2010 Atlas Graham Buyers Guide


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Atlas Graham delivers manual cleaning tools to active professionals through excellence in customer service. Our foundation for success is based on people who provide value-added solutions to everyday cleaning challenges.

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2010 Atlas Graham Buyers Guide

  1. 1. 1.0 Introduction Ironclad Warranty Garantie Inattaquable Sometimes bad things happen to good products. If this ever happens to you when experiencing Atlas Graham products, we will make it right again. We guarantee everything we make. If you are not satisfied with one of our products at the time you receive it, or if one of our products does not perform to your satisfaction, call Atlas Graham and we will repair, replace, refund or recommend an alternative. Damage due to normal wear is not covered under this warranty. Fax order: 800.665.1257
  2. 2. 1.0 Introduction 2 | atlas graham
  3. 3. 1.0 Introduction 1.1 BroomS 5 1.2 BruSheS 27 1.3 mopS [DuSt & Wet] 41 1.4 hand duSterS 73 1.5 SqueegeeS [floor & WInDoW] 81 1.6 puraSolutionS™ [mIcrofIbre] 101 1.7 Food hygiene 125 1.8 miScellaneouS toolS 143 1.9 reFerence & index 149 our company Atlas Graham is a leading Canadian manufacturer of manual cleaning solutions for institutional, building maintenance and retail markets. We’re well-respected for providing innovative and environmentally responsible products as well as exceptional customer service. We’re big enough to source the finest, most cost-effective materials globally, but small enough to react locally. In other words, we’re small enough to care and big enough to deliver. We’d be proud to provide the responsive service you deserve along with the breakthrough technologies when you require innovation. Atlas Graham is keeping Canada clean one customer at a time. . atlas graham | 3
  4. 4. 1.1 brooms 4 | atlas graham
  5. 5. 1.1 1.1 Brooms BROOMS SECTION TABLE OF CONTENTS Selection process 6 Fibre strength 7 Push brooms Professional quality 8 Industrial quality 14 Corn brooms Corn brooms 18 Upright brooms Industrial 20 Commercial 21 Miscellaneous Accessories 22 Handles 24 atlas graham | 5
  6. 6. 1.1 Brooms BROOM SELECTION PROCESS Getting floors clean When you start by selecting the right broom for the application, you remove more dirt from the building with greater ergonomic comfort and safety. environmental conditions Broom uses: Note: ■ When moisture is present indoors. ■ For picking up dust and fine dirt on smooth, dry ■ When heavier dirt or debris must be collected indoor floors, use a dust mop – it is more efficient. indoors that is too heavy for a dust mop. Please refer to the Mop section for proper selection. ■ Outdoor sweeping of all kinds of debris. Brooms ■ 70% to 80% of interior soil is brought into a facility can be used in landscaping and other speciality from foot traffic. It costs four to five times more to industries for pushing and clearing surfaces. remove dirt from inside the building than it does to stop it at the door through mats, dirt traps, and more frequent sweeping at entrances. style of broom Use a push broom for: Use an upright broom for: ■ Larger, unobstructed areas. ■ Smaller areas and corners. TIP: For maximum efficiency, select a broom that fits ■ Narrow walkways and paths, stairs, the area. Keep in mind ergonomics: a large, x-coarse entranceways and other narrow spaces. broom generates more surface drag and is heavier. ■ Use with dust pans. type of fibre Use natural fibres when: Use synthetic fibres when: ■ Heat is present. ■ High humidity is present. ■ Biodegradability is a ■ Resistance to chemicals, oils purchasing decision. and solvents is needed. NOT recommended for OFFERS the best memory (fibre oils and solvents. will return to original shape). 6 | atlas graham
  7. 7. 1.1 Brooms FIBRE STRENGTH Walk softly and carry the right broom Fibre diameters range from fine (thin) to x-coarse (thick) and are selected according to the type of surface and the amount of dirt to be collected. Indoor applications require thinner diameter fibres; outdoor applications require thicker diameter fibres. indoor indoor/outdoor outdoor extreme outdoor fine medium coarse x-coarse fine medium coarse x-coarse For sweeping dust and dirt on For indoors and outdoors on For heavier outdoor dirt and For outdoors on rough, uneven smooth indoor surfaces such as rougher surfaces such as terrazzo, debris on uneven surfaces such surfaces with lots of debris. sealed hardwood, concrete and sealed or unsealed concrete. as asphalt and concrete. These brooms have the most smooth vinyl. surface drag so they are harder to Medium fibres are used when a These brooms offer a good push, but they move the biggest Fine fibres are flagged on the multi-purpose sweeping action is compromise between less surface and largest amount of material ends to increase softness and required. When used outdoors, drag and the ability to sweep possible. Use these brooms for dust attraction when the broom the broom works best on even larger sized material. landscaping and road repair. glides across smooth, hard surfaces with smaller debris. indoor surfaces. Note: Brooms denoted as TIP: Fine brooms work well multi-surface may have a with sweeping compound for combination of fine, medium increased dust control. or coarse fibres. atlas graham | 7
  8. 8. 1.1 Brooms FLEXSWEEP® The Flexsweep® push broom is the only broom with a connector that flexes slightly to absorb shearing stresses and eliminate breakage at the point where the handle meets the head. Made with specially engineered elastomers and polymers, the connector removes the requirement for heavy steel braces and gives the broom a lower profile for getting in, around and under equipment. this broom connector is unbreakable and comes with a lifetime warranty when used under normal sweeping conditions. 8 | atlas graham
  9. 9. 1.1 Brooms FLEXSWEEP® Connector flexes to absorb shocks The Flexsweep is a low-profile, contractor-quality, indoor/outdoor push broom. It can get into places that stop a braced broom without sacrificing durability. why is this the most functional push broom in canada? The Flexsweep connector has all the strength of a braced broom in a "go anywhere" low profile. Flexible elastomers and strong polymers are engineered to specific tolerances to achieve a connector that eliminates broken handles by flexing to absorb shearing stresses. ■ Kiln-dried hardwood with quality, staple-set fibres ensures block doesn't warp or shrink. Fibres remain secure without dropping out. ■ Quality components improve durability and service life over value-conscious models. ■ 60 in x 11/8 in. inch hardwood handle is the strongest available. Sold assembled or unassembled. Packaging options minimizes shipping and stocking costs. assembled size [in.] fibre type pack 99960 18 synthetic Fibre end-caps are colour coded fine 4 99961 24 synthetic to indicate specific uses. 99964 18 medium synthetic 4 99965 24 synthetic 99969 18 coarse synthetic 4 99970 24 synthetic fine 97324 24 coarse natural 4 2538 60 x 11/8 flexsweep handle & connector 6 unassembled size [in.] fibre type pack 99962 18 synthetic fine 1 99963 24 synthetic medium 99966 18 medium synthetic 2 99967 24 synthetic 99971 18 coarse synthetic 1 99972 24 synthetic B97324 24 coarse natural 1 2538 60 x 11/8 flexsweep handle & connector 6 coarse Natural fibres have a higher heat tolerance. Synthetic fibres have better chemical and moisture resistance. atlas graham | 9
  10. 10. 1.1 Brooms AG PROFESSIONAL™ The strongest braced broom built These fully assembled, braced push brooms are ready to work in Canada's toughest workplace environments. The bolt-on handle and brace eliminate broken hardware and worn threads. Every professional deserves this broom in his or her truck. Full range of sweeping for indoor and outdoor performance. indoor outdoor fine medium coarse x-coarse bolt-on reversible handle Steel brace TIP: Typically, x-coarse and coarse brooms are used outdoors. The fine broom has flagged fibres for dust control when sweeping indoors. why is this the toughest broom in canada? item size [in.] fibre packaging pack The long and short of it is – quality. Every component is made 99941 18 with the highest quality possible for the best performing, 99942 24 fine assembled 4 longest wearing broom Atlas Graham builds. 99943 36 99946 18 ■ Handle is 60 x 11/8 inches in diameter with a metal 99947 24 medium assembled 4 brace and bolt-on connector for maximum 99948 36 ergonomic comfort, strength and durability. The 99951 18 handle can be reversed for even wear to extend 99952 24 coarse assembled 4 the life of the fibres. 99953 36 99957 18 x-coarse assembled 4 ■ Kiln-dried hardwood with quality staple-set fibres 99958 24 means the block resists warping. Fibres remain secure within the block. Fibre end-caps are colour coded Quality components improve durability and to indicate specific uses. ■ service life over value-conscious models. fine medium coarse x-coarse one tough broom 10 | atlas graham
  11. 11. 1.1 Brooms AG PROFESSIONAL™ Get outdoors and work; this is one tough broom. Bolt-on handle is reversible to encourage even wear on the fibres. When properly maintained, this doubles the service life of a professional broom. The brace provides protection against shearing stress, so handle breakage and damaged threads will never wear you down. atlas graham | 11
  12. 12. 1.1 Brooms FIREFLY™ Safety Orange™ assembled push broom Use this broom around moving equipment or when high visibility is an important safety issue for your employees and work crews. FIREFLY The Firefly multi-surface broom can make the Ice, snow, rain or mud: the Sweep-n- transition from indoors to outdoors with grace, scrape™ broom with a steel blade makes style, and ease. quick work of any debris, even when the The safety orange fibre offers high visibility around construction weather isn't on your side. equipment and forklifts. Road crews demand the assembled bolt-on style connector and the steel brace for extra protection against shearing This two-in-one tool has all the benefits of a tough stresses to eliminate handle breakage. x-coarse broom plus the added bonus of a scraper to remove stubborn debris from driveways. Now you no ■ The broom has two different fibre diameters making it an ideal longer have to use the wood block to remove caked-on multi-surface broom for general indoor and outdoor sweeping. debris before sweeping. That's what we call brilliant. Flagged ends control dust indoors or when sweeping a garage. multi-surface coarse item size [in.] application pack item size [in.] size pack 77718 18 99824 24 x-coarse 3 multi-surface 4 77724 24 12 | atlas graham
  13. 13. 1.1 Brooms SAFETY ORANGE™ Bolt-on handle system Configure your broom the way you want it. The block comes with pre-drilled holes and all the hardware to customize your broom. replaceable bolt-on handle heavy-duty (reversible for even wear) components replaceable broom head replaceable steel brace recessed nut & bolt for durability Order a steel brace when a broom is 24 inches or wider to increase structural integrity and prevent handle breakage. Order a broom head, steel brace (2533), and 2533 bolt-on handle (2532) to complete your unassembled push broom. item size [in.] component fibre pack 77018 18 77024 24 broom head fine 6 77036 36 77118 18 77124 24 broom head medium 6 2532 77136 36 77218 18 77224 24 broom head coarse 6 77236 36 2533 - steel brace and hardware 20 2532 60 x 1 bolt-on handle 10 atlas graham | 13
  14. 14. 1.1 Brooms FINE INDUSTRIAL Use on smooth indoor floors These brooms have fine, soft fibres to trap and lock dust particles efficiently when sweeping smooth-finish, indoor floors. 550 series | hair fibre Note: blend of horse hair, These fine fibre push brooms are filled with a blend of synthetic and our softest broom natural horse hair, a combination that effectively captures and moves fine dust on smooth indoor surfaces. item size [in.] pack 55018 18 55024 24 6 fine 55036 36 order acme handle 531 series | hair fibre blend A soft sweep broom combining horsehair blend and natural tampico for sweeping fine particles on smooth surfaces. Tampico fill bends with a flicking action as the broom sweeps, to help move dust efficiently. item size [in.] pack 53118 18 53124 24 6 fine 53136 36 order acme handle 581 series | synthetic Note: oil & solvent resistant A fine fibre push broom with soft, synthetic fibres. Flagged ends pick up dust with an almost magnetic action, making this broom a good choice for hardwood floors. The fill is moisture, solvent and oil resistant with excellent memory, so bristles will retain their shape over time. item size [in.] pack 58118 18 58124 24 6 fine 58136 36 order acme handle 14 | atlas graham
  15. 15. 1.1 Brooms MEDIUM INDUSTRIAL Use on unfinished floors These brooms have multiple fibre combinations that offer a greater range on the fibre barometer when sweeping unfinished floor surfaces. 530 series | tampico & synthetic Note: good sweeping range Synthetic horsehair encases a medium, natural tampico centre on these brooms. The soft, synthetic outer bristles pick up fine particles, while the extra flicking power of the stiffer tampico centre helps move larger debris for a well-rounded indoor broom. item size [in.] pack medium 53018 18 53024 24 6 53036 36 order acme handle 560 series | tampico fibre A combination of natural and synthetic tampico fibres makes this broom a good choice for a warehouse or any facility where both fine dust and larger particles need to be moved. item size [in.] pack medium 56018 18 56024 24 6 56036 36 order acme handle 63 series | synthetic Note: good sweeping range Our 100%-synthetic fibre, sweep broom is an all-purpose choice for use indoors on wood, linoleum or concrete floors or outdoors on smooth surfaces. item size [in.] pack medium 6318 18 6324 24 6 6336 36 order acme handle atlas graham | 15
  16. 16. 1.1 Brooms COARSE INDUSTRIAL Use on rough, unfinished surfaces These brooms work on uneven/unfinished floors or uniform outdoor surfaces. 67 series | synthetic combo Note: oil & solvent resistant The 67 Series features a centre filled with coarse synthetic bristles encased by a row of soft, flagged, synthetic bristles for a broom that will sweep up fine dust and move debris at the same time. coarse item size [in.] pack 6718 18 6724 24 6 order acme 6736 36 handle 62 series | natural combo Note: heat resistant An all-natural push broom combining a stiff, palmyra centre surrounded by an outer row of medium, natural fibre. These two fibres are plant based, heat resistant, aggressive sweepers that move large debris over rough surfaces. coarse item size [in.] pack 6218 18 6224 24 6 order acme 6236 36 handle 83 series | synthetic Note: oil & solvent resistant Synthetic fibre fills the block of this outdoor broom. The coarse bristles are oil and solvent resistant; the broom can be used in wet or dry conditions wherever heavy debris needs to be moved. coarse item size [in.] pack 8318 18 8324 24 6 order acme 8336 36 handle 16 | atlas graham
  17. 17. 1.1 Brooms X-COARSE INDUSTRIAL These brooms work outside to push heavy debris Use these brooms streetside on rough uneven surfaces for jobs such as road construction and landscaping. 73 series | natural Note: order tapered handle Traditionally called a “stable broom,” this is an extra-coarse x-coarse palmyra-filled broom that is heat resistant. It is ideal for working with asphalt in road construc- tion, or where coarse debris needs to be swept. item size [in.] pack 7314 14 10 7316 16 natural fibre is heat resistant Note: order tapered handle 74 series | synthetic This broom is filled with coarse, synthetic fibre and is ideal for street sweeping and the construction industry. Warning: The fibres are chemical x-coarse resistant, but will warp or melt if exposed to heat. Use the 73 Series when high heat is expected. item size [in.] pack 7414 14 10 7416 16 synthetic fibre is chemical & water resistant Ensure you order a tapered handle with these brooms atlas graham | 17
  18. 18. 1.1 Brooms CORN BROOMS Going natural never goes out of style Atlas Graham corn brooms are sized according to the blend of fibres, weight and construction of materials. The heavier duty, outdoor brooms have more fibre and a thicker, stronger handle. outdoor outdoor/indoor indoor x-heavy heavy medium light material stitching band handle diameter 748 cougar 749 lynx 761 husky 762 wolf outdoor | x-heavy duty outdoor | heavy-duty 748 cougar specification pack 761 husky specification pack material corn & cane material corn & cane rows of stitching 4 12 rows of stitching 3 12 metal band yes metal band yes handle diameter 11/8-in. lacquered handle diameter 11/8-in. lacquered uses for this broom industrial: x-heavy-duty, coarser sweep uses for this broom industrial: heavy-duty, coarser sweep outdoor | x-heavy duty outdoor | heavy-duty 749 lynx specification pack 762 wolf specification pack material corn material corn rows of stitching 4 12 rows of stitching 3 12 metal band yes metal band yes handle diameter 11/8-in. lacquered handle diameter 11/8-in. lacquered uses for this broom industrial: x-heavy-duty uses for this broom industrial: heavy-duty 18 | atlas graham
  19. 19. 1.1 Brooms CORN BROOMS On the lighter side These corn brooms have all the quality you have come to expect from Atlas Graham. The difference is size; the smaller the animal it's named after, the lighter and easier the broom is to use. The 760 Mink is the little specialist with a short 30 x Atlas Graham corn brooms are sized according to how much 13/16-inch lacquered handle and narrow sweeping fibre (corn, cane or grass) is in each broom. The heavier duty path. This 100% corn broom is perfect for use with outdoor brooms have more fibre. our lobby dust pan to remove debris from foyers. Pack: 12. 763 coyote 764 fox 765 otter & 754 muskrat 760 mink indoor | medium-duty indoor | light-duty 763 coyote specification pack 765 otter specification pack material mixed corn material mixed corn rows of stitching 3 12 rows of stitching 5 12 metal band yes metal band - handle diameter 11/8-in. lacquered handle diameter 7/8-in. uses for this broom commercial: medium-duty, stronger uses for this broom office & home: light-duty, stronger construction construction indoor/outdoor | medium-duty indoor | light-duty 764 fox specification pack 754 muskrat specification pack material mixed corn material mixed corn rows of stitching 6 12 rows of stitching 4 12 metal band - metal band - handle diameter 15/16-in. handle diameter 7/8-in. uses for this broom commercial: medium-duty uses for this broom office & home: light-duty atlas graham | 19
  20. 20. 1.1 Brooms UPRIGHT INDUSTRIAL Upright brooms Fused bristles are welded to lock the fibres into the block for less fibre fallout. Use where oil, solvent or water is present. The non-porous block and fibres can be paired with an aluminum acme-threaded handle to comply with wood-free regulations. trailblazer & warehouse order acme handle The Trailblazer has flagged ends for trapping dust. The Warehouse is good for sweeping out corners in an industrial environment. ■ Upright brooms have the perfect profile for sweeping smaller areas and getting into corners and around equipment. coarse ■ These brooms offer an alternative to traditional corn brooms and are better suited for high-humidity environments. medium item colour size [in.] fibre pack 771 Warehouse, brown 9½ coarse 10 772 Trailblazer, grey 9½ medium For food service, we recommend an aluminum or fibreglass handle. For colour-coded brooms, refer to the Food Hygiene section. dual angle pro This professional grade dual angle upright has two holes for flexibility. The detachable broom heads are synthetic and resist moisture and chemicals. Choose the flagged heads (blue) for dust control. The black heads have a larger diameter fibre (non-flagged) for general sweeping. Use the centre hole for a vertically straight handle. The offset hole pitches the handle 15° from centre allowing the user to reach underneath equipment without bending over. Replacement handle is the 2501. comes complete with head and 48-inch ECM handle item colour fibre size [in.] pack second hole pitches the handle 15° from centre 78307 blue fine 6 78310 blue fine 9 12 78407 black medium 6 78410 black medium 9 medium replacement head only fine item colour fibre size [in.] pack 78306 blue fine 6 78309 blue fine 9 12 78406 black medium 6 These brooms partner flagged ends for 78409 black medium 9 well with upright dust control 2501 48-in ECM handle 24 lobby dust pans. 20 | atlas graham
  21. 21. 1.1 Brooms UPRIGHT COMMERCIAL An upright for every budget Upright brooms have the perfect profile for sweeping smaller areas, getting into corners and moving around and between equipment. sweep-ezy™ uprights acme handle These sturdy plastic block uprights are filled with soft synthetic fibres suitable for the smoothest hardwood floors. Traditionally, these brooms have been called “magnetic,” referring to the static charge they build up as they work across the surface to remove dust. head and 48-inch handle replacement head item size pack item size pack fine 781 small 10 780 small 24 796 large 12 784 large 12 lightweight upright acme handle This lightweight upright has soft synthetic fibres suitable for smooth floors. It works like a “magnet” towards dust by building up a static charge as it sweeps. head and 48-inch handle replacement head item size [in.] pack item size [in.] pack 795 9 10 794 9 12 fine rite-angle™ acme handle One of our best-selling, economy, synthetic fibre upright brooms. The 790 has an extra short handle suitable for use with an upright dust pan (10182). complete head and handle replacement medium item head handle [in.] pack item size pack 790 small 28 10 791 small 10 792 small 48 10 793 large 24 797 large 48 12 2501 handle, 48-in. 24 atlas graham | 21
  22. 22. 1.1 Brooms ACCESSORIES These products make sweeping easy Use the metal dust pan in an industrial environment or where heat is expected. Use the plastic dust pan in a high-humidity environment. 99980 180 181 The jumbo dust pan is a All of Atlas Graham's dust pans have a match for push brooms. defined leading edge to ensure debris goes in the pan, not under it. sweeping compound | dust control The perfect mate for cleaning hard floors in warehouses, shops, garages, basements and construction sites. Non-petroleum-based sweeping compound picks up surface dirt and dust without leaving an oily residue. Environmentally safe material includes special detergents for maximum cleaning power. Safe for all hard floors including concrete, wood, tile and vinyl. Non-combustible. Note: compound is not oil absorbent. item description pack 99980 jumbo aluminum 17-in. dust pan 12 180 steel 12-in. dust pan 12 77115 181 high-impact plastic 12-in. dust pan 12 77115 10-lb. dust control, sweeping compound 1 77150 50-lb. box dust control, sweeping compound (not shown) 1 When dust control is a concern, use sweeping compound. 22 | atlas graham
  23. 23. 1.1 Brooms ACCESSORIES Taking out the trash These tools offer a no-touch strategy for cleaning up debris. The tools also make the final job of getting the trash into a refuse bin more ergonomically correct. grip'n grab™ The multi-purpose pickup tool saves your back, and can be used grip'n grab, trigger tool indoors and outdoors. Comfortable, ergonomically designed handle item size [in.] pack and rubberized jaws allow easy retrieval of objects without bending. 37150 36 6 ■ Comfortable handle and 36-inch arm with rubberized jaws reach objects high and low. Often more convenient and safer than climbing a ladder. ■ Sleek profile with articulating head that turns 90° to get behind equipment and other tight ■ Head rotates to get spaces such as stoves. behind tight squeezes. ■ Rust-proof for outdoor use, including ponds and in all weather conditions. ■ All cleaning carts should have this tool. Adjust the wing nut on handle to item description pack increase the 10182 lobby dust pan 6 opening on the 10281 broom and lobby dust pan 6 bag. 185 Litter-sweep with reusable bag 6 190 Litter-sweep replacement bags 12 185 10182 10281 Industrial Litter-sweep™ also adapts Lobby dust pans have to standard trash bags. Extra-heavy integrated broom holder. The 760 Mink with a short 30 x 13/16-inch lacquered weight poly/fabric bags won't rip. handle is the perfect match for the lobby dust pan. Pack: 12. atlas graham | 23
  24. 24. 1.1 Brooms HANDLES Select wood for the natural choice Each style of broom may require a specific handle in order for it to function well. Select a handle length that comes to the user's chin. The thicker the handle, the stronger and more comfortable it is. All threaded handles in this section are standard North American acme thread. wooden handles Wood handles offer great value, and they don't conduct electricity or cold. Many professionals find that wood is the most comfortable and tactile of all the handle materials. Wood can also be cut for a custom fit. Note: The Flexsweep [FLEX] and [E] are replacement handles. For a detailed account of these handles, please see the Professional, Firefly, Safety Orange™, and Flexsweep™ stories at the beginning of this section. FLEX A B C D E # item size [in.] tip material pack A 52506 54 x 1 1/8 taper wood 25 52513 60 x 1 1/8 25 2500 48 x 15/16 10 B 52504 54 x 15/16 acme (threaded) wood 25 52509 60 x 15/16 25 52505 54 x 15/16 C 52510 60 x 15/16 acme, metal tip wood 25 52512 60 x 11/8 D 2554 54 x 15/16 acme, nylon tip wood 10 E 2532 60 x 1 bolt-on wood 10 FLEX 2538 60 x 11/8 flexsweep handle/connector 6 L1 W1 ergonomic comfort L2 The key to proper ergonomic comfort is to match the handle to the individual. The handle should W2 reach just below the chin [L2] on men and women. L3 W3 L6 W4 L4 broom brace W5 L5 W6 If any broom (excluding the Flexsweep) measures 24 inches wide or greater, Atlas Graham recommends L7 a reinforcing brace: part number 2533. W7 24 | atlas graham
  25. 25. 1.1 Brooms HANDLES The right handle is a mix of technology and ergonomics Metal and fibreglass have properties that can improve performance when used for the right application. All threaded handles in this section are standard North American acme thread. F G H I steel & epoxy Our steel metal handles are epoxy coated and are a good, lightweight and economical alternative to wood. The added benefit is that epoxy coated handles have resistance to chemicals and are considered non-porous. aluminum Aluminum handles offer excellent strength in a lightweight design. In addition, they have great resistance to chemicals. The fit and finish on aluminum handles give the tool a very clean appearance and is recommended when using in full view of the public. fibreglass Fibreglass handles provide a strong lightweight design in a very durable colour-coded finish that will not chip or peel. We recommend colour-coding when you want to deploy cleaning zones. These handles are non-porous and can be used in areas classified as wood free such as the food service industry. The materials will not rust and the fibreglass does not conduct electricity or cold. They make an ideal match for cold storage facilities. # item size [in.] colour tip material pack F 2501 48 x 7/8 24 black acme metal, epoxy coated 2507 54 x 7/8 10 2307 48 x 15/16 acme, G 2508 54 x 15/16 black metal, hex: polymer 12 hex collar 2607 60 x 15/16 H 2408 48 x 15/16 silver acme aluminum, nylon 10 2409 60 x 15/16 2411 yellow 24411 red I 24511 54 x 1 blue acme fibreglass, nylon 10 24611 green 24711 white 2410 yellow 24410 red I 24510 60 x 1 blue acme fibreglass, nylon 10 24610 green aluminum fibreglass 24710 white steel atlas graham | 25
  26. 26. 1.2 Brushes 26 | atlas graham
  27. 27. 1.2 1.2 Brushes BRUSHES SECTION TABLE OF CONTENTS General Deck 28 Masonry 29 Wire scratch 30 Tile scrubbing† 31 Utility† 32 Hand† 33 Counter† 34 Washroom Bowl and swabs 35 Water Vehicle 36 Window 38 Miscellaneous Handles 39 † See also our extensive selection of brushes in the 1.7 Food Hygiene section. atlas graham | 27
  28. 28. 1.2 Brushes DECK BRUSHES Deck brushes clean a smaller area Use these brushes to scrub and sweep uneven wood and grouted surfaces such as decks and patios. WOOD BLOCK DECK SCRUB These all-purpose wooden deck brushes are filled with a blend of natural tampico and palmyra fibres (called union fibre) in an 11-inch wooden block drilled to accept a tapered handle. The 336 brush is edged with a handy rubber squeegee so that it can be flipped over and used to move standing water. The 322 deck brush has synthetic fibres with good chemical and moisture resistance. This brush has short, very stiff fibres for aggressive scrubbing. order tapered handle 336 334 322 item size [in.] action material pack 336 11 medium union, with rubber squeegee 10 334 union 322 coarse synthetic SLIM LINE SCRUB BRUSHES These deck scrubs feature a low-profile plastic block with grooved edges to provide an easier grip for handheld use. They will also accept any Acme-threaded handle including our metal, flow-through handles. Natural tampico fibres absorb more water and offer a gentle scrubbing action suitable for pool side cleaning. order acme handle item [in.] action material pack 99100 coarse synthetic 10 10 99101 medium tampico 28 | atlas graham
  29. 29. 1.2 Brushes MASONRY | KALSOMINE Use these brushes for stucco, concrete or applying finishes Kalsomine (also known as whitewash) brushes can be used to clean up during masonry work, to give a rustic texture to jointing in brickwork or as applicators for a variety of substances. masonry kalsomine 250 253 256 257 275 For the application of thick industrial coatings The brushes with handles can be used as appli- such as stucco, tar or paint. cators to apply wallpaper paste, whitewash, These brushes are also used to scrub concrete and brick finishes. The liquid waterproofing of cement. They can also masonry block brushes need a tapered handle and are used like a deck be used to create a textured finish in wet paint brush for increased reach. or cement. item size [in.] row action material profile trade use pack 250 7x1 6 coarse union masonry scrubber block brush w/taper hole 253 7 x 1½ 5 medium tampico masonry, tar applicator 256 6x1 3 20 257 7 x 1¾ 3 medium tampico brush with handle kalsomine applicator 275 6x2 5 Tampico fibres are a good choice when you need absorbency and releasing properties such as order tapered handle on 250 & 253 applying industrial coatings. atlas graham | 29
  30. 30. 1.2 Brushes WIRE SCRATCH Metal fibres for the coarsest scrubbing These small brushes are used in a variety of industrial applications such as welding or removing rust and paint from metal or wood. WIRE SCRatCH BRUSHES These brushes are offered in tempered steel for use in dry applications, stainless steel for more humid conditions and soft brass for cleaning polished surfaces such as enamel BBQ finishes. contoured curved handle [99021] [99019] item rows handle material pack 99022 4 curved brass 99024 3 long stainless steel 20 99025 4 99015 3 contoured 99016 5 scraper 10 99017 4 long 99018 4 scraper carbon steel 20 99019 4 contoured scraper [99018] block [99020] 99020 6 block 99021 4 curved 99023 3 long WHISKS Keep workstations clean and safe Use to clean work benches. Corn whisks remove dry industrial grit and the synthetic whisks remove dirt where high humidity is present. WHISKS Whisks are useful in many places to sweep dirt from chairs, upholstery, window sills and small spaces found in vehicle cabs. The all-synthetic whisk can be used in food service applications. item material pack 7509 all-synthetic construction 17521 premium corn w/metal cap 12 17522 corn with plastic cap 30 | atlas graham
  31. 31. 1.2 Brushes FLOOR & TILE SCRUBS When you need to get into corners or grout lines Nothing works better than these synthetic brushes to remove dirt, grease, oil and mould from surfaces that are damp or wet. DUaL LEvEL This dual-level brush features coarse, crimped polypropylene trim in a 10-inch polymer block. The “V” shape of the block means the bristles get into corners. Use a non-wood handle for food service. description item pack dual angle 5317 6 brush SWIvEL SCRUB Universal locking collar accepts any handle. Aggressive, synthetic, short-trim bristles take the hard work out of scrubbing grime and grease from floors, walls, ledges, and baseboards. The swivel connector keeps the tool positioned correctly even on awkward angles. description item pack general purpose, coarse 5300 power scrub, x-coarse 5310 5 gROUt & CREvICE Extra-coarse, ⁷/₈-inch trim fibres offer the strength required to power through mould and dirt found on grout. Effective when used with cleaning chemicals. description item pack grout and crevice brush, 5351 24 x-coarse atlas graham | 31
  32. 32. 1.2 Brushes UTILITY SCRUBS The most versatile brushes you can own Short or long handle, all-natural or synthetic, these brushes have medium to coarse stiffness depending upon fibre fill. Natural fibres work well in high heat applications and the all-synthetic brushes offer good chemical and moisture resistance. Natural Synthetic The structure of natural fibre is The structure of synthetic fibres is open, meaning it absorbs water closed, meaning it absorbs very little readily and performs well where water. The synthetic polypropylene heat maybe present. These all- utility brushes are a wood-free sanitary natural materials are also tool. These brushes can be used in the biodegradable. food service industry. handle handle item action fibre pack item action fibre colour pack [in.] [in.] 381 20 838 20 medium tampico medium blue 383 9 10 818 9 10 polypropylene 398 20 848 20 coarse union coarse white 400 9 828 9 32 | atlas graham
  33. 33. 1.2 Brushes HAND SCRUBS These brushes fit your hand like a glove Pick the best shaped brush for improved ergonomics and efficient scrubbing. 164 POINtED UPHOLStERy Union fibre in a 9¼-inch peanut The soft tampico 6-inch block style hand grip is designed for brush is perfect for scrubbing ergonomic comfort when fabrics such as upholstery, or aggressive scrubbing is needed. tamping carpets. description item pack 9¼ in. pointed union fibre 150 6 in. handle, nylon fibre 164 20 150 IRON NaIL The all-synthetic iron shaped A plastic nail brush with a closed scrub with the open handle can handle is a must-have for be used to scrape off dried-on dirt implementing workplace hygiene while the pointed end gets into programs – gets in between the hard-to-reach corners for either nail and finger for the cleanest 409 scraping or scrubbing. possible hands. description item pack iron hand brush 101 20 nail and finger brush 409 24 101 PaRtS BRUSH Use the thin profile to clean small machine parts. All synthetic construction is solvent and chemical resistant. All tool boxes deserve this brush. description item pack parts brush 8502 20 atlas graham | 33
  34. 34. 1.2 Brushes COUNTER BRUSHES Sweep from side to side at arm’s length Counter brushes are handy in many situations; for general use, our wooden counter brushes clear window sills or workbenches of dust and debris. Synthetic blocks are used where high humidity is present. Wood block In a dry industrial environment, our wooden handle counter brushes can sweep countertops before dust has a chance to become grime. description item pack blend of horsehair 84 10 synthetic horsehair 85 Synthetic block In a food preparation environment, our polypropyl- ene counter brushes can sweep up flour and crumbs from countertops before washing. description item pack white, food service 812 10 blue, food service 814 34 | atlas graham
  35. 35. 1.2 Brushes WASHROOM ACCESSORIES Scrubbing and cleaning around the toilet bowl Cleaning toilets may not be the most glamourous job, but having the right tools means you can get in and get out fast, leaving a clean washroom behind you. These brushes are best for cleaning urinals or the underside of the toilet rim where it is difficult to clean. BOWL BRUSHES item description pack 25 turks head (urinal) , polypropylene 10 824 twisted-in-wire, polypropylene 20 924 twisted-in-wire, natural tampico 20 1150 hydro plunger 12 25 824 924 1150 These brushes are the best solution for cleaning toilet bowls without scratching vitreous china. BOWL ACCESSORIES Hood slides Designed to down to help hold swabs. protect the user. 823 816 908 906 910 The round toilet brush is our most popular medium/ item description pack coarse fibre scrub. The acid-resistant swabs are safer to 823 round bowl brush 20 use when chemicals are applied because there is no 816 round bowl brush caddy 10 “flicking” action. Both styles of swabs are designed to 908 acrylan hooded swab 100 release liquid quickly to minimize dripping. 906 acrylan swab 100 910 swab caddy 10 atlas graham | 35
  36. 36. 1.2 Brushes VEHICLE BRUSHES From muscle cars to off-road trucks Dedicated wash brushes ensure your vehicle’s dirt and grime are removed while maintaining the manufacturer’s original shine. So, go ahead, get dirty. Always use these brushes with a commer- cial grade foaming soap, flow-through nozzle and a pre-rinse for scratch-free performance. PROfESSIONaL BUMPER A 10-inch wide oval block with protective vinyl bumper is filled with soft, synthetic horsehair fibre. This brush makes an excellent foaming brush for use in car washes. description item pack horsehair blend 352 10 PROfESSIONaL OvaL A nine-inch oval block, filled with plush nylon fibre that is extremely gentle on delicate automotive surfaces. A soft vinyl bumper around the edge of the block also helps protect the paint. description item pack nylon 355 6 PROfESSIONaL DUaL aNgLE The 10-inch, dual-level brush with Nylon bristles make cleaning all surfaces of a tractor trailer easy – even the roof. description item pack nylon 5314 6 36 | atlas graham
  37. 37. 1.2 Brushes VEHICLE BRUSHES Getting down to scrubbing transportation vehicles These brushes are designed to scrub with a commercial-grade, spray-on soap. Industrial vehicles that use an acid wash should consider our acid-resistant brushes for better durability. DEtaIL WaSH These detail brushes have the softest touch possible. The 20-inch handle gives extra reach to clean intricate areas such as grills, bumpers and wheel wells. description item pack 20-in. handle, nylon fibre 387 9-in. handle, nylon fibre 386 6 aCID WaSH – DEtaIL Cement trucks and mining vehicles are the biggest, most difficult industrial vehicles to clean. AG professional acid brushes are resistant to caustic or alkaline washes and have a medium bristle for enhanced scrubbing action without causing damage to painted surfaces. The 20- inch handle gets into wheel wells and other tight spots. description item pack 20-in. handle, medium scrub 388 6 aCID WaSH – vEHICLE The 10-inch brush is perfect for cleaning larger areas on industrial vehicles and equipment such as cement chutes. Order handle or flow-through nozzles separately. description item pack 10-in. soft/medium brush 315 10 atlas graham | 37
  38. 38. 1.2 Brushes WINDOW BRUSHES Pre-clean window grime with brushes Our window brushes have the finest, softest fibres available. The synthetic horsehair brushes have fine, crimped fibres to hold more water. Tampico offers good heat resistance and absorbs and releases solution well in an industrial appplication. 5316 305 316 303 318 302 Synthetic brushes clean heavy soil off glass because they, flood the surface, suspending grit within the surfactants and water, protecting the window’s surface. Natural tampico holds more water. Use for aggressive cleaning on dirty windows. synthetic fibre in. item pack dual angle, green nylon 10 5316 6 round, green poly 5 303 bumper, green poly 10 318 317 10 rectangular, horsehair blend 10 316 round, horsehair blend 5 305 natural fibre in. item pack round tampico 5 302 rectangular tampico 10 317 10 Window brushes with a round block can be drilled in order to accept a flow-through handle. 38 | atlas graham
  39. 39. 1.2 Brushes HANDLES The right handle extends your reach Each style of brush requires a specific handle for it to function well. WOOD taPERED – WINDOW # item size [in.] use on... material pack 2514 54 x 15/16 taper: use on 2515 72 x 15/16 A window & vehicle wood 10 2516 96 x 11/8 brushes 2465 60 x 1 WOOD taPERED – DECK & MaSONRy # item size [in.] use on... material pack 52506 54 x 11/8 taper: use on deck & B wood 25 52513 60 x 11/8 masonry brushes WOOD – aCME tHREaD # item size [in.] tip material pack 52504 54 x 15/16 C acme wood 25 52509 60 x 15/16 aLUMINUM – ExtENSION POLE # item max [ft.] tip material pack 36708 8 36712 12 3 section, acme D aluminum 6 36718 18 36724 24 4 section, acme fLOW-tHROUgH – NOzzLE # item size [in.] tip material pack E 353 60 metal, acme steel 12 A B C D E atlas graham | 39
  40. 40. 1.3 Mops 40 | atlas graham
  41. 41. 1.3 1.3 Mops MOPS SECTION TABLE OF CONTENTS Dust & wet mop selection process 42 Dust mops Product map 45 Signature mops 46 Core mops 50 Value mops 49 Handles & frames 51 Wet mops Choosing the right wet mop 52 Product map 53 Signature mops 54 Core mops 60 Value mops 62 Mini system 64 Specialty surface 65 Finish applicators 66 Handles 68 Miscellaneous Sponge mops 70 Floor signs 70 Neutralizer 70 Scrubbers 71 atlas graham | 41
  42. 42. 1.3 Mops DUST MOPPING Dust mop before wet mopping Dust mopping removes dust and dirt, reducing the frequency and cost of labour-intensive procedures such as floor finishing. Indoor air quality also improves because harmful pollut- ants are removed before they become transported into the building’s HVAC system. looped-ends tie-ons slip-thru pocket double-boot Polyester backing provides less than 1% shrinkage when laundered, providing snug fit for the life of the mop. size dirt level launderability budget For smooth floors in open areas or The amount of dust and dirt on Whether or not a dust mop is Always buy the best dust mop the long corridors, use a 36- to 60-inch the floor is a critical factor in going to be laundered is often an budget can afford. Typically, dust mop to cover more surface area. determining which type of dust overlooked factor. Synthetic mops last a long time and in the mop to use. blended yarns offer the best big picture they are not expensive For smaller areas such as durability and, therefore, the items to own or operate. classrooms with lots of Treated mops (typically cotton) best launderability. obstructions, use a smaller, are best for areas with heavy Synthetic blended yarns require a more manoeuvrable size such amounts of dust such as in an To achieve top laundry higher initial investment, but offer as an 18- or 24-inch dust mop. industrial or warehouse facility. performance, choose a a lower overall cost of operation synthetic mop that is made because they are more durable Static charged dust mops of either heat-set or looped- and can be laundered. (untreated) are best for facilities end yarn. where chemical use is discour- Cotton blended yarns provide aged such as schools or hospitals. lower initial costs, but are not as durable because they are semi-disposable and laundering is not recommended. 70% to 80% of interior soil is brought into a facility from foot traffic. It costs four to five times more to remove dirt from inside the building than it does to stop it at the door. Frequent dust mopping is not only faster than wet mopping, it is also a more ergonomic operation to perform. 42 | atlas graham
  43. 43. 1.3 Mops WET MOPPING Match the mop to the application Choosing the right wet mop for the job at hand depends on the intended application. A wet mop is a very versatile tool that can be used in different situations, including spill pick-up, damp mopping, floor washing and floor finishing. where wet mops are used headband ■ Choose a mop manufactured ■ For applying floor finishes, with a highly absorptive, cotton germicides/disinfectants and blended yarn to quickly absorb waxes, use a synthetic yarn that spills, reducing the risk of injury. will quickly release liquid onto Less time mopping also means the floor. Rayon or nylon are looped-ends less labour, making the task preferred for finishing/stripping/ more efficient. coating applications. tailband ■ Mops are also used for general ■ A synthetic blended mop is a damp mopping of floors to better choice for washing a floor remove dried-on dirt. For these where large amounts of liquid important tasks, choose a mop are dispersed onto the floor. with a yarn that balances absorptive and release ■ For hazardous material spill features with your budget. cleanup, use a highly absorbent disposable mop. surface/area dirt level launderability budget For smooth floor surfaces, any For large amounts of dirt and Synthetic blended yarns offer the Synthetic yarns are typically less traditional wet mop will achieve water, a mop yarn with high- best durability and launderability. costly in the long run because the intended goal. The larger the absorption qualities such as Cotton blended yarns have low they are more durable and mop, the more surface area is in cotton or rayon-blended yarn is upfront costs, but do not provide launderable than cotton or contact with the floor, the more the right choice. Cotton and rayon the same level of launderability as rayon-blended yarns. efficient and less costly the task yarns, are by nature, absorbent synthetic yarns do. becomes to perform. and pick up large amounts of Cotton and rayon yarns offer a low liquid quickly. Looped-end mops are also more upfront cost, but do not launder For nonslip flooring with rough durable and launderable than well and will need to be replaced surfaces, a non-linting knitted Cotton holds water. their cut-end counterparts. The more often. These mops are cotton or fleece blended mop is Rayon releases water. looped-ends keep the yarn from considered semi-disposable. the ideal choice to ensure unravelling and don’t lint-off as maximum return on your Both yarns are highly absorbent. much in the drying cycle. Always consider the intended cleaning tool investment. application before price. The wrong mop regardless of cost will not perform well. As a result, labour costs will increase. Wet mopping plays a big role in lowering building maintenance costs and ensuring a safe working environment. Match the size of the mop to the worker’s size and the area being cleaned. atlas graham | 43
  44. 44. 1.3 Mops DUST MOPS Choosing the right style A little time spent evaluating the different styles and materials of dust mops will ensure you get the best performance and value. Other features such as looped-end and double-boot construction provide extra durability. Tie-on Slip-on The break away, universal frame and handle fit both styles of dust mops (tie-on or slip-on). cut-end looped-end double-boot tie-on style Cut-end mops can be laundered, The Astrolene and the Microloop Extra fabric is added to the wear Tie-ons provide a custom, no-slip but not as well as the looped-end mops are both available in points of the mop to increase life. fit after each laundry cycle. Note: style. However, some pros like the looped-end construction for The mop actually has one slip-on fact the ends fray over time for better durability when laundering. pocket and one tie-on pocket to added loft. minimize mop installation time. 44 | atlas graham
  45. 45. 1.3 Mops DUST MOP PRODUCT MAP A mop for every condition, every budget Atlas Graham offers launderable, semi-disposable and disposable dust mops to suit every budget and every market. SIGNATURE MOPS ■ heat-set yarn for the right All our signature dust mops are combination of strength and designed for facilities where a launderability high level of cleanliness and ■ double-booted to reinforce launderability is required. stress points where frame comes Excellent choice for health-care in contact with mop and commercial facilities. MICROLOOP™ ASTROLENE™ ■ blended yarn maximizes pickup ■ heat-set yarn for strength and Our core dust mops are designed CORE MOPS laundry performance for facilities where a high level of ■ reinforced, double-boot stress clean is required with or without points maximize durability. using dust mop treatment. Use these mops in educational, commercial or industrial facilities. ELECTROSTAT™ COTTON-INDUSTRIAL ■ blended non-heat-set yarns for Our value-conscious dust mops VALUE-CONSCIOUS MOPS economical use are designed for facilities where ■ single-boot construction for daily or weekly laundering is not good performance possible. These mops are best for industrial, food service or hospitality facilities. MULTISTAT™ COTTON VALUE SPECIALTY MOPS Biomop biodegradable, disposable dusting sheets offer a perfect, single-use, dust mopping solution where maximum cleanliness is required and when laundering is not practical or possible. These mops are used in health-care and commercial settings. See the Purasolutions™ section for additional information. BIOMOP™ atlas graham | 45
  46. 46. 1.3 Mops MICROLOOP™ A new microfibre dust mop Microfibre synthetic-blended yarn increases the mop’s effectiveness to hold dust because more fibres come in contact with the floor on a microscopic level. The result is a deeper clean on smooth floors. All the benefits of microfibre in a traditional dust mop. Service life: 75-200 laundry cycles with proper care. 46 | atlas graham