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The immutable law of social media #REALationships #smdaysfl 2015

The 10th and final immutable law of social media marketing: The Law of #REALationships is a presentation and lecture created by Jim Gilbert of Gilbert Direct Marketing.

Jim is the creator of "The 9 Immutable Laws of Social Media Marketing" and a frequent lecturer on social media marketing nationwide.

The Law of REALationships posits that it has become too easy for social media marketers to ease their workload by using "set it and forget it" apps, rather than get back in the trenches and build social relationships one at a time (like the good old days before social apps)

For more information about Jim Gilbert and Gilbert Direct Marketing:


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The immutable law of social media #REALationships #smdaysfl 2015

  1. 1.   The  9  Immutable  Laws  of     Social  Media  Marke9ng     Presented  by  James  Gilbert,  CEO   June  28th,  2015,  561-­‐302-­‐1719   The  FINAL  Law  of  Social  Media  Marke9ng…     The  Law  of     #REALa9onships  
  2. 2. Just  who  do  you  think  I  am?   •  30  +  year  history  in  DM  (old  school  >  new  school)   •  CEO,  Gilbert  Direct  Marke9ng,  Inc.   •  President,  Florida  DMA   •  Professor  Direct  Marke9ng   •  Author  Target  Marke9ng  Group   •  Return  on  Intelligence  column   •  Guide  to  Social  Media    -­‐  Content   @gilbertdirect   #9ImmutableLaws  
  3. 3. "There is only one valid definition of business purpose – to create a customer. Companies are not in business to make things… but to make customers.”  -­‐-­‐  Peter  F.  Drucker Orienta9on    (What  these  laws  are  really  about!)  
  4. 4. Formula  =   Engagement!  
  5. 5. In  The  Beginning…   •  #9Immutable  Laws   •  The  9  Immutable  Laws  of  Social   Media  Marke9ng   •  As  long  as  2  hour  presenta9on!   – 4K  live   – 60K+  views  online   – So  many  changes  since  2009    
  6. 6. #9immutablelaws   1.  The  deeper  the  level  of  engagement,  the  deeper  the  trust/bond  with   your  company!  (radical  thought  in  2009  AND  in  2015)   2.  Brand  +  Channels  =  Engagement  (The  new  marke=ng  paradigm)  drives   Law  of  Engagement   3.  Brand  +  9me  +  channels  =  advocates.     4.  The  exponen9al  search  factor.  (Social  increases  rankings,  DUH!)   5.  The  new-­‐fangled  customer  service  factor  (deliver  or  die)   6.  The  behind  the  scenes  factor  (people  buy  from  people  not  brands)   7.  Trust  is  The  NEW  black  (REAL  voice,  freebies,  contests,  corner  store)   8.  The  online  reputa9on  factor.  (Rep  is  everything.    Social  the  Great   Neutralizer)   9.  Engagement  +  9me  +  trust  =  revenue.  (all  9  Laws  brought  together)   10.  What  next????  (always  new  there  was  another  one)  
  7. 7. The  #10thImmutableLaw     “#REALa=onships”       Its  9me  to  get  REAL  again!      
  8. 8. – Engagement  more  difficult   – Have  to  work  harder  to  “get  ‘er  done”   – Everybody  is  doing  it!   – More  message  cluUer   – Facebook  now  “pay  for  play”   – More  sites  are  relevant  (vine,  meerkat)     Why  get  REAL?    
  9. 9. The  Law  of  REALa9onships!      •  The  goals  of  every  social  media  marketer   STILL  ARE….     –  Engage!   –  Draw  them  out!   –  Get  them  involved!   –  Become  a  thought  leader!       –  Generate  Authority!   –  Tug  at  their  heartstrings   –  Tell  a  story!!!!   –  Create  drama!!!!   – But  now  we  have  to  be  even  smarter,  beeer  and   more  engaging    
  10. 10. The  Law  of  REALa9onships!      The  8  stages  of  REALity       ①  Brand  impression  (retweet,  comment,  friend  like)   ②  Like  –  casual  listener  (likes  page)   ③  Like    -­‐  engages  (likes,  comments)   ④  Super  like  –  engages  o^en   ⑤  Minor  brand  advocate  –  recommends  brand   ⑥  Super  brand  advocate  –  recommends  brand  and  sells  product!   ⑦ Dislike  –  disgruntled  like  of  advocate  –  goes  away   ⑧ Super  dislike  (engaged  dislike)  –  goes  away  and  talks  about  brand   in  a  negaAve  way       •  Goal  move  from  1  –  6   •  Goal  move  back  from  7  and  8  to  6      
  11. 11. The  Law  of  REALa9onships!      The  8  stages  of  REALity       • How  do  you  find  and  create   brand  advocates?       •  Listen,  spend  =me  on  sites.     •  See  who  retweets,  shares,  likes  etc.   •  Make  contact!       •  Yes  make  contact  and  build  rela=onships!        
  12. 12. The  Law  of  Engagement!      The  8  stages  of  engagement       •  Brand  advocates  are  everywhere.   •  Carol!   •  Donna!   •  Josh!   •  Trevor!   •  Tina   •  Angel!   •  Its  about  the  #REALa9onship  to  your  social  people   and  brands.   •  Became  my  friends!  Literally!        
  13. 13. The  Law  of   REALa9onships      
  14. 14. The  Law  of   REALa9onships!      THEN:   The  nameless  faceless  corporate   en9ty     NOW:   The  nameless  faceless  corporate   social  media  pusher  
  15. 15. Don’t  be  an  info          pusher!  
  16. 16. •  Its  9me  to  throw  out  what  you  have   learned  about  social  media  and:   – Lose  the  tools:   •  Forget  Hootsuite,  Buffer,  scheduled  posts,  and   other  tools  to  make  life  easier.       •  Get  back  down  in  the  trenches,  engage,  delight   and…   • BUILD  RELATIONSHIPS!   •  Today  in  social  rela=onships  are  dying!         The  Law  of   #REALa9onships!      
  17. 17. Every  =me  you   use  an  app  to   post  rather  than   go  to  the  actual   site….               …  a  kieen     Will  die!    
  18. 18. Every  9me  you   use  an  app  to   post  rather  than   go  to  the  actual   site….             An  angel   kieen  gets   their  wings  
  19. 19. The  New  Immutable  Law   Social   Media   SUCCESS     in  Only     8  HOURS     a  Day!   Noooo!   Oy  Vey   A  D  M!   Damn!   Oh  No!!!   YES!!!!   WTF?   Groan   FML!!  
  20. 20. Too  many   people  are   pos9ng   without   engaging     Stop   prac=cing   An9-­‐Social   Media   Marke9ng   The  Law  of  #REALa9onships!      
  21. 21. So  HOW  to  get  REAL?   •  The  Give  to  get!   •  Contests   •  Freebies   •  Giveaways   •  Behind  the  scenes   •  Video’s   •  Communicate   •  Share  other’s  content   •  Connect  and  build!      
  22. 22. Advocates  are  everywhere   •  RT’ers   •  Sharers   •  Likers   •  Commenters  
  23. 23. Advocates  are  everywhere   Get  ‘em   Involved!  
  24. 24. Advocates  are  everywhere   Get  ‘em   Involved!  
  25. 25. Excep=onal  vaca=ons     Happiness  rules…   Here  are  your  brand   advocates….  
  26. 26. Contest  examples   •  Plate  your   favorite   meals  
  27. 27. Build  involvement  and  trust  
  28. 28. Contest  examples   •  Halloween  costume   contest  
  29. 29. Contest  examples   •  Mo=va=on   poster   contests  
  30. 30. Contest  examples   •  Fresh  Diet-­‐ize  a  Beatles  Lyric  (in  honor  of  John   Lennon)   – Imagine   – Video     – Viral!   •  Fresh  Diet-­‐ized  Haiku    
  31. 31. Contest  examples   •  Video   contests   •  This   contest   coined  the   phrase,   “the  fresh   diet   delivery   fairies?  
  32. 32. Contests  Recipe  winner  
  33. 33. Nothing  gets  REAL  like  video  
  34. 34. YouTube  fun  and  rela=onship  building  
  35. 35. Cross  pollinate  content   •  Blog  as   center  of   universe!  
  36. 36. Forget  ABC’s     A  B  P  is  the  new  model   Always   Be   Promo=ng   Electric  slide!  
  37. 37. A  B  P  in  ACTION   Time  for  a   video  break  
  38. 38. Use  YOUR  REAL  Voice…   •  Wrap   yourself   around  an   issue  or  a   topic   •  Make  it   your  own   •  Provoke!  
  39. 39. Need  content?   • Just  share  other  people’s   content  and  add  your   opinion!   • Make  the  issue  your  own!   • Be  a  curator  of  content!  
  40. 40. Become  a  frickin’     thought  leader!   • Linkedin  publishing   plaoorm   • Groups  (social,  DM  Q&A)   • Tweet  (yours,  others)   • Blog,  Vlog,  Write,  Vid  
  41. 41. Become  a  Friggin  thought  leader!  
  42. 42. Become  a  thought  leader!  
  43. 43. Become  a  thought  leader!  
  44. 44. More  ideas  for  you…     • B2B  social,  Blog,  Linkedin  Key!   • Become  a  thought  leader   • Always  be  promo9ng   • Amplify  and  share.   • Create  share  worthy  content  
  45. 45. More  content  examples     Fun  and  humor  save  the  day….   Tag  advocates   to  amplify!  
  46. 46. Some  Tips  for  Success…   •  Use  #hashtags   •  Tag  others  in  posts  (business’s,  people)   •  Pictures  and  graphics  a  must   •  Video!  (that’s  a  whole  other  presenta=on)   •  Create  events  (FB,  G+)   •  Create  and  amplify  a  call  in,  webinar   •  Linkedin  Publishing  (again)  
  47. 47. Real  voice,  hashtags,  tag  others.    Behind  the  scenes,  real  company  
  48. 48. The  days  of  “big   anonymous  corp.”  are  over!  
  49. 49. Bio’s  of   our   employees   bring   customers   closer  to   the   company  
  50. 50. Bringing  our  customers  closer   Image  done  by  one  of   our  customers  of  our   CEO  Zalmi  Duchman.     He  is  officially  Zman  or   Zuperman  to  our  fans  
  51. 51. Thank  you!   •  Copy  of  this  presenta9on?   – Drop  me  your  card   – Tweet  to  me  at  @GilbertDirect   – 561-­‐302-­‐1719   – Email   –   Full  preso  2  +  hours.    I  can  do  9  Laws   for  your  organiza9on