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PowerPoint Presentation for FIT 1012

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Fit1012 presentation

  1. 1. StumbleUpon is a website designed to make theprocess of discovering new and interesting stuffon the web easy!Quite simply, once you have signed up to the siteand login, all you have to do is let StumbleUponknow your interests and StumbleUpon does therestThe site will then link you to: • Web Pages • Photos • Videos • And material you may not have found on your own
  2. 2. To enhance the users experience as you stumblethrough the web pages you tell StumbleUponwhether you like of dislike a site and StumbleUponsuggestionsIf you like the Stumbles, the site the connects youwith it will then show other related content as wellas other StumbleUpon users with similar interestsOnce you StumbleUpon other users you can thenfollow their interests as well
  3. 3. Sign Up is easy: Once you have an account, the site directs you to an interest Page where you choose topics of interest and click the Stumble button
  4. 4. The next screen that appears is the first screen ofInterest you choose on the preceding pageAs you scroll the sites that StumbleUpon suggestyou let them know with a thumbs up or down andthe site locates other sites of interestAs you Thumb’s up a site StumbleUpon refinesthe sites it offers you to choose from
  5. 5. An example of an Astronomy Stumble On this site the Universe can be set in motion This screen shot shows alignment of the planets in our universe on March 24th 2025
  6. 6. The following is a screen shot of a StumbleAstronomy search:
  7. 7. The following screen shot is an explanation of a Stumblepage and how it us used to further refine an interestsearch:
  8. 8. Other ways to Stumble 1. Channels 2. Modes
  9. 9. A screen shot of the channels pick page.
  10. 10. A brake down of theModes selection page At the top all interest Next tab is for following other StumbleUpon users Next you can Stumble by following photos Or you can Stumble by following Videos Or you can Stumble by following news
  11. 11. As with most social networking sites there is a section to addYour own profile so other users can follow you and your interest
  12. 12. There is also a page to connect your StumbleUpon accountwith Facebook. This connection allows you to connect withpeople you may already know on Facebook or StumbleUponcan make suggestions with people who have similar interestsand are on Facebook
  13. 13. StumbleUpon also has a blog embedded in the siteto share your experiences with others
  14. 14. You can also connect to StumbleUpon with a cell phoneWith an assortmentof mobile aps
  15. 15. Simply put StumbleUpon is the best of the entire web At one site