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Presentation by Fraser Ferguson, Director of Kube Networks, Knowledge Transfer Hub, March 2012 - 'Cloud, Connectivity and Kube'

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Cloud, Connectivity and Kube - Kube Networks

  1. 1. Cloud, Connectivity & Kube (The drive for connectivity, cloud based solutions & Social Media) Fraser Ferguson Director Kube NetworksKubeNET – Connecting Business
  2. 2. Fraser Ferguson– An Introduction• Founder of Communications Provider – Kube Networks• Founder of Ecosse IT – early entrant of the internet age• Founder of KFJ Resourcing• Stock Market Board Experience
  3. 3. Discussion Points• What is the Cloud?• Connectivity• Scotland’s Digital future – the strategy• Social Media• An Armageddon factor?KubeNET – Connecting Business
  4. 4. Welcome to the Cloud? What is the Cloud? It’s a catch all term for offsite hosting, computing as a service and not a product Do you use it ? - Of course you do• When your On-line• When you use your Smart Phones• When you pay Bills or Internet Banking• When you Buy MusicKubeNET – Connecting Business
  5. 5. Welcome to the Cloud?What does it give you?• Access to affordable & better software• All your MS tools off-site• Reduces Capital investment• Outsource your IT function• SIP trunks, replacing traditional lines & voice• Potential & increased cost controlBusiness Insider Feb 2012 edition “Cost Control & The Cloud”• 5 companies “banged on” about the benefits• What did they fail to Mention?KubeNET – Connecting Business
  6. 6. CONNECTIVITY• Connectivity is how your business links to other sites, shares information and accesses the internet. It’s an essential part of your telecommunications infrastructure• EFM, DIA, WAN & BB all enable your business to communicate faster.• Connectivity is the enabler to ALL cloud based products• NGN – Next Generation network.KubeNET – Connecting Business
  7. 7. Scotland – Welcome to the Data Dark Ages “Without a digital infrastructure fit for the 21st century Scotland faces a significant disadvantage when attracting inward investment or fostering its own innovative start-ups”Sunday Herald, 18th September 2010• Broadband usage in Scotland is below the level of our trading partners & competitors• Many of which are sub standard with low upload/download speeds• Connectivity investment in Scotland in most cases is limited to Glasgow and Edinburgh & can be expensiveKubeNET – Connecting Business
  8. 8. Scotland – Welcome to the Data Dark Ages• Around 25% of SME’s do not use the internet – FACT, Scotland’s digital future. The Sudden Impact !!• We are behind the curve on cloud based products & new technologies including SIP• A nation Left behindKubeNET – Connecting Business
  9. 9. Scotland’s Digital Future A strategy for Scotland Infrastructure action plan on how Scotgov aims to achieve• Digital Ambition with Next generation BB available to all• Ensure we are above the UK nations average for uptake• Interim milestone of delivering next generation BB to 85- 90% of premises by 2015.• A step change in people’s ability to access the internet, enabling connectivity from the home, business and ‘on the move’.KubeNET – Connecting Business
  10. 10. Scotland’s Digital Future – Exclusive Kube Networks Interview with Alex Neil Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment. Kube Networks Blog – Connecting Business
  11. 11. Scotland’s Digital Future – Exclusive Kube Networks Interview with Alex Neil Why is the Digital Infrastructure Action Plan so important? Why is it a top Government priority? “Having world class digital infrastructure is essential if we are to maintain and improve the ability of our businesses to compete in a global market place; be successful in attracting inward investment; transform the delivery of public services; respond to the challenges of a low carbon economy and have vibrant, strong and connected communities in our cities, towns and rural areas.” How will it be implemented? “Delivering the Action Plan will require co-operation and partnership. To achieve this we need the Scottish Government, local government and the wider public and private sector to unite behind a shared vision of a connected country and collaborate to deliver it.”KubeNET – Connecting Business
  12. 12. Social Media the Opportunity“The range of opportunities we can harness & go after could be endless if we have the right level of digital connectivity, all small businesses could be seen as BIG businesses”.KubeNET – Connecting Business
  13. 13. Social Media the Opportunity Small business – BIG business• It’s about Engagement & collaboration• Geographic market growth, no longer will small businesses be limited by location, SM enables a whole new platform to get your message out• Allows you to understand what your customers want• Analyse your target market through their utilisation of SM, if you don’t then your competitors will be.• Low cost of entry, inexpensive to implement• Cost effective way of Building your brandKubeNET – Connecting Business
  14. 14. Social Media the Opportunity• Do you have to be social to do social?• SM tools will change the way you work• Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook Allows you to contact prospects & customers directly Allows you to find out where they hang out Enables you to collaborate with your audience current & new• Is traditional marketing dead? “YES”• Are traditional communication methods dead? –YES Embrace it and don’t be left behindKubeNET – Connecting Business
  15. 15. Is there an Armageddon Factor? If we don’t embrace & invest in the Digital Economy • Potentially slip • Not Just for Business now, it’ll affect for future generations • Universities already failing to attract quality overseas students • Major impact on growth , job & wealth creation Where does your business sit? • Are you one of the 25%? • The rest of the UK is online are you or just playing at it? • Internet contributes 8.3% to the economy & growing worth £121bn in 2010 • A bigger share than any other G20 country – Grab ITKubeNET – Connecting Business
  16. 16. It should be everyone’s aim to enable all Scottish businesses & every Scottish household to be part of the connectivity revolution. The Cloud, Connectivity & Social media is key What are we waiting for!KubeNET – Connecting Business