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Jim Elliston CV


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Jim Elliston CV

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Jim Elliston I have 22 years of experience of delivering complex large scale Rail projects within tight deadlines. The key to my success is the management of my team and the ability to work with the design Engineers, the Client and other key stakeholders to reduce disagreement and therefore delay. I have a pragmatic approach to problem solving and keeping projects on schedule. I am looking for my next challenge in the rail Industry Jim Elliston Email: Phone +64-21-739-620 Project Experience Signalling Construction Manager Malaysian Electrified Double Track Project (EDTP), Malaysia. Balfour Beatty Ansaldo Joint Venture For 18 months Mr. Elliston was managing 5 contracting companies each working at two locations concurrently on this $3.87B contract. He has a team of 50 providing supervision to 350 contracting staff. He is reporting directly to the client, ensuring the client was aware of the progress being made and managing any areas of disagreement with the client. He was brought onto the project in June 2013 to bring the then behind-schedule project back on target (it currently is on-schedule with 18 of 20 locations installed and commissioned). The work involves providing the fixed block signalling. This double-track project has 20 interlockings, spans 329km, and links Ipoh in Perak to the northern end of the country at Padang Besar in Perlis. (2013-2015) Test and Commissioning Manager Rome Metro Line C Automatic Train Control (ATC) System, Rome Italy. Union Switch and Signal fixed block control system. For 2 years, Mr. Elliston was responsible for the site project activities and coordinating with the heads of department at the head office and the Client for this $69M contract to design, furnish, test and commission a complete ATC system with wayside and central office subsystems and equipment. His site team consisted of 4 technical groups with 30 members of the site team. He managed the project timeline, engineered technical delivery, provided resource planning, and provided progress planning. He also provided daily leadership and safety certification. Line C is 25.5km long, with 17.6km underground, and has 30 stations. (2011-2012)   Key Highlights P 22 years of experience with complex large scale projects P Proven Client management skills P Skilled problem solver
  2. 2. Control Room Manager Canada Line Vancouver Skytrain, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Thales signalling system installation For over 1 year, Mr. Elliston reported to the Director of operations, and provided training, supervision, and mentoring for control room staff as the project went through testing and commissioning and was delivered on-time into revenue operations. The $2B project involved construction of a 19.2km, fully automated line for the 2010 Winter Olympics with a ridership of 100,000+ passengers/day. It opened 15 weeks ahead of schedule. (2008-2009) Test and Commissioning Manager, Copenhagen Metro Driverless ATC System, Copenhagen, Denmark. Union Switch and Signal For 4 years, Mr. Elliston managed the project timeline, engineered technical delivery, and provided resource and progress planning. He also provided daily leadership and safety certification. Project involved a driverless SIL4 control system which requires formal presentation of all safety-related tests to the appropriate authorities. The project involved a fixed block signaling system for the world’s first fully driverless automated light rail mass transit system. The system was built in four phases and entailed the construction of new Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) as well as guideways, test track, yard (depot), stations, tunnels and other civil infrastructure. (2000-2004) System Support San Francisco Municipal Railway Resignalling, San Francisco, CA, USA. Booze Allen and Hamilton Resignalling to Alcatel (Thales) SelTrac control system. For 4 years, Mr. Elliston provided technical oversight in the resignalling of the subway with the Thales Automatic Train Control (ATC) System. (SelTrac) He oversaw the testing and commissioning activities, trained operations staff, and attended weekly problem resolution meetings. He also provided system support, monitored systems and staff performance. Resignalling work encompassed the transition from relay-based to processor-based interlocking control systems, improved track circuits, upgraded switch machines and signals, a modernized signalling communications system and improvements to supporting subsystems and equipment. (1996-2000) System Support Docklands Light Rail (DLR), London, England, UK. Booze Allen and Hamilton For over 1 year, Mr. Elliston supported DLR operations staff during the revenue service, trained operations staff, supervised functionality tests, and monitored systems and staff performance on a train control and traction power systems improvement project. He also was a panel member for safety incident review. (1995-1996) Test and Commissioning Engineer Docklands Light Rail (DLR), London, England, UK. Alcatel (Thales) Transportation For 3 years, Mr. Elliston ran testing and commissioning procedures, coordinated test staff, observed and reported system anomalies, trained and supervised test technicians, and planned test sessions on a train control, traction power systems and passenger services improvement project. As a Testing and commissioning Engineer, an in-depth knowledge of the SELTRAC Central Control, Wayside and Vehicle computer systems was required. (1992-1995)