubled over the lastdecade. Crude prices are now sky rocketing to the top and no one knows where it will stop, whichis also a big reason behind this surge of heating bills. One of the things you can do is to opt fordifferent forms of fuel. The following are a few measures one can take in order to improve theirhome heating and cooling (HVAC) system.Propane and Natural Gases - Compared to traditional form of fuel like oil, propane and naturalgases are relatively cleaner. The heat generated from this fuel source is odorless and it hasenergy content, which is comparatively lower than oil. Natural gas is more efficient compared topropane in this respect of cost. A natural gas heating system may cost you something around$3000-7000 whereas; if you install propane based system it will cost you further more. Besides,natural gases can be used to operate appliances, water heaters and fire places. Natural gases arealso available very easily compared to propane.Geothermal energy -This energy alternative has also become very popular in many householdsand businesses. Geothermal heat pumps are used in order to create heat. This heat is createdbased upon the temperatures existing 3-5 feet below the earth’s surface. The initial expenses arestaggering in case of this alternative heating solution, but in the space of 5 years you will be ableto reduce your heating bills by almost 50%.Wood stoves - Wood stove is also an option which is considered worthwhile. It is very easy tooperate one and also at the same time very efficient. Wood burning stoves have gone through thisimprovement in the last 10 years. Compared to the oil, wood stoves are considered to be moreeconomical therefore becoming affordable to most consumers. Wood stoves are considered even abetter option compared to natural gas as it only costs something around $1000.Pellet burning stoves - Pellet burning stoves are considered the cleanest burning heatingappliance, according to the EPA. These stoves are even exempt of being tested for smokeemission levels. This alternative heating solution can cost someone between $2000-3000.Solar heating systems - Solar heating system is considered the most environmentally friendlysource of household heating. It is at the same time very economical compared to other energyalternatives. The solar heating system is also renewable which makes it more energy efficientcompared to other options. Like the geothermal energy the solar heating system is also veryexpensive in the initial stages, but it is very cost efficient in the long run.Other than the alternative fuel options which require a relatively higher initial investment you canalso take measures which might not require too much expenditure. If your home is properlyinsulated and air tight then it will cause lower heat loss. This in turn will result in lower fuelrequirements in order to maintain desirable indoor temperature.For More information Click Here
  3. 3. Insulating Your Pipes and Attic, A Must for WinterInsulating your home or apartment is a must in today’s world. Insulating your home ensures lessbreakage to your home structure, appliances, utensils and other valuable belongings. The mostsignificant thing to do while insulating the household premises is to protect the attic and pipingsystem.When the winter is approaching, insulating the attic is a must as the HVAC system can cause theheated air to build up in your attic, which can cause damages like wood warping. Damage can befurthermore if the heated air gets mixed with condensation and moisture.Insulation of attic is also very important for energy conservation and maintenance of warmtharound the home during the winter season. Insulation is done by using a material which hasmillions of tiny air pockets. These pockets basically do the work of conserving or trapping theheat.Fiberglass batts are considered the most common material used for insulation. There is anadditional lair in the insulation material which helps in absorbing the moisture. This additional lairis made of a substance called R-value. The amount of R-value in the insulating material reduceswhen it absorbs moisture. Insulation comprising of higher R-value is considered most effective.These fiberglass insulation batts are very wide in length and can range up to 8 feet.One thing one should do while insulating attics is not to insulate attic ceilings. During the winterattics face damages caused by frost. The moisture developing due to the frost can develop a dryrot on the attic roof, resulting in development of fungus, molds and mildew growth.This phenomenon can also deplete the life span of the roof covering due to the entrapment ofheat against the bottom of the roof. The only thing to do here is to insulate the areas under theroof. In order to avoid accumulation of moisture at the bottom of the roof a vapor barrier needs tobe installed. If this is not done it can cause serious respiratory problems for the members in thehousehold.As we all know during the winter season the water turns into solid ice. This conversion can causeexpansion which might cause the piping system to freeze. Waters can even soak into the walls ofthe house and cause problems. In order to avoid these problems and also the perils of bursts andleakages, insulation is required.The first thing to do before insulating the piping system is to buy insulation material and properplumbing supply. There are various kinds of insulation material available in the market but youshould choose according to your requirement and budget.Proper cleaning needs to follow after you’ve bought the supplies. Not cleaning the piping systemwill lead to accumulation of dirt, which might produce bacteria in the long run. Even impropercleaning might lead to flow of dirty water which may cause health hazards.While insulating make sure all the portions of the pipe is properly covered as any space left mightcause leakage in the near future. Corners and T-joints need to be given more attention comparedto the other regions of the pipe while insulating.For more information Click Here