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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Fmdh elearning sig

  1. 1. Nursing & Midwifery Mr. James Little Learning Technologist
  2. 2. Main areas of activity Online Masters courses:  Master of Midwifery  Advanced Nursing Masters Study days  Intra-muscular injections  Non-medical prescribing updates Workbooks  Dementia Resource  Palliative Care Blended  Echo360  Articulate Presenter  Smart Sympodium
  3. 3. Masters – Distance Learning Master of Midwifery programme launched in 2004 3 existing cohorts Re-designed in 2008 and 2 more masters courses launched.
  4. 4. Masters – Distance Learning Updating of graphics to contemporary style:
  5. 5. Masters – Distance Learning Simplification of course structure  Flattening of inconsistent and deep structure to 3 max. levels Programme Programme Unit Unit Session Session Assets …
  6. 6. Learning Activities & Resources Existing activities updated where appropriate Addition of new activities and resources:  Guided PowerPoints using Articulate Presenter  Videoclips  Interactive games  Podcasts by lecturers  More links to third party services and resources
  7. 7. 2011-2012 Transition to MOLE2 Re-evaluation of content in 2011-2012 for next academic year
  8. 8. Study Days/Workbooks Moodle Rapid Development
  9. 9. Developments School  Further blended learning and bespoke work  Distance-learning routes to accompany existing f2f programmes Faculty/UoS Stratergy  Sharing good practice  Strategy should be proactive in setting out pedagogical aims, rather than just reacting to continuous short-term events.  Shift in LeTS/CiCS strategies to promote 2 way flow of information, requirements, ideas between Schools/Depts and central resources.