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SKUFF Protective Coatings Information Packet


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This PDF is our very first Information Packet for SKUFF Protective Coatings. It outlines the benefits of using SKUFF and information for businesses.

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SKUFF Protective Coatings Information Packet

  2. 2. SKUFF Protective Coatings!SKUFF is a clear protective coating that you can apply to shoes and leather goods to keep them looking newand make them last longer. SKUFF comes in easy to use applicators that you can use to apply it to shoes andleather goods to protect them from scuff marks and stains and repel dirt and water!Prevents Scuff Marks and Stains!SKUFF prevents scuff marks and stains. Shoes are used more and subject to tougher conditions thananything else we wear. So why not protect them? SKUFF forms a protective coating that resists daily wearand tear and prevents scuffs and stains from spoiling shoes and accessories.Repels Dirt and Water!SKUFF repels both dirt and water to keep your stuff clean and dry. It forms an impermeable, waterproofbarrier that keeps water out and mud from sticking to the surface of your shoes and accessories. It keepsyour stuff cleaner and drier even in the most extreme conditions.
  3. 3. Refinishes Leather and Vinyl!SKUFF refinishes leather and vinyl goods. It repairs used shoes and accessories by filling in and resurfacingdamaged areas and extends their lifespan by protecting them from further damage. SKUFF can be used torestore the condition of many leather and vinyl goods just by applying.Looks Better Than Polish!If youre looking for a sophisticated, decorative shine for your shoes and accessories, our Polished version ofSKUFF is about as good as they come. It will give you an effortless shine in half the time that looks betterthan traditional polishes and lasts for months and even years to come.Lasts for Months, Even Years!SKUFF offers you the longest lasting protection available on the market today. A single application of SKUFFcan last for months, even years! Apply SKUFF several times for maximum protection and youll have somereal tough stuff that wont get beat up even when you wear it hard. About time, right?
  4. 4. Apply Quickly and Easily!Applying SKUFF is quick and easy. SKUFF comes in easy-to-use, squeeze applicators that dispense SKUFF asyou apply it. Simply squeeze and spread! It makes applying SKUFF so easy you can do it anytime, anywherewith NO ACCESSORIES NEEDED! Try applying SKUFF using our complementary SKUFF towelettes as wipes!Odorless and Mess Free!Applying SKUFF is odorless and mess free. Have you ever applied Polish? It smells and leaves a mess! Haveyou ever applied SKUFF? Its quick and easy with little to no smell. You dont need anything else to apply it,you have nothing to clean, and there is nothing to throw away afterward.Water Based and Eco Friendly!SKUFF is water based and eco friendly. Instead of containing harmful solvents and chemicals, SKUFF isbased on water. It was engineered to be a safer and smarter alternative to traditional polishes andwaterproofing sprays. Choosing SKUFF is better for both you and the environment.
  5. 5. Brand New Innovative Product!SKUFF Protective Coatings are brand new! Unlike polishes and protectant sprays, SKUFF applies a clearprotective coating that will repel dirt and water, and protect shoes and leather goods from scuff marks andstains! It comes in easy to use, squeeze applicators along with towelettes for both cleaning and applying.Original and Polish Versions!SKUFF is available in both Original and Polish versions which differ in how much shine they add. PolishedSKUFF dries to form a glossy, clear protective finish while Original SKUFF dries to form a non-glossy, virtuallyinvisible, protective finish. Polished adds shine, Original does not.Single Use and Multi Use Sizes!SKUFF comes in both small and large applicators. Single Use applicators are small, precise, and perfect forapplying to smaller items such as shoes, purses, wallets, or belts. Multi Use applicators are bigger and betterfor larger items such as briefcases, jackets, luggage, or large bags.
  6. 6. PreparationClean Using SKUFF Towelettes!Use SKUFF towelettes to clean items before applying SKUFF. Two (2) towelettes are included complementarywith each SKUFF applicator. Tear open the packet, unfold the towelette, and wipe down the item to removedirt and polish. The goal is to remove dirt, polish, and other surface contaminants before applying SKUFF. Thebetter you clean off dirt and polish, the better SKUFF will look and hold up against daily wear and tear.Remove Dirt and Debris!Remove any dirt and debris using SKUFF towelettes or by simply washing the item with soap and water.When you apply SKUFF over dirt and debris, it gets trapped and becomes part of the protective coating.SKUFF towelettes are large and durable for cleaning all sorts of items without tearing and leaving lint.Remove Wax and Silicone!SKUFF wont stick to wax and silicone, so it should not be applied over polishes and waterproofing sprays.Applying SKUFF over surface treatments causes it to lose adhesion, blister, and peel. Use SKUFF towelettes,rubbing alcohol, or leather deglazers to remove wax and silicone from the item before applying SKUFF.
  7. 7. ApplicationApplying SKUFF is Quick and Easy!SKUFF comes in easy to use, squeeze applicators along with complementary SKUFF towelettes for applying.The applicator is a squeeze tube with a sponge applicator head. Its released through the sponge applicatorhead while you squeeze so you can apply it using just the applicator. Each applicator comes with towelettesthat you can use to apply SKUFF quicker and easier over a larger area for a better finish in half the time.Apply SKUFF Using Applicator!SKUFF applicators are the default method for applying SKUFF. They are easy to use and can be used byanyone, anytime, anywhere to apply SKUFF with great results. You squeeze the applicator to dispense SKUFFand spread it with the sponge applicator head. Just squeeze and spread! Best of all, no accessories needed.Spread SKUFF Using Towelettes!SKUFF towelettes are the perfect complement to applicators when applying SKUFF. Using the applicator toapply SKUFF and the towelettes to spread it makes applying SKUFF quicker and easier than using just theapplicator alone. Use SKUFF towelettes to spread SKUFF more evenly in half the time for a better finish.
  8. 8. Business Information Business Hours Monday - Saturday Toll-Free 1-888-758-3387 (SKUFF-US) 9 AM - 6 PM MST Local 1-480-336-2335 Mailing Address 2036 N. Gilbert Rd. Fax 1-480-336-2334 Suite 2 - 410 Email BusinessService@SKUFF.US Mesa, AZ 85203 Website WWW.SKUFF.USBusiness Description SKUFF Protective Coatings was founded in 2007 by a team of engineers, each dedicated to the idea ofprotecting shoes and preventing scuff marks on patent leather. We have been in business three (3) years andrunning as developer, manufacturer, and distributor of SKUFF Protective Coatings. Our facility includes amanufacturing area and call center. We currently have a team of members dedicated to providing you withour new and innovative SKUFF products at exceptional, introductory prices with outstanding, personalcustomer service.Product Benefits Business Highlights New and Innovative Product!  Low Introductory Pricing! Original and Polish Versions!  "First Adopter Benefits!" Single Use and Multi Use Sizes!  In-House Sales, Service, and Engineering Staff! Applies Quickly and Easily!  Comprehensive Product Support! Refinishes Leather and Vinyl!  Easy Ordering and Returns! Protects Shoes and Accessories!  Quick Response Times! Looks Better Than Polish!  Phone Auto Attendant with 24/7 Voicemail! Odorless and Mess Free!  Professionally Designed Website! Water Based and Eco Friendly!  Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays Available! Prevents Scuffs and Stains!  Additional Marketing Collateral Available! Repels Dirt and Water!  Contact Us via Phone, Fax, Email, or Website! Lasts for Months, Even Years! Crystal Clear and Non Yellowing! Reusable and reapplicable! Dries Quick! Easy to Clean! Long Shelf Life! MADE IN AMERICA!
  9. 9. Ordering1. In Person / Over the Phone - Give your order in person or over the phone directly to one of our representatives.2. Online - Place your order online at WWW.SKUFF.US.3. By Fax / Email / Mail - Send a purchase order to us via fax, email, or mail.Note - Retailers ordering for the first time may receive sales tax exemption by filling out and submitting anArizona Form 5000. Please, fill it out and return it to us for wholesale pricing without sales tax. Arizona Form5000 can be found online via search engine or at PaymentSKUFF Protective Coatings accepts the following payment methods:1. Cash - Pay in person, via mail, or on delivery.2. Check or Money Order - Pay in person or via mail. Make payable to “SKUFF Protective Coatings.”3. Credit Card - Pay in person, over the phone, or via online invoice.4. Bank Transfer - Pay via online invoice.5. PayPal Transfer - Send transfer to: BusinessService@SKUFF.US. Delivery Parcel Freight (100+ lbs.)Lead Time 1-3 business days 1-3 business daysService Provider UPS, FedEx, USPS www.FreightQuote.comPackaging Corrugated, cardboard boxes Corrugated, cardboard boxesDelivery Time 4-10 business days 4-10 business daysNote - Expedited processing and delivery are available upon special request. Customer ServiceSamples – Samples are provided upon request for employee trial and training purposes.Marketing Collateral – Marketing cards and brochures are supplied free with orders of 50 or more.Point of Purchase (POP) Counter Displays - SKUFF POP Displays are supplied upon request with orders of 50or more products. Showcase your SKUFF products within your store on counter tops, near cash registers, oron shelves.
  10. 10. Single Use Applicators Multi Use Applicators SKUFF Towelettes WHOLESALE PRICING < 10 = $5.50 < 10 = $11.00 < 50 = $0.20 10 - 50 = $5.00 10 - 25 = $10.00 50 - 249 = $0.18 50 - 100 = $4.50 25 - 50 = $9.00 250 - 500 = $0.17 100 - 200 = $4.00 50 - 100 = $8.00 500 - 1000 = $0.16 200 - 400 = $3.50 100 - 200 = $7.00 1000 - 4999 = $0.15 400+ = Get Quote 200+ = Get Quote 5000+ = Get Quote SUGGESTED RETAIL MARKUP ~ $4.99 ~ $9.99 ~ $0.20 SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICING MSRP : $9.99 MSRP : $17.99 MSRP : $0.30 Or Or Or $7.99 - $9.99 $15.99 - $19.99 $0.25 - $0.35 THANKS YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION! To place an order, call us toll free at 1 (888) 758-3387 (SKUFF US) or visit our website at WWW.SKUFF.US