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1 mastering social media workshop 3 overview


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1 mastering social media workshop 3 overview

  1. 1. ENERGISE2-0.COM Mastering Social Media Workshop 3Implementation and Performance Measurement Dr. Jim Hamill Alan Stevenson Vincent Hamill January, 2012
  2. 2. Focus Key issues in implementing your social media strategy– Channel Action Plans– Performance Measurement– Organisation, Resource, People ENERGISE2-0.COM
  3. 3. Channel Action Plans• Once your Social Media Strategy has been agreed, brief Action Plans should be developed for each priority SM channel• Cascade the Balanced Scorecard approach to each priority channel e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc• But not ‘Paralysis by Analysis’• The Action Plan for each channel should include a clear statement of….. ENERGISE2-0.COM
  4. 4. Channel Action Plans• Vision• Channel Objectives• KPIs and Targets• Customers• Key Channel Actions and Initiatives for ‘getting there• Organisation, resource and people issues• Tools and applications• Performance measurement• Do’s and Don’t’s ENERGISE2-0.COM
  5. 5. Key Questions to AddressChannel Vision and Objectives• What is your overall vision for this channel?• What are the main objectives to be achieved? Are these closely aligned with and supportive of your core business objectives? (Link back to your SM Strategy Document)• What KPIs will you use for measuring on-going channel performance? What are your targets for each KPI? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  6. 6. Key Questions to AddressChannel Actions• The Basics – for each channel, are you happy with - Page Set Up, Profile, Design, Basic Layout, Terminology, Features/Functions, Integration• Key Success Factors – the ‘4Cs’ approach – Customers – Content – Conversations – Conversion ENERGISE2-0.COM
  7. 7. Key Questions to AddressTools and Applications• What tools and apps should I use for this channelOrganisation, People and Resource Aspects• Do we have the right organisational ‘culture’ and ‘mindset’ for this channel to succeed? How will the channel be managed and resourced? Policies and Guidelines?Performance Measurement• How should we measure channel performance and business impact? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  8. 8. Agenda• Action Plans for Successful Channel Development – Twitter – Linkedin – Blogging (briefly) – Facebook, Google + – Others• ‘Stop and Reflect’ Exercises/ Channel Templates• Same principles apply across all channels – ‘Be social before doing social’ ENERGISE2-0.COM