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Heathcare by design new venture capital category

  1. 1. HEALTHCARE ANDDESIGN:THOUGHTS ON ANEW VENTURECAPITAL SPACEJim de Wildewww.jimdewilde.netjdewilde@ca.inter.net
  2. 2. INVESTING IN HEALTHCARE BYDESIGN Mobile applications (m-health) Redesigning health care products (dissolvable sutures, nutraceuticals) Data mining of “big data” to establish best practices and epidemeological trends Biodesign for measurement of health Assisted living with wireless controls (sensing technologies and robotic aid) Frugal engineering (appropriate design for Africa, rural India) Health engineering (applied physiology using technology) Hybrid realities
  3. 3. DESIGN AS A WAY TO INNOVATE INHEALTHCARE AND MEDICALPRODUCTS Next generation wheelchairs (WIRED)Medical products move slowly. The first wheelchair was invented in 6th-century China. That basicdesign lasted until the first collapsible “X-frame” model was developed in 1933. If there’s a logicalcontinuum, we are around 1,400 years away from the next major breakthrough in wheelchairtechnology. At least we were, until New Zealand design student Oscar Fernandez submitted hisentry to the Dyson Design Competition
  4. 4. BIG DATA AND CROWDSOURCING FORHEALTHCARE INNOVATION FUND IDEA Crowdsourcing, data mining and micronutrients (protein tracking). There are few more overheated areas of venture capital than figuring out how to mine “big data”. I am a believer that targeted projects enhance operational efficacy so look at ways where crowdsourcing has produced operational effectiveness. Ushahidi is a global brand in this. A social impact venture fund looking at mining data from crowdsourcing for useful trends, tracking changes in health patterns resulting from food production innovations, assessing micronutrients . Tracking micronutrient use is already high on the medical innovation. A fund that used crowdsourcing to track the impact of micronutrient programmes, changes in food production and nutrition enhancement and public health records would be of interest to venture capitalists trying to manage “big data” but would also enhance our capacity as decision-makers to understand macro trends.
  5. 5. HEALTH INNOVATION THROUGH OPENSOURCE CROSS-CULTURALDISCUSSION Chinese herbal remedies and commercialization of inventive sources. A second fund needs to back the global expansion of cost-effective remedies that are innovated outside of the G8 medical research mainstream. See the open source innovation/biopiracy issues since the Hoodia cactus issue of a decade ago. It has become a major part of Indian, Chinese and Brazilian negotiating points on intellectual property and can be remedied by a social impact investment fund that ensures adequate commercialization of non-G8 inventive sources while respecting the regulatory regimes which remain at the cornerstone of G8 nation’s rules of intellectual property.
  6. 6. MOBILE HEALTH AS INNOVATION INHEALTH CARE While discussions of mobile health are ubiquitous, there is no venture capital fund that I know of that is exclusively dedicated to mobile innovations in global health care. The M-health alliance plays a role in this, with backing from among others the Vodafone foundation. KOMODO (OCADU) mobility assistance through technologyhttp://www.ocadu.ca/about_ocad/articles/stories/20111 216_ inclusive_design_mobile_tech.htm
  7. 7. THOUGHT LEADERS IN HEALTHINNOVATION BY DESIGN Sam Basta www.HEALTHCAREINNOVATIONBYDESIGN.COM Rodrigo Martinez http://www.ideo.com/people/rodrigo-martinez http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62uKu- UIDnk&list=PL7374C8D1C19B66B6&index=1&feature=plpp_video Jay Srini http://www.slideshare.net/HowardRosen129/the-future-of- mhealth-jay-srini-march-2011 and http://www.cs.cmu.edu/advisoryboard/bios/srini.html Sean Hogan Global Healthcare IBM Stefanos Zenios BIODESIGN INNOVATION http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxVbA48Kb40 Chris Shen http://biodesign.stanford.edu/bdn/people/shen_chris.jsp Rajiv Doshi http://biodesign.stanford.edu/bdn/people/doshi_rajiv.jsp
  8. 8. VENTURE CAPITAL PORTFOLIOSTRATEGIES FOR INNOVATION INHEALTHCARE Frazier Healthcare http://www.frazierhealthcare.com/ Biodesign at STANFORD http://biodesign.stanford.edu/bdn/supporters/venturepartners.jsp Partners Innovation Fund http://rvl.partners.org/investors_and_entrepreneurs/partners_inno vation_fund Versant Ventures http://www.versantventures.com/
  9. 9. HEALTH CARE DESIGN INSPIREDINNOVATION VENTURE CAPITALPORTFOLIO Indian M-health Design assisted living (e.g. KOMODO) Information architecture “big data” epidemiology. Medical devices assisted by design (stents, catheters) Smart materials and new product innovation. Crowdsourced nutritional maps http://www.nhpr.org/post/forget-robots-venture-capitalists-change- their-health-care-investments http://www.laterlifeskills.com/latest-news/aging-place-startup- independa-tops-235m-funding/
  10. 10. OTHER INNOVATORS IN DESIGN ANDMEDICINE NORTHWESTERN http://cight.northwestern.edu/global-health- initiatives/current%20projects1/diagnostic_tools_for_the_developing_world.ht ml NEW MEDIA MEDICINE MIT MEDIALAB http://newmed.media.mit.edu/blog MEDIALAB ePatients http://e-patients.net/archives/2012/01/mit-media-labs- health-wellness-2012-ten-day-innovation-fest-six-us-centered-projects.html IMPERIAL COLLEGE (London) Virtual Worlds http://www1.imperial.ac.uk/surgeryandcancer/divisionofsurgery/research_the mes/virtualworlds/
  11. 11. ROCK HEALTH INCUBATORS - CASESTUDY OF HEALTH INNOVATION ANDDESIGN http://www.xconomy.com/san-francisco/2011/06/02/rock-health-a- new-incubator-for-healthcare-it-startups-names-its-first-class/ http://www.imedicalapps.com/2011/10/rock-health-incubator- seeks-mobile-health-startup-applicants/ http://www.thehappymd.com/health-care-products-that-work/ http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/41-innovative- products-selected-as-finalists-in-2012-medical-design-excellence- awards-145846955.html http://www.healthymagination.com/stories/pediatric-adventures/