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ApacheCon EU 2016 State of the Feather


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The ASF State of the Feather report from ApacheCon EU 2016

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ApacheCon EU 2016 State of the Feather

  1. 1. State of the Feather
  2. 2. Growth (Nov 2015 – Nov 2016) • 10 new project committees • 175 committees • Managing 294 projects • 7 Retired
  3. 3. Incubator Growth (Nov 2015 – Nov 2016) • 30 new podlings (59 active ) • 4 retired • 7 graduated
  4. 4. Not a language monoculture…
  5. 5. Not a topic monoculture…
  6. 6. Why is the ASF still growing? • We are not defined by a temporary alliance of business leaders
 • We are defined by the people who do the work
  7. 7. Why is the ASF still growing? • It ultimately boils down to being a foundation that is not defined by some central governance • We are defined by the people who do the work, the people who • Define the code • Write the code • Test the code • Document the code • Evangelize the code • Use the code
  8. 8. No backroom deals (there is no backroom) • We are often approached with a proposal that goes something like this: • We would like to sponsor the Foundation • In return we would like you to make ____ happen • Often this is some loose consortium of partners • But that’s not how we work • Take it to the community • Technically superior to alternatives • More attractive to the broader community
  9. 9. No Leaders, we are all leaders • She who does the work leads the way • Anyone with a legitimate technical or community concern can force that concern to be addressed • We are consensus based, but we do not require unanimous consensus • If an objection gets reasonable traction in the community then it must be addressed • If no traction then let it drop
  10. 10. For the Public Good • Apache is a 501(c)(3) • “a public charity” (Wikipedia) • Most foundations are 501(c)(6) organization • “a business league” (Wikipedia)
  11. 11. Apache leads the way • The Apache Group created the HTTPd project • Tomcat became the go to implementation of key Java standards • Hadoop led the march into Big Data • Managing scale with Mesos and friends • Streaming analytics
  12. 12. Recognizing Merit: 
 Diversity in Contributions • All contributions must earn merit • Because a healthy community brings more contributions • It’s a virtuous circle
  13. 13. Invest Resources not Cash • The foundation is successful because it is defined by the people doing the work • Not by the people paying the money • If you want influence, if you want a project to improve then invest in people • We don’t want your money (fly away) • You want marketing – invest in marketing, we have a staff member ready to help coordinate • You want specific infrastructure – give us the people to manage it • You want better documentation – give us some technical authors
  14. 14. ASF is an enabler • Innovation through collaboration • Building of communities focusing on common problems • Differentiating in the marketplace • Collaborating in the ASF
  15. 15.
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Non-Cash Contributions • We need you and your team • Technical Documentation • Marketing • Design • Testing • Infrastructure • Consensus building/Mediation • Brand management • … if it helps the community we want it