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Strategic Plans that Learn

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Strategic Plans that Learn

  1. 1. Strategic Plans that Learn James C. Galvin, Ed.D. February 7-8, 2013
  2. 2. Most nonprofit leaders believe they should have a long-range strategic plan
  3. 3. The problem with strategic plans is that many contain so little real strategy
  4. 4. Your role is to design and install a new planning process for your organization
  5. 5. You want your organization to adapt quickly when change happens
  6. 6. You wonder if your organization may have a learning disability
  7. 7. You are uncertain about your current strategic planning process
  8. 8. You want a strategic planning process that will deliver good strategy
  9. 9. Move from static strategic planning to dynamic strategic management
  10. 10. Part 1 Strategic Planning
  11. 11. Strategic planning became popular during the 1960s and 1970s
  12. 12. Most long-range strategic plans are based on flawed assumptions
  13. 13. The Schleiffen Plan was static and failed to prevent a war on two fronts
  14. 14. The military makes use of sand tables for planning that is dynamic
  15. 15. Strategic planning templates don’t work Vision Mission Core Values Critical Success Factors Goals/Objectives
  16. 16. Traditional strategic planning was put to death in the 1990s
  17. 17. Microsoft
  18. 18. Microsoft
  19. 19. Dell
  20. 20. Facebook
  21. 21. Part 2 The Strategy Kernel
  22. 22. Strategy is how you get there How to get there Where you want to go Where you are
  23. 23. Good strategy includes diagnosis, guiding idea, coherent actions
  24. 24. Diagnosis is a penetrating analysis of the challenges you are facing
  25. 25. Guiding idea is the overall approach you will take to confront the challenge
  26. 26. Coherent actions are the key initiatives that will implement the guiding idea
  27. 27. In the Bible we find many examples of leaders with a strategic intent
  28. 28. Case: Agape Adoption Agency
  29. 29. Case: Women in Leadership
  30. 30. Case: Inspirational Publishing
  31. 31. Case: Generic Christian University
  32. 32. Part 3 Strategic Management
  33. 33. Move from static strategic planning to dynamic strategic management
  34. 34. Most organizations should conduct strategic reviews monthly or quarterly
  35. 35. Get the kernel right and keep adapting to your changing environment
  36. 36. Action planning can help you and your team clarify and strengthen a plan Goal
  37. 37. Use the stair step tool to get the entire team on the same page New front door installed paint install purchase hardware purchase door schedule installation locate best supplier decide door design
  38. 38. Practice: What is something worth doing that you need to plan? Goal
  39. 39. Move from static strategic planning to dynamic strategic management
  40. 40. You should feel free to let go of your old strategic planning habits
  41. 41. G&A

Editor's Notes

  • Some of you may not know if you have a problemSome of you know that your system is broke
  • Strategic planning ()Strategic management (chess)Strategic tools (tools, compass)
  • Joseph and grain strategy, Genesis 41:33-36Joshua and battle strategy, Joshua 8:1-2David and Temple plans, 1 Chronicles 28:10-14Paul and intention to get to Rome, Acts 19:21
  • Strategic planning ()Strategic management (chess)Strategic tools (tools, compass)
  • What did we intend to happen?What actually happened?What are we learning?How do we have to adjust our strategy?What is our action plan for next period of time?
  • Strategic planning ()Strategic management (chess)Strategic tools (tools, compass)
  • You’re looking at a picture of the Choluteca Bridge in Honduras. It was taken right after Hurricane Mitch devastated the Caribbean in 1998.In November 1998, Hurricane Mitch ravaged the Honduras. 5,600 people died. 12,300 were injured and 8,600 disappeared. In addition to the loss of human life, 150 bridges were damaged or destroyed. The most modern of all the bridges, The Choluteca Bridge survived intact but suffered perhaps the greatest indignity, the river moved right out from under it leaving its builders wondering what to do next.