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Munk and vc


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Munk and vc

  1. 1. Munk SchoolVENTURE CAPITAL and GLOBAL AFFAIRS November 23, 2011 t
  2. 2. Venture Capital and MGA Global Affairs• New defense and security issues leads to investment opportunities (cybersecurity, microdrones, facial recognition software)• International development leads to a BILLION ENTREPRENEURS and BoP (BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID) economic growth models• African Venture capital or Guatemalan digital media
  3. 3. In-Q-TelFROM FORBES November 2010“Tiny cameras. Hearing devices for the teeth. Wi-fi for refrigerators. These are some of the productsmade by companies that have caught the eye of In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the CentralIntelligence Agency.One of the most recent companies to get an infusion of cash from the U.S. spy bureaus investment fundis Cleversafe, a Chicago-based startup that offers software to keep data stored in cloud networks secureby slicing it up and storing it in different locations. In a press release issued last month about theinvestment, William Strecker, In-Q-Tels chief technology officer, said the intelligence community islooking for new ways to secure information given the increasing ubiquity of cloud computing.The countrys only federally funded venture capital firm was created in 1999, during the techboom, because the private sector was setting the pace in technological innovation, leaving theintelligence community feeling not very intelligent. In-Q-Tel invests in startups developing technologiesthat could prove useful to the CIA and the national security community. But it knew it had to adjust tothe Silicon Valley model to work. "The CIA had to offer Silicon Valley something of value, a businessmodel that the Valley understood; a model that provides those who joined hands with In-Q-Tel theopportunity to commercialize their innovations," CIA official Rick Yannuzzi wrote in a briefing documentfor the Defense Intelligence Journal in 2001.”
  4. 4. Portfolio• cia-venture-fund-business-washington- cia_slide_7.html
  5. 5. Military strategies• Investing in microdrones
  6. 6. Misha Glenny investing in cybersecurity
  7. 7. VC 4 AFRICA••
  8. 8. another view of CAMPUSTECsee