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Overview of Eyespot Broadband Video Offering To Website Publishers

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Broadband Video Network

  1. 1. Broadband Video Network Eyespot Broadband Video Network Video Applications Overview Turnkey Video Publishing For Website Owners Eyespot Corporation provides everything you need to Broadband Video Applications launch and manage video on your website - offering a Web Video Publishing: Simple- • turnkey hosted broadband video publishing platform to-use tools to deploy video on that is available on a month-to-month basis. your website User-Generated-Content: • Web video publishing as well as rich Internet and Content uploader, and service- mobile applications can be integrated into your website side transcoding for virtually all in minutes at video & audio file formats (all codec combinations) Key points about Eyespot Content Management: Turnkey • • Robust video publishing and management for system with REST APIs standard and high-definition video content (supports 3rd party CMS • Massively scalable system for video distribution to integration) large global audiences In-Stream Monetization: All • • Built by digital media veterans from, leading rich-media ad-networks DivX, Intervu, Entriq, Nine Systems, Akamai, integrated into one player StarBak component • Trusted by over 10,000 website publishers Powerful Video Analytics: Video • usage and monetization metrics Why Use A Broadband Video Publishing Platform? Standard and High-Definition • • Website owners get Media Support  Pay as you go monthly services Multiple Players: Customizable •  Economies from network pricing 4x3 and 16x9 Players  Time-to-Market Hosted UGC Moderation: •  Instant monetization Content filtering / approval  99.9% Service Level Agreement Online Video Production: Web- •  Focus on your business based linear video editing studio • Website owners avoid Content Syndication: Web, TV, • ✗ Server & storage expenses and Mobile video broadcast ✗ Co-location fees support ✗ Video R&D expenses Highly Redundant and Scalable: • ✗ Ongoing platform maintenance video, photo, and music storage ✗ Expensive software (codec) licensing & processing on-demand with ✗ Annual CDN commits 99.9% availability Best-in-class Content Delivery: • Key Questions using Limelight Networks • Have 3rd party video solution, but scalability and Content Library: over 1 million • performance a concern? free & rights cleared titles • Need a custom player, in-stream monetization, UGC support, interactive video contests, mobile? • Do not have time or resource to develop? • Budget constraints? © 2008 Eyespot Corporation
  2. 2. Publish Video To Your Website Customer Doesn’t Already Have Video? Monetize Video With In-Stream Advertising Have Video, But without Monetization? UGC On Your Website Have Video, But Need To Add Social Media? Engagement Marketing With Video Contests Want Users To Participate In Creating Viral Content For You? © 2008 Eyespot Corporation
  3. 3. Video Publishing Offering Eyespot Broadband Video Network Video Publishing Offering Standard and High Definition Website Video Key Features Customers can upload, manage, publish, analyze, and Customizable 4x3 and 16x9 • monetize their video content. Website administrators Flash video players can create a branded and customized community video Web-based content management • sharing experience in a matter of hours. portal User upload, transcode, and • Virtually all video, photo, and music file formats is publishing to the web supported and all controlled within an easy-to-use UGC moderation facility • content management system. Integrated monetization • Detailed reporting • Key Questions Unlimited storage • • Do you have an established website and audience, LLNW CDN / SD & HD • and now you want to add video? • Need a way to allow your users to upload and share LLNW-ES Program (25% off) their own contributed video content? • $1,875/mth for applications, • Want a turnkey video solution with integrated transcoding, and storage content management system, content delivery • Existing & new LLNW clients network, video analytics, and video monetization? • Bundled bandwidth (<$1K/mth) Video Monetization Offering Eyespot Broadband Video Network Video Monetization Offering Highest Paying In-Stream Advertising Solution Key Features Customers with website video are struggling to Integrate with any flash player maximize in-stream advertising revenue. Fill-rates are • Simple MXP file installation low, eCPMs are low, and integration is complex and • within Flash IDE. time-consuming. Web-based administration • console & reporting Customers choose Eyespot for its experience in Access to all best-in-class in- monetization of both premium and user-contributed • stream ad-networks content. Choice of several leading ad- • formats Key Questions Ability to traffic your own • Have existing video traffic, but are not happy with • advertisements using DART your current in-stream advertising solution? Automated revenue optimization • Video new to your site, and not able to get the • attention from any ad-network? LLNW-ES Program • Have user-generated-content and don’t know how • 50% of gross ad-revenue to client to monetize it? • Customized reporting for LLNW • Need to increase your revenue to support your customers/referrals video investment? © 2008 Eyespot Corporation
  4. 4. UGC Video Transcoding Eyespot Broadband Video Network Social Media For Your Site User Content From Any Device, To Any Device Key Features Saavy website owners are leveraging the social aspects Support for virtually all file • of online video. Translation: they know users need to formats (thousands of video and upload and share their own content. audio codec combinations) Leading transcode performance • Customers choose Eyespot because integration is (near-instant delivery to web) extremely simple, costs are low, and the Eyespot Simple REST API interface • solution scales with any volume with consistent Video ID (don’t pay to transcode • performance that gives users instant satisfaction. same file twice) Instant migration to integrated • Key Questions storage, CMS, moderation, • Have an existing video community, but want to add monetization (see publishing) user-contributed content? • Don’t want to manage the many video/audio codecs LLNW-ES Program (25% off) needed to support UGC? • No setup fee • Want UGC, but afraid of copyright, monetization? • $2,500/mth unlimited transcodes • Have an existing UGC solution, but it takes 15 • $1,250/mth for 16GB/mth minutes to receive a transcoded file? • $500/mth for 4GB/mth UGC Video Contests Eyespot Broadband Video Network Allow Your Users To Produce Engagement Marketing With Video Contests Key Features Allowing website users to upload their own video is Allow users to personalize video viral. Let your community use web-based content • Increase video views per unique production tools to modify, mix, and remix, is the path • viewer over 10-fold to maximum user engagement and loyalty. Increase time spent on your site • by 30-100% Customers choose Eyespot as the leader and first to Online Video Production Studio market with web-based content production tools for • (simple drag & drop linear consumers, used by the largest brands including editing) Lucasfilm, NBA, Vh1, SonyBMG, and a host of Video Contest Campaign Builder others. • / Manager Library of premium content Key Questions • • Want to offer branded video creation contests on LLNW-ES Program (25% off) your site? • $2,625-$3,000/mth for video • Want access to 1million video, photo, and music studio & publishing platform titles that users can use to create new videos? • With or without bundled CDN • Have advertisers who want to sponsor user video • Existing & new LLNW clients contests on your site? © 2008 Eyespot Corporation