Alan Stevenson Session 2


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Alan Stevenson Session 2

  1. 1. ENERGISE2-0.COMGet Ready to Listen Alan November, 2011
  2. 2. Why Listen?Social Media is aconversationnot a broadcastplatformConversations are takingplace relevant to yourbrand – are you listening? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  3. 3. Social Media Listening Collect Search and Relevance Filters Platforms and Channels Process Events assigned to the Social Graph Categorisation and Tagging Analyse Mention Volume and Importance Demographics and Timing Sentiment and Emotion Actionable InsightsSource: Energise2-0 ENERGISE2-0.COM
  4. 4. 5 Key Steps to Effective Social Media ListeningBut first the Business Benefits ENERGISE2-0.COM
  5. 5. Business BenefitsListening provides business benefits: – Market Knowledge and Intelligence. Where your customers, partners, competitors and staff are hanging out online. – Customer Insight and Understanding. What your customers and their influencers are saying about you or your competitors. – Identify and network with high value, high growth prospects. Identifying key posts and follow-up actions. – Interaction with Key Influencers. Identify influential sources for incorporation into a wider strategic response. – Reputation Management. Timely identification of potential reputation issues. – Improved Sales and Marketing. New prospects, customer and market opportunities. – Improved Performance Monitoring. Support a 6Is approach. ENERGISE2-0.COM
  6. 6. 1. What• What conversations do we need to monitor? – Our own brand – Product, industry, sector – Competitors – Customer segments – Geography/Location • Local • Regional • National • International ENERGISE2-0.COM
  7. 7. 2. Where• Where are the relevant conversations taking place?• What tools are available to help? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  8. 8. Tools are available to help• No or low cost tools such as… – Google Alerts, Yahoo Pipes, Social Mention, Topsy, IceRocket, Blogscope, Blogpulse and ViralHeat• More expensive and sophisticated tools such as… – Salesforce Radian6, Alterian SM2, Sysomos Heartbeat and Meltwater Buzz ENERGISE2-0.COM
  9. 9. Tools are available to help ENERGISE2-0.COM
  10. 10. Tools are available to help ENERGISE2-0.COM
  11. 11. 3. Set Up your Listening System• Set up a customised Social Media Listening System to deliver: – the right information – to the right people – at the right time – in the right format• But remember… – Think strategically ENERGISE2-0.COM
  12. 12. 4. Ask - So What?• Information is not knowledge• What are the results telling us?• Analyse and develop ‘Actionable Insights’• Is this… – Something I should share with others? – A reputation issue? – A sales opportunity? – A new network contact or potential influencer? – An indication of where we should develop? – A bell-weather on how we are doing? – An indication of what our customers are feeling? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  13. 13. 5. Consider your Response• And Finally…• Think seriously about how you will respond?• Are you fully equipped? Skills, Knowledge, Strategy, Plan ENERGISE2-0.COM
  14. 14. Thank You ENERGISE2-0.COM