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Mindshare Chart


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Mindshare Chart

  1. 1. “ The movement toward a quantum economy necessarily means a movement toward an economy of mind.” - George Gilder, Microcosm
  2. 2. mind-share n. the amount of attention required by something, the time spent thinking about something
  3. 3. % $ 0 100 Incentive value Information value marketer consumer Chance of sale Relevance Opportunity Charting the market for mindshare
  4. 4. MyMindshare is an online marketing system that effectively and meaningfully connects marketers with consumers. It does this by combining a surveying and targeting system with a rating and bidding system. By harnessing the built-in incentives of a free market, MyMindshare aligns the interests of both marketers and consumers so that they can get together on equally valuable terms.
  5. 6. 100% $ advertiser 85% $ consumer 15% $ admin fee Float The revenue model
  6. 7. The marketing plan Affiliate Partners powered by MyMindshare Affiliate revenue: 10% deposited funds sourced by affiliate. 5% cashed out funds sourced by affiliate