Social Media Channel Management


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Presentation delivered at the Annual Business Conference of the TGI Golf Partnership - Http://

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Social Media Channel Management

  2. 2. ENERGISE2-0.COM Social Media Channel Management Dr. Jim Hamill
  3. 3. Agenda • The Social Media Revolution – recap on opportunities and threats; business benefits • ‘Not as time consuming as you think’ - Social Media Management Tools • A brief note on Inbound/Content Marketing • Social Media Channel Management ‘Best Practice’ • Progress made by TGI and support available • Questions • Available for 1-to-1 chat after the session ENERGISE2-0.COM
  4. 4. A conversation not a broadcast presentation ENERGISE2-0.COM
  5. 5. Let’s start with a few questions? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  6. 6. Social Media: The State of Play Where are you with social media? What progress have you made since last year’s conference? Where are you going? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  7. 7. What Road Are You On? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  8. 8. Any specific questions you would like addressed? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  9. 9. The Social Media Revolution ENERGISE2-0.COM
  10. 10. Video from Last Year's Conference ENERGISE2-0.COM
  11. 11. More Recent Stats (UK) ENERGISE2-0.COM
  12. 12. Opportunities and Threats Opportunities •Increased sales •More cost effective marketing and promotion •Build a quality online network of high value, high growth potential customers - the foundation of sustained growth Threats •Gen C – constantly connected, empowered customers •Digital Darwinism………………. ENERGISE2-0.COM
  13. 13. Digital Darwinism When technology and society evolve faster than our ability to adapt ENERGISE2-0.COM
  14. 14. Digital Darwinism ENERGISE2-0.COM
  15. 15. What do the following products/ organisations have in common? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  16. 16. In Common? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  17. 17. Who Will Be Next? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  18. 18. MOOCs ENERGISE2-0.COM
  19. 19. The Future of Education ENERGISE2-0.COM
  20. 20. Spot the Dinosaur  ENERGISE2-0.COM
  21. 21. The Future of Higher Education? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  22. 22. For the times they are a-changin’ ENERGISE2-0.COM
  23. 23. Digital Darwinism ENERGISE2-0.COM
  24. 24. Digital Natives (2005) ENERGISE2-0.COM
  25. 25. Social Media Management Tools ‘Not as time consuming as you think’ ENERGISE2-0.COM
  26. 26. Social Media Management Tools Useful tools for effective Social Media Management •Feedly and Pocket - for Social Media Listening •Buffer - for scheduling posts •Hootsuite – for managing channels •Wordpress – for blogging •Mention - for brand sentiment analysis •Social Report - for social media performance measurement •Yammer - for internal social business ENERGISE2-0.COM
  27. 27. Feedly ENERGISE2-0.COM
  28. 28. Pocket ENERGISE2-0.COM
  29. 29. Buffer ENERGISE2-0.COM
  30. 30. Hootsuite ENERGISE2-0.COM
  31. 31. Wordpress ENERGISE2-0.COM
  32. 32. Wordpress ENERGISE2-0.COM
  33. 33. Wordpress Stats ENERGISE2-0.COM
  34. 34. Mention ENERGISE2-0.COM
  35. 35. Mention ENERGISE2-0.COM
  36. 36. Social Report ENERGISE2-0.COM
  37. 37. Social Report ENERGISE2-0.COM
  38. 38. Yammer ENERGISE2-0.COM
  39. 39. A Brief Overview of Inbound/Content Marketing
  40. 40. Rethinking Marketing & PR • Unlearn marketing • New ‘mindset’ required • Stop telling people how good we are. Prove it. • A shift from Outbound Marketing to Inbound/Content Based Marketing ENERGISE2-0.COM
  41. 41. Inbound v. Outbound ENERGISE2-0.COM
  42. 42. Old Marketing (Outbound) • Propaganda marketing – this is how great our product/service is, now buy it • Interruption marketing – direct mail, advertising • One way shouting AT customers • Short term sales/campaign driven • Channels – Print Ads: TV/Radio Ads; Cold Calling; eMail Blasts; Online Advertising; Web Sites that talk AT you ENERGISE2-0.COM
  43. 43. Reality Check Customers are no longer passive sheep ENERGISE2-0.COM
  44. 44. Inbound/Content Marketing • Content is King! – But content is only ‘great’ if it adds value to the customer so…. • Customer is King! Adopt a customer led approach • Produce great content that is ‘Customer Led’; Authentic; Compelling; Entertaining; Surprising; Valuable; Interesting • Establish your company as a ‘thought leader’ – a ‘trusted resource’ • Produce great content and your customer will come to you. Produce really great content and they will share it • Key channels are …………….. ENERGISE2-0.COM
  45. 45. Inbound/Content Marketing ENERGISE2-0.COM
  46. 46. Inbound/Content Marketing • Overall objective is to ignite or elevate your business through great content • Sell without selling • Build a quality online network – a quality customer base through high value content and engagement • Great content drives conversation. Conversation drives engagement. Engagement drives sales • Great, customer led content is a Competitive Advantage ENERGISE2-0.COM
  47. 47. The Elevation Principle Great Content + Other People – Marketing Messages = Growth ENERGISE2-0.COM
  48. 48. Great Content Ignites Your Business ENERGISE2-0.COM
  49. 49. Create Music Not Noise ENERGISE2-0.COM
  50. 50. The Importance of Key Influencers ENERGISE2-0.COM
  51. 51. Social Media Channel Management: Best Practice Advice
  52. 52. For each Social Media Channel, follow accepted ‘best practice’ in effective Channel Management
  53. 53. Channel Success Factors • Always align with core business objectives • Agree priority channels • An integrated and coordinated approach should be adopted to ensure consistency of brand message, content tone, theme etc across all channels. • Once priority channels have been agreed, ‘Action Plans’ should be developed for each priority channel covering the following……….
  54. 54. Channel Action Plans • Channel objectives and business benefits • Channel KPIs and targets • Key success factors – the 4Cs – Customers; Content; Conversations; Conversion • Channel Actions - Set-up tasks and Content Plan – Channel Set Up Issues - Page Set Up; Profile; Design; Basic Layout; Terminology; Features/Functions; Integration options – Content Plan - Frequency of updates; Tone/Theme; Topics; Post Types (update, video, image); Own/Other Peoples Content (OPC); Sources of Inspiration; Participation in other native places; Response Policy; Organisation, Resources and People • Channel management tools to be used
  55. 55. A Note on Performance Measurement and Business Impact
  56. 56. Performance Measurement To ensure that the Social Media Strategy delivers high ROI, performance measurement should be undertaken at three main levels: •Individual social media channels •Overall ‘buzz’ •Business Impact A wide range of tools exist for measuring Social Media Performance and Business Impact
  57. 57. OK – so what’s stopping you from moving forward? Questions/Discussion
  58. 58. TGI Golf Social Media Progress Advice and support available
  59. 59. TGI Golf Social Media Progress ENERGISE2-0.COM
  60. 60. Thank You