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  • Oh Jim I'm so very sorry!! My mistake entirely. We had a difficult few weeks where lots of people were ripping our content and I asked the team to have a purge. Somehow your details were missed off the list of people who DO have permission to use our content. I can only apologise from my heart. What can we do to make it up to you? Andrea
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  • As far as you are aware????? ???? Maybe you should check your facts before you make accusations like this. For the avoidance of doubt, i do have the permission of the company, Purple Feather, to share this content.
    Jim H
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  • Please take down this content, Hamill Associates. As far as I'm aware you do not have permission to publish it.
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  • HeadlinesFour times more people will read headlines than body copy. Headlines must therefore attract attention and persuade the reader to keep reading. Its job is to sell the body text. It’s the job of the body text to sell the product or service.
  • Change your words, change your world

    1. 1. Change Your Words, Change Your World
    2. 2. Change Your Words, Change Your World
    3. 3. Who We Are Andrea Gardner Adam Hansen Andrew Rose Miller Director Core Team Core Team Hand-picked Freelance TeamWe are a core team of professional wordsmiths supplemented by a hand-picked community of freelance web copywriters from around the world.Purplefeather was established in 2008 and operates within the UK and US.
    4. 4. What We OfferPurplefeather specialises in making the web work harder for its clients. We offer:- A review of existing online presence and performance Full keyword research SEO web copywriting services Broadcast-quality online videos and web images Tailored online marketing strategy ‘Writing for the Web’ training courses
    5. 5. Brand Portfolio
    6. 6. Going ViralNobody can guarantee that a video will ‘go viral’ however there aresome things you can do to increase its chances:- Keep it short – 3 minutes or less Appeal to the emotions – humour or pathos work well Use emotive music For a global audience, keep language to a minimum
    7. 7. Web Copywriting is…Def: The process of writing content specifically for display on webpages, including potential search results pages. Focused on results Geared for conversion Written for customers and search enginesWeb Copywriting is not… Reproduced offline content
    8. 8. …False
    9. 9. …True
    10. 10. Building Trust
    11. 11. Finding the Right Tone of VoicePut yourself in your customers’ shoes and thinkabout the questions they will be asking Who is the content for? What value will it give them? What do you want them to do as a result?
    12. 12. Communicating with PurposeWhat do you believe in?- At Purplefeather we believe that the words you choose can make a difference in the worldHow do you demonstrate that?- We help our clients distil their core message and communicate that message most effectively. We run our own business on the same lines. We also deliver training sessions that empower people to do this for themselves.What do you produce?- We produce well-crafted web content that communicates clearly andeffectively.
    13. 13. Tips for Great CopywritingEvoke passion as well as intellectWrite compelling headlinesSay something differentSell, sell, sell
    14. 14. W.I.I.F.M?
    15. 15. Headlines – What Works Online?Effective headlines:- Demand explanation Make a promise your readers want to hear Engage intellect Trigger emotion Be specific Deliver exclusivityExamples:- Dog drives van into café Lose 10lbs in 30 days Be there for your kids Increase conversion by 48% Only 15 places left on our copywriting course
    16. 16. Online Sales TechniquesPowering Conversion*Urgency – Sale Ends January 6th!Scarcity – Only 5 places left!Passion – Family, politics, green issues, musicHow To – Particularly effective for social media ‘stickiness’New – New improved versionFree – Free to the first 50 applicantsSave – Save £300 on your electricity billEliminate risk – Guarantees, try before you buyEndorsement – Testimonials, accreditationsUSP – What makes your product/service special?Customer Journey – Keep it simple and clear*must be authentic
    17. 17. Purple HellYour customers are in pain!- Not enough money- Overweight- Reaching ‘burnout’- Worried about the future- Disempowered- Time-pressured- Not enough clients/salesIdentify their pain points – what are the problems they need you to solve?
    18. 18. Purple HeavenThe life they dream about- Working fewer hours for more money- Happy with their lifestyle/dress size/relationship- Less busy- Secure and looking forward to the future- In control of their life- Less busy- Ideal clients are magnetised to themYour marketing message needs to solve their problem and talk about heaven not hell.The only thing they need to know about your ‘elevator’ is that it’s trustworthy and willget them where they want to go.
    19. 19. Headline Types How to (get this result) so you can (get these 2 results) If you’re struggling with (most painful problem), you’ll love the proven system to (get 2 or 3 specific results)
    20. 20. Examples How to eliminate your back pain and transform your posture so you can sit in exquisite comfort all day long How to Attract An Extraordinary Man …Without Compromising Yourself Be able to ask for what you want from a man without seeming demanding or needy Make yourself irresistible with less effort and a lot more fun Discover the unconscious ways you’re not giving men a chance — and potentially missing out on a really great catch
    21. 21. Overcome Objections‘How Parisian women are losing 7lbsin two weeks… without giving uptheir vin rouge’
    22. 22. Stunning! Super! Fantastic!Important! Exciting!
    23. 23. Imagine…