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9 immutable laws presentation Direct Marketing Association #dma13 in Chicago.

My presentation on The 9 Immutable Laws of Social Media Marketing from the Direct Marketing Association's Annual conference #dma13 in Chicago, October 16 2013.

Presented by Jim Gilbert of Gilbert Direct Marketing Inc, a full service marketing and social media marketing agency.

Fully updated to cover topics relating to social media marketing in 2013

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9 immutable laws presentation Direct Marketing Association #dma13 in Chicago.

  1. 1. 9  Immutable  Laws  of     Social  Media  Marke7 ng     for  2013   (the  more  things  cha nge,  the  more  they  sta y  the  same)       Presented  by  James  Gilbert,  CEO   October  13th,  2013  
  2. 2. Just  who  do  you  think  I  am?   •  •  •  •  •  30  +  year  history  in  DM  (old  school  >  new  school)   CEO,  Gilbert  Direct  Marke7ng,  Inc.   President,  Florida  DMA   Professor  Direct  Marke7ng   Author  Target  Marke7ng  Group   •  Return  on  Intelligence  column   •  Guide  to  Social  Media    -­‐  Content   @gilbertdirect  
  3. 3. “What can I e xpect from Social “What kind ROI will I get?” “I tried social m Media?” edia and gaine No Customers d" !”
  4. 4. Orienta7on     (What  these  laws  are  rea   lly  about!) "There is only one valid definition of business purpose – to create a customer. Companies are not in business to make things… but to make customers.”  -­‐-­‐  Peter  F.  Drucker
  5. 5. Transla7on ?   One  Word.. .  
  6. 6. ent!   gagem En   romise   the  DM  P Fulfill    2  way   of  true ica8ons commun  
  7. 7. Social  Media  Law  #  1      level  of   •  The  deeper  the   engagement,  the  deeper  the   trust/bond  with  your  company!   •  Nothing  happens  without  engagement!     •  How  engaged  are  your  social  media  fans?  
  8. 8. The  Law  of  Engagement!       social  media   •  The  goals  of  every   marketer...     –  Engage!   –  Draw  them  out!   –  Get  them  involved!   –  Tug  at  their  heartstrings   –  Tell  a  story!!!!   –  Create  drama!!!!  
  9. 9. The  Law  of  Engagement!      ngagement   The  8  stages  of  e     •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Brand  impression   Like  –  casual  listener   Like    -­‐  engages   Super  like  –  engages  oKen   Minor  brand  advocate  –  recommends  brand   Super  brand  advocate  –  recommends  brand  and  sells  product!   Dislike  –  disgruntled  like  of  advocate  –  goes  away   Super  dislike  (engaged  dislike)  –  goes  away  and  talks  about  brand  in  a   nega8ve  way       •  Goal  move  from  1  –  6   •  Goal  move  back  from  7  and  8  to  6      
  10. 10. Case  Study  –  The  Fresh  D •  About   The   Fresh   Diet   •  Focus  on   Facebook   iet  
  11. 11. Good  news!   •  Facebook  now  allows  contest  to  be   done  right  on  the  7meline!   –  3rd  party  apps  no  longer  needed   –  Engaging  fans  easier  without  “middle-­‐man”   –  S8ll  some  confusing  rules  so  review  before   implemen8ng!  
  12. 12. Not  So  Good  New s!   • FB,  social  glut   • Engagement  more  difficult  in   2013!   • But  mom  all  the  cool  kids…   • Ok  back  to  the  case  study  
  13. 13. Level  of  effec8veness  =  0    2009:   • November 94  fans  
  14. 14. Level  of  effec8veness  =  100   • December  2010:   24,195  likes   That’s  a  lot  more  than   nutrisysem!  
  15. 15. Level  of  effec8veness  =  ?   • Present:   66,000  likes   Stagnant!    
  16. 16. Building  our  brand  via  Facebook   •  Our  Facebook  page  is  our  calling  card.   •  Many  8mes  we  prefer  to  send  to  FB  over  web     •  More  powerful  than  our  website   –  People  see  engagement  and  want  to  join  in   –  People  see  happy  customers  and  order!     •  Beyond  our  “likes”  thousands  of  people  check   us  out  on  FB  daily.      
  17. 17. Don’t  be  an   info          pusher!  
  18. 18. How  we  got  there  –  Goals!   •  Main  goal!   •  Put  a  human  face  on  the  nameless  faceless   corporate  en8ty   •  Dis8nguish  ourselves  from  big  corps   •  We  are  real  people,  promo8ng  a  healthy   lifestyle   •  People  respond  to  real  
  19. 19. How  we  got  there  –  Goals!   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Build  rela8onships  -­‐  Build  engagement   Speak  in  a  real  voice   Develop  trust   Give  to  get  world   Time  spent  on  site  =  engagement   Engagement    =  Sales   Sales  +  Engagement  =  Advocacy   I  tease  people,  draw  them  out,  call  them  out,  etc  
  20. 20. How  we  got  to  66K  –  the  basics   •  •  •  •  •  •  Call  center   Collateral  Material   Mailers   Email  signatures   Email  newslegers   Any  place  we  can  think  of  
  21. 21. How  did  we  get  there?   Facebook  ads     •  •  •  •  •  •  Can  be  hit  or  miss,  but  test!   Effec8ve  in  driving  targeted  traffic   Targe8ng  beger  but  s8ll  needs  work   FB  rolling  out  beger  targe8ng   Boost  Posts   Retarge8ng!  Remarke8ng!  
  22. 22. Step  2  building  engagement   •  Back  in  the  day…   •  It  started  with  a  single  contest.   –  Carbometer     •  Ran  contests  every  day  of  the  week  
  23. 23. Contests  mean  to  us…   •  A  way  to  seed  the  market  with  food   •  A  way  to  have  people  come  back  and  give   posi8ve  feedback   •  The  Give  to  get!   •  An  engagement  tool   •  Fun  –  draws  people  out  
  24. 24. Contest  examples   •  Plate  your   favorite   meals  
  25. 25. Contest  examples   •  Halloween  costume   contest  
  26. 26. Contest  examples   •  Mo8va8on   poster   contests  
  27. 27. Contest  examples   •  Fresh  Diet-­‐ize  a  Beatles  Lyric  (in  honor  of  John   Lennon)   •  Fresh  Diet-­‐ized  Haiku    
  28. 28. Contest  examples   •  Video   contests   •  This   contest   coined  the   phrase,   “the  fresh   diet   delivery   fairies?  
  29. 29. Contest  examples   •  Ultra  secret   contests   –  My  excuse   to  give   away  food   •  Any  old   contests   –  Banner  ad  
  30. 30. Contests  Recipe  winner  
  31. 31. Any  Excuse  for  a  contest  
  32. 32. Social  Media  Law  #  2       =  Revenue.     •  Brand  +  Channels   –  The  more  channels  a  consumer  interacts  with   your  brand  in,  the  more  likely  they  are  to  buy.       –  Offering  mul8ple  engagement  channels  allows  for   consumer  self  selec8on  of  preferred  channels.     –   Being  in  the  right  social  media  channels  based  on   your  market  increases  channel  interac8on.  
  33. 33. We  do  a  lot  of  video  
  34. 34. YouTube  fun  and  rela8onship  building  
  35. 35. Building  Traffic  –  Fans  and  Likes  network   allows  you  to  buy   paid  tweets  from   celebri8es     Gained  400  fans   in  one  day  
  36. 36. Building  Traffic  –  Fans  and  Likes   Tie  ins  with  other   sites  drove  major   traffic  and  likes     We  did  this  one  in   conjunc8on  with   a  freebie  every   day.  
  37. 37. Building  Traffic  –  Fans  and  Likes   Tie  ins  with  other   sites  drove  major   traffic  and  likes     We  did  this  one  in   conjunc8on  with   a  freebie  every   day.  
  38. 38. Building  Traffic  –  Fans  and  Likes   Paid  tweets  from   Heidi  Montag   promo8ng  a   contest  drove   fans  and  contest   entries  
  39. 39. Building  Traffic  –  Fans  and  Likes   Using  the  @  sign   drives  traffic     This  post  ran  on   TFD  and  Holly   Madison’s  FB   page  at  the  same   8me  
  40. 40. Social  Media  Law    #  3       •  Brand  +  7me  +  channels  =  advocates.     –  Consumers  spending  8me  in  mul8  channels   breeds  customers  more  likely  to  become  brand   advocates  and  influencers.       –  This  is  the  new  mul8channel  marke8ng  model  for   the  21st  century.       –  Social  media  creates  brand  advocates  and  turns   peers  into  your  best  salespeople.  
  41. 41. Engagement,  our  customer  take  over   In  a  social  media  driven  world  –  people  buy  from  their   peers!  
  42. 42. Engagement  our  customers  take  over   •  In  Orlando   •  Customers  ran  contests,  promoted  specials   answered  CS  Q’s   •  Our  customers  would  walk  through  fire  due  to   the  trust  we  have  built.   •  We  ask  people  from  FB  to  do  interviews,  show   up  at  events,  etc…  even  be  on  TV.  
  43. 43. Customers  take  over   Fresh  never   frozen  
  44. 44. Social  Media  Law    #  4      earch  factor.     •  The  exponen7al  s –  Social  media  increases  your  search  engine   rankings,  and  when  combined  with  your  website   drives  addi8onal  traffic  via  organic  search.  
  45. 45. Social  Media  Law  #  5       ustomer  service   •  The  new-­‐fangled  c factor.     –  Consumers  choose  their  contact  preferences.       –  Brands  not  having  mul8ple  channels  for  customer   service  risk  losing  customers.       –  Consumers  expect  instant  gra8fica8on  and  social   media  delivers.  
  46. 46. Facebook  as  a  customer  service  tool   •  Our  Sales  and  CS  people  inhabit  our  page   •  Customer  service  is  no  longer  limited  to  the   call  center!!!   •  When  ques8ons  get  asked,  we  answer  ASAP   –  Speed  and  agility  in  a  social  media  world   –  If  we  don’t  answer  fast  enough,  we  get  grief  
  47. 47. Facebook  as  a  Customer  Service  tool   When  issues  come  up   we  must  address  them   with  speed,  agility  and   accuracy,  otherwise  we   will  get  skewered  
  48. 48. Facebook  as  a  Customer  Service  tool   When  issues  come  up   we  must  address  them   with  speed,  agility  and   accuracy,  otherwise  we   will  get  skewered       We  took  a  bea8ng  due   to  the  snow  in  the  NE  
  49. 49. Social  Media  Law    #  6       factor.   •  The  behind  the  scenes   –  People  don’t  buy  from  brands  -­‐  they  buy  from   people.       –  Social  media  puts  a  human  face  on  the  faceless   corporate  en8ty.       –  The  biggest  opportunity  around  social  media  is  to   allow  people  to  connect  with  your  employees  as   peers.  
  50. 50. ys  of  “big   The  da e  over!   s  corp.”  ar anonymou
  51. 51. Bio’s  of   our   employees   bring   customers   closer  to   the   company  
  52. 52. Build  involvement  and  trust   Be  Transparent     Go  behind  the   scenes  
  53. 53. Bringing  our  customers  closer   Image  done  by  one  of   our  customers  of  our   CEO  Zalmi  Duchman.     He  is  officially  Zman  or   Zuperman  to  our  fans  
  54. 54. Again,  we  do  a  lot  of  video  
  55. 55. Social  Media  Law    #  7      lack.     •  Trust  is  the  new  b –  The  aforemen8oned  laws  allow  consumers  to   build  or  rebuild  trust  if  done  correctly.       –  Social  media  harkens  back  to  the  days  of  the   corner  store  where  consumers  and  brands  had  a   cordial  rela8onship.       –  Social  media  builds  rela8onships  over  8me.  
  56. 56. Trust?    Our  involvement  devices   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Delivery  fairies   Fearless  FB  leader   Overgiving   We  let  our  customers  run  and  judge  contests   Brand  everybody   Make  fun  of  ourselves   Have  all  get  involved  in  company   Ask  ques8ons,  involve  customers  (bag,  slogans)  
  57. 57. Building  Trust  –  Random  Freebies   •  Every  day  we  give  food  away  randomly  on  FB.       •  Other  8mes  we  just  give  it  away  for  no  reason   •  Is  it  expensive?    Sure,  but  the  rewards  are   enormous   –  People  are  always  promo8ng  us  to  our  friends   –  Another  way  we  seed  the  market  and  drive   posi8ve  reviews    
  58. 58. Build  involvement  and  trust  
  59. 59. Give  to  get  –  Random  Freebies  
  60. 60. Social  Media  Law    #  8       factor.     •  The  online  reputa7on   –  Whether  you  like  it  or  not  consumers  are  talking   about  your  brand.       –  Social  media  is  the  great  neutralizer.       –  It  allows  your  company  to  seek  out  nega8ves  and   turn  them  into  posi8ves  via  reputa8on   management  and  communica8ons.  
  61. 61. Rep  is  everything  
  62. 62. Rep  is  everything  
  63. 63. Social  Media  Law    #  9         •  The  7me  spent  factor.   –  Customers  are  not  always  ready  to  buy.       –  Social  media’s  eight  other  immutable  laws   prepares  customers  over  8me.    
  64. 64. Social  Media  Law  #  9       me  +  trust  =   •  Engagement  +  7 revenue.     –  When  we  run  sales  on  FB  sales  come!   –  Use  promo  codes  to  track   –  Customers  do  the  selling  for  us.   •  Must  try  this!  
  65. 65. Get  a  copy…   •  Drop  me  a  business  card  and  I  will   send  you  a  copy  of  this  preso!   –  Feel  free  to  pass  it  along  too!  
  66. 66. Thank  You!   How  to  reach  me…     @gilbertdirect   561-­‐302-­‐1719