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"10 Free Tools You Should Have in Your SharePoint Toolkit" from SPSLA

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SPSLA Tools Presentation

  1. 1. 10 Free Tools You Should Have in Your SharePoint Toolbox Jim Ehrenberg Managing Partner SharePoint Pros
  2. 2. A Few Words About Me
  3. 3. Disclaimer• I am not associated with any of these companies.• There are hundreds of free tools out there- I am just focusing on the ones I use and which I believe will add value.• My goal is to give you an overview of these tools.• There may be hiccups- but let’s be honest- they are free.
  4. 4. Misc.• This is a 200+ level session• I will demo 3 types of tools: – Day to day SharePoint admin and troubleshooting – Content you can add to sites – Just plain cool stuff I like• I am running SharePoint “virtually” on my notebook, so ignore performance issues• I will be providing all the links
  5. 5. Let’s Take Your Pulse
  6. 6. Let Get Started1. PowerShell GUI Command Line Builder2. SharePoint Manager3. Easy Tabs4. SharePoint Log Viewer5. Lightening Tools Conductor6. Solution Manager7. Feature Manager8. Performance Manager*9. Harmon.ie10. Bulk Edit
  7. 7. Let Get Started
  8. 8. PowerShell Modeler
  9. 9. SharePoint Manager
  10. 10. Easy Tabs
  11. 11. SharePoint Log Viewer
  12. 12. Lightening Tools Conductor
  13. 13. Solution Manager
  14. 14. Feature Admin Tool
  15. 15. Idera SharePoint Performance Monitor
  16. 16. Idera SharePoint Admin Toolset
  17. 17. Harmon.ie
  18. 18. SharePoint Bulk Edit
  19. 19. Questions?
  20. 20. My Contact Information JIE@spspros.com Twitter: @LASharePointPro Blog: http://jimehrenberg.wordpress.com Website: www.spspros.com
  21. 21. We want your feedback! Use this QR code or visit: http://sps.la/feedback Silver Sponsors: