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This is not your grandmother's online map: Advancing your mission with GIS tools

  1. this is NOT your grandmother's online map! advancing your mission with GIS tools 10 April 2010 – NTC'10 33.7555 N // 84.3918 W
  2. this IS an online map of your grandmother
  3. Maps tell powerful stories about the communities and the world in which we live. Maps are a visualization tool, a way to help us transform columns of data into useful knowledge about the people and places around us.
  4. Ewww... TEXT! Boring and unhelpful!
  5. Hooray for Maps!
  6. Acronym Alert! GIS = Geographic Information System
  7. maps are important
  8. “gerrymandering”
  9. A Tale of Two Maps...
  10. A brief history of mapping...
  11. Snow's Cholera Map, London, 1854
  12. Bunge's Maps of Poverty, Detroit, 1971
  13. Bunge's Maps of Poverty, Detroit, 1971
  14. Bunge's Maps of Poverty, Detroit, 1971
  15. Bunge's Maps of Poverty, Detroit, 1971
  16. The old days...
  17. counter-mapping
  18. Geographic Information Systems ●formal ●analytical ●costly ●.gov, .com, .edu PARTICIPATORY! DATA AND TOOLS MAPS FOR THE SHOULD BE FREE! PEOPLE! BOTTOM UP! NOT TOP DOWN! neogeography!
  20. Common Uses of Nonprofit Maps Storytelling/Advocacy/Activism ● Program/Service Delivery ● Research/Analysis ● Fundraising/Development ● Community Resource/Asset Mapping ●
  21. Program and Service Delivery
  22. Storytelling / Advocacy / Activism
  23. Research and Analysis
  24. Fundraising / Development
  25. Kira Marchenese Environmental Defense Fund
  26. Purpose of map: Why? Data: What? Where? Tools: How?
  27. Stakeholder participation Privacy Discrimination Accessibility Intellectual property
  28. Data: What are we mapping? Our data – existing databases and spreadsheets Data from government, academic, or other organizational sources Data obtained from commercial data providers Data obtained from the community
  29. Data Acquisition Challenges Practical: availability, quality, scope Legal: licensing, copyrights, etc. Technical: incompatible formats, technology, etc. Financial: cost, both to obtain data and to format/edit it
  30. First Name Last Name Address City State ZIP Status Alice Alpha 123 Apple Way Anytown US 10001 Donor Bob Bravo 456 Birch Dr Anytown US 10001 Volunteer Carol Charles 789 Cactus Rd Anytown US 10002 Donor Dave Delta 12 Dogwood St Anytown US 10002 Staff “CSV is the de facto data format standard for one-time exports and data migration projects.” Source: Peter S. Campbell and the awesome folks at
  31. Data Digression... CSV – Comma-separated values KML – Keyhole Markup Language (Google)
  32. SHP – Shapefile (ESRI/Arc*)
  33. Data Digression... Geocoding 45°31′12″N 123 Main St. 122°40′55″W
  37. SEDAC: Socioeconomic Data & Applications Center
  38. ECAI: Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
  39. ECAI: Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative
  40. United States National Atlas
  42. GeoGratis – Natural Resources Canada
  45. Ordnance Survey - UK
  46. Neighborhood Boundary Files
  47. Base Maps: The Layer Underneath is Often Overlooked Google Yahoo Bing OpenStreetMap OpenAerialMap NASA (Blue Marble) USGS ... Any WMS tile server
  48. Balloon + Camera = DIY Aerial Photography! ( – Shipibo, Lima, Peru)
  49. Google Map of Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya
  51. OpenStreetMap (global)
  52. Maps of the people... by the people: Collecting data from the community
  54. The Mystery of #PDXboom
  55. David Kobia Ushahidi
  56. The Neogeographer's Toolbox: Asking the right question Picking the right tool Playing well with others
  57. Selecting the right tool for the job Features vs. Requirements Simple vs. Sophisticated Proprietary vs. Free/open source Expensive vs. Free/low-cost Browser-based vs. Desktop-based Components vs. Integration
  58. Quick 'n' Dirty Mapmaking
  59. Quick 'n' Dirty Mapmaking
  60. Quick 'n' Dirty Mapmaking
  61. Quick 'n' Dirty Mapmaking
  62. Getting started with web-based mapping Google Maps OpenStreetMap Google MyMaps GeoCommons Finder GeoCommons Maker Google Fusion Tables Mapping
  63. GeoCommons Finder! and Maker!
  64. GeoCommons Finder! and Maker!
  65. GeoCommons Finder! and Maker!
  66. Geo-Content Management System (Drupal + Google Maps API)
  67. Mixing and Mashing... API – Application Programming Interface Web Services GeoRSS, GeoXML, GeoJSON Location-based Services Twitter Foursquare, etc.
  68. Warden's Facebook Data Crawl Results
  69. Floating Sheep's “Beer Belly of the US”
  70. Mapping Application Architecture
  71. Services Tile providers: OSM/T@H Google Maps Bing Maps Database services: Google API SimpleGeo GeoNames VoteSmart Sunlight API
  72. Components and Libraries OpenLayers – JS map rendering in-browser Mapstraction – JS library for abstracting mapping provider interfaces Mapnik – C++/Python rendering on server or client ModestMaps – Flash (AS2, AS3) and Python slippy map generation
  73. Mapnik – Shaded Relief
  74. Modest Maps – Flash Slippy Map
  75. Desktop Mapping ESRI's ArcGIS tools GRASS, QuantumGIS, uDIG Google Earth
  76. Tanya Keen Google Earth Outreach
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