Dr Jim Hamill Session 1


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Dr Jim Hamill Session 1

  1. 1. ENERGISE2-0.COMSocial Media:the State of Play@drjimhamilljim.hamill@energise2-0.comwww.energise2-0.com
  2. 2. #GFBWeekSlides on www.energise2-0.com ENERGISE2-0.COM
  3. 3. Today’s ConferenceA conversationnot a broadcast Theme is ‘learning from experience’ ENERGISE2-0.COM
  4. 4. Today’s ScheduleSession Topic/SpeakersSession 1 The ‘State of Play’ – Dr. Jim Hamill, Prof Alan Wilson9.30 - 10.15 Questions Submit your questionsSession 2 ‘Listen’ – Alan Stevenson, Ed Cochrane10.30 - 11.15 Tea/Coffee 11.15 – 11.30Session 3 Social Media in Action (1) – ‘Internationalisation’ –11.30 – 12.15 Jane Gotts, Aileen Lamb, Brian InksterSession 4 Q&A Session – ‘The Key Drivers of Social Media12.15 – 12.45 Success’ Lunch Break ENERGISE2-0.COM
  5. 5. Today’s ScheduleSession Topic/SpeakersSession 5 Social Media in Action (2) – ‘Scottish Food and Drink’13.45 – 14.30 – Lesley Wood, Craig Stevenson, Carol-Anne DoyleSession 6 Social Media in Action (3) – ‘Celtic and Rangers’ –14.30 – 15.15 Tony Hamilton, Robert Boyle Comfort Break 15.15 – 15.25Session 7 Social Media in Action 4 – ‘Maximising the Potential15.25 – 16.05 of Linkedin’ – Kenny MulcahySession 8 Q&A Session ‘Next Steps’ and Conference Close16.05 – 16.30 ENERGISE2-0.COM
  6. 6. ENERGISE2-0.COM
  7. 7. Social Media: The State of PlayWhere are you with socialmedia?What progress has beenmade? Where are you going? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  8. 8. Our View on Progress MadeInterest and enthusiasm has grown rapidlyChannels are being set upBut lack of strategic planning leads toproblems down the line - resourcing,content, customers, performancemeasurement, business impact and ROIA broadcast mentality prevails……. ENERGISE2-0.COM
  9. 9. What road are we on? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  10. 10. Is there something fundamentallywrong with our approach to Social Media? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  11. 11. Something Wrong…..Are we using social media as just another PR/marketingchannel for broadcasting messages AT customers tellingthem how good we are?Is anyone listeninganymore?Have the rules of businesschanged? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  12. 12. Be SocialNew ‘mindsets’ arerequired to be successful insocial media ‘BE SOCIAL BEFORE DOING SOCIAL’ ENERGISE2-0.COM
  13. 13. The Five Key Things toRemember about Social Media ENERGISE2-0.COM
  14. 14. 1. It’s a RevolutionA fundamental and revolutionary changein online behaviour, expectations andthe online customer experience.The end of the ‘read only’ InternetContent generated by the network forthe networkWe are no longer passive consumers ofcontent/brand messages ENERGISE2-0.COM
  15. 15. 2. It’s SocialMarketing as aconversation;two-way dialogueConversations are alreadytaking place on the cloudrelevant to your business –are you listening? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  16. 16. 3. Power ShiftSocial media empowerscustomers, empowers thenetwork We no longer control the brand The brand becomes the customer experience of the brand – experiences that are widely shared online ENERGISE2-0.COM
  17. 17. ENERGISE2-0.COM
  18. 18. 4. Declining EffectivenessDeclining effectiveness of traditionalapproaches to sales and marketingDoes anyone listen any more?We are no longer passive sheepwaiting to be ‘driven’ to your web siteIf you treat us like sheep, we will tell youto ‘flock off’. ENERGISE2-0.COM
  19. 19. 5. The End of Business as UsualNew ‘mindsets’, new businessapproaches and new performancemeasures are requiredNOT a broadcast medium. Itsabout listening to and engagingwith customers, partners, yourcommunity, your tribeThis is something we are not verygood at doing. We prefer tellingpeople how good we are ENERGISE2-0.COM
  20. 20. The End of Business as Usual‘Winners’ will be those organisations who fully utilise the interactive power of Web 2.0 technology for engaging with and energising customer and network relationships ENERGISE2-0.COM
  21. 21. ‘Getting There’ ENERGISE2-0.COM
  22. 22. Avoid the Road toNowhere ‘Social Media Planning Pays’ ENERGISE2-0.COM
  23. 23. Social Media Strategy and Action Plans• Use a simplified Balanced Scorecard approach to social media strategy development and implementation• Will ensure that your future social media actions and initiatives are fully aligned with and supportive of agreed business goals; that KPIs are agreed for evaluating on-going social media performance, business impact and ROI; and that all key success factors are considered, including organization, people and resource aspects ENERGISE2-0.COM
  24. 24. Develop a Strategy• What is the overall social media vision for your organization?• What are the key objectives and targets to be achieved?• Who are your customers?• What are the key actions and initiatives you need to take?• Organisation, resource and people issues ENERGISE2-0.COM
  25. 25. Potential Business Benefits of Social Media ENERGISE2-0.COM
  26. 26. Potential Business Benefits5 main areas:• Market/Customer Knowledge & Insight• Engagement & Reputation Management• Enhanced Customer Experience and Loyalty• Sales/Marketing Effectiveness, Efficiency and ROI• Operations/ Internal Processes (open source and hosted apps) ENERGISE2-0.COM
  27. 27. ‘Be Customer Led’ ENERGISE2-0.COM
  28. 28. Be Customer Led• Who are our customers, community, tribe?• Where do they hang out in social media?• How can we best use Social Media to deliver an exceptional customer experience at all stages of the customer life cycle? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  29. 29. www.mashable.com ENERGISE2-0.COM
  30. 30. Thank You Talk with uswww.energise2-0.com ENERGISE2-0.COM
  31. 31. Questions About Social Media? ENERGISE2-0.COM