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5 reasons you won't make money on the internet


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5 reasons you won't make money on the internet

  1. 1. ==== ====Absolutely FREE!~ Start Earning Money Today, Using this Copy and Paste Method! ====We all want more money, whether we have a job at the moment or we dont, whether we are welloff or on the poverty line its a fact of life. The world turns, night follows day and we all need moremoney. Everything costs more every day and whatever your circumstances a little extra cash isalways beneficial. The internet is a great opportunity to make money, its still new and exciting,everyone knows about it or of it at least and where theres people theres money to be made. Howmany of you have read of the twenty year old who has made a million in a week? Or the retireefunding his or her old age with the mountains of cash from the internet? Undoubtedly a few peoplehave had some of this luck and quietly go about their business amassing a fortune for a little workon their computer, but, do you really think they are going to share this with you for an extra twentybucks? Why would they? They are making money without you and your twenty dollars. The peopleyou hear about are not making a fortune on the internet, they make their money from suckers likeyou. This article is called 5 reasons you wont make money on the internet and so here is reasonnumber one. The biggest and best reason and it is so true you will not like it because it sucks.1) You are lazy. Bone idle. A wannabe. You say you want to make money on the internet, but whatyou really want is for someone to give you a magic formula, a miracle e-book or a cash cowprogram that earns you money while you do actually nothing. Let me tell you a secret that I wontcharge you for, a freebie, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN! No one is going to give, sell, lend or rentyou a sure-fire money making dream. How do I know this? Easy they cant because it does notexist, at all anywhere, this world or the next. Making money takes work and usually money. It hasbeen ascribed to various people but its true, "it is a darn sight easier to turn one million dollars intofive million than it is to turn one dollar into ten".2)Reason number two is equally as hard to take as reason one . You know nothing. OK this is truein varying degrees according to your own personal experience but I am aiming this article at thenewbie marketer who will be more likely to read this. When you start anything from scratch theanswers are harder to find simply because you do not know what questions to ask. Obvious , isntit? If you dont know the right questions then you are ripe for any marketer to give you the answersthat he wants you to have and surprise, surprise he can sell you those answers for a one time onlyspecial discount price. But buy now because the price is going up soon.3)Everything you think you do know, because you bought an e-book, marketing course orwhatever is already out of date. The internet moves at a frightening speed and information whichis cutting edge today is old hat next week. This is a non reason! It is not true despite what thelatest email told you. Information lasts. Good information lasts forever. Only sales letters go out ofdate that quickly. Again, remember reason two, you have to know what questions to ask. Myfavourite question is "why are they trying to give me answers?"4)Time. It takes time to make money on the internet, your time to do the work and time for that
  2. 2. work to bear fruit. We are all time poor in as much as there are not enough hours in the day to doeverything we want to. We have lives, families, jobs and hobbies that take up those hours andlearning a new skill or business takes time. Lots of it. If you are serious about making money onthe internet make sure you are willing to spend that time and also that your family can afford togive you that time. Internet marketing is a hungry master at least at first but hopefully once youhave invested the energy and time it can be tamed into a useful servant.5)Luck. It is true that in any business there is a certain amount of luck involved but as JackNicklaus said, " the more I practice the luckier I get".So, if you have read this far I thank you and commend you for the time you have spent so far. Youmay ask why I feel free to insult you in this cavalier fashion and I can answer that for no cash too, Ihave in the previous paragraphs merely described myself and I am just the same as everybodyelse so I know it is all true. I am not going to give you anymore than this one fact."Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, teach him to fish and he can eat for the rest of hisdays"I personally have found a solution to all the above problems and for once it has lived up toexpectations , furthermore I have finally started to make money on the internet. It has not beeneasy and it has taken around six months but I have seen a profit . It is a method of buildingwebsites that is fairly straightforward for the newbie but can be developed as far as yourimagination and the skills you will learn can take you. I have been tearing my hair out sometimesbut the members forum which is part of the package is a great asset, the members there rangefrom newbies like myself to people with thirty years experience, so as long as you are prepared tohelp yourself these kindly folks will give you answers and even provide programming skills tofurther your career. It really does not come better than that.Dave Fletcher Internet MarketerI build and publish websites to make money.If you want to do the same Teach Me To FishArticle Source: ====
  3. 3. Absolutely FREE!~ Start Earning Money Today, Using this Copy and Paste Method! ====