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What is your planning style


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PLI GET presentation May 2010

Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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What is your planning style

  1. 1. What’s Your Planning Style? James C. Galvin, Ed.D.
  2. 2. Everyone has a scheduling or planning system of some kind
  3. 3. In a new job, old ways of planning might not work as well as before
  4. 4. Today you have a chance to rethink your current planning habits
  5. 5. You’re busier now but wondering if you’re really making a difference
  6. 6. You want to regain control of your work and life while making a difference
  7. 7. Plan your work and life the way God uniquely wired you to plan
  8. 8. What solution do you currently use for time and life management?
  9. 9. We benefit by reflecting on our multiple callings as we make plans
  10. 10. Exodus 20:9-10 “ Six days you shall labor and do all your work… ”
  11. 11. Get in the habit of using a weekly review to link calling and schedule
  12. 12. When is the best time and place for your weekly review?
  13. 13. All people tend to plan using one of four planning styles
  14. 14. Objectives-Oriented planners tend to set goals, objectives, milestones
  15. 15. Domain and Direction planners tend to use strategic maps to move forward
  16. 16. Task-Oriented planners tend to make lists of everything they have to do
  17. 17. Present-Oriented planners tend to focus on what is happening now
  18. 18. What is your preferred planning style and your secondary style?
  19. 19. Your style affects your success in using other planning systems
  20. 20. Stephen Covey developed the planning system in First Things First
  21. 21. David Allen developed the planning system in Getting Things Done
  22. 22. John Nelson developed a new model for retirement planning
  23. 23. Why do we set up planning systems only to abandon them later?
  24. 24. You will be returning home to mild chaos and a hundred things to do
  25. 25. Plan your work and life the way God uniquely wired you to plan
  26. 26. You can reduce your busyness while increasing your effectiveness
  27. 27. Set up a 30-day experiment to test a new personal planning system
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