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There's no "I" in Drupal


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The process of building a website often requires some level of involvement from almost every department in an organization: Marketing, I.T., Management, and HR, just to name a few. The Drupal community is full of people developing clever solutions to technical problems, but what about the human component of developing an effective Drupal site?

How do you align your internal team to effective decision making strategies?
How do you avoid the perils of “design by committee” when so many voices need to be heard?
How do you stay on schedule with so many dependencies just begging to delay your launch?

Context has worked on a variety of projects where stakeholders were numerous, inter-departmental politics were deep and unyielding, and some out-of-touch decision makers had the final say on key decisions. We’d like to present some experiences, tips, and techniques that we’ve found to be critical to an effective site development process. The presentation should be valuable both to development firms interested in streamlining their processes, and to organizations looking to embark on a Drupal project.

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There's no "I" in Drupal

  1. 1. Theres no “I” in Drupal:Building a Team Dynamic Equipped for Success
  2. 2. About Us - Web Development Company based outside of Philadelphia - Focus on large-scale content management and E-Commerce projects - Work primarily in Drupal
  3. 3. Our Work The Wistar Institute 2011 Designer: BlueCadet
  4. 4. Our Work Upenn College of Arts & Sciences
  5. 5. Our Work Longwood Gardens Summer 2012 Designer: HappyCog
  7. 7. PLANNING
  8. 8. PLANNING- Thorough planning and discovery = the best thing you can do to maintain timeframe and cost- Plan to design as many pages as possible- Dont leave unanswered questions forthe development phase- Milestones & Documentation (with signoff)
  9. 9. DECISION MAKING- Identify stakeholders- Make sure everyones aware of how decisions are made, and that decisions are relatively final- Present options, not open-ended questions- Flexibility != indecisiveness
  10. 10. TEAM STRUCTURE- Have someone dedicated to content, ASAP- Dedicated project manager on both sides of the project- Designers and Developers are not project managers
  11. 11. Any questions?