Guide to selling your home


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A 13 page guide which explains the process of selling your home with a Realtor. This guide outlines the selling process, marketing techniques, and the roles you and your Realtor have in the process of listing and selling your home.

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Guide to selling your home

  1. 1. Guide to Selling Your HomeDear Prospective Clients,If youre thinking about selling your home, I want to be the real estate professional tohelp you.Choosing an agent to sell your home is a big decision. There are lots of agents outthere, and it’s hard to know who you can trust with such a large responsibility.A for me, I have the experience and know-how to put a sold sign on your property.Most agents simply list homes and then wait for them to sell. I actively market them.From listing to closing, I am committed to navigating the entire sale process for you,using my expertise to sell your home smoothly, and for top market price. I will activelytarget the types of buyers most likely to want your home. I will also advise you aboutthe home repairs and improvements that will maximize your asking price. And I willadvertise/market your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.This package contains helpful information for you, including an overview of the homeselling process, answers to frequently asked questions, and my 10-step marketingplan for getting homes sold.When you’re ready to make an appointment, I‘ll prepare an in-depth analysis of yourhome, compare it to other homes in the market, and recommend a personalizedmarketing program and pricing strategy just for you.Please feel free to contact me with any questions; I appreciate the opportunity to earnyour business. For more information visit my website atScottsdale-Arizona-Real-Estate.comSincerely,Jim Bolger GRI CDPEREALTOR®Jim Bolger | Realty ONE Group7975 N. Hayden Road, Suite A-101, Scottsdale, AZ 85258P 480.266.8866 F 480.718.7975 E
  2. 2. Jim Bolger | 480.266.8866jimbolger23@gmail.comPrepared for:Compliments of:Prospective ClientsJim Bolger GRI CDPEREALTOR®Realty ONE Group7975 N Hayden Road, Suite A-101Scottsdale, AZ 85258From listing to Sold, before it gets
  3. 3. From listing to Sold, before it gets old.selling your homeIt’s All About YouThe Home Selling ProcessFrequently Asked QuestionsWhat I Do For YouMy 10-step Marketing PlanWhy Realty ONE GroupAbout MeWhat My Clients SayJim Bolger GRI CDPE • •
  4. 4. it’s all about youMy real estate business has been built around one guiding principle: Its all about you.Your NeedsYour DreamsYour ConcernsYour QuestionsYour FinancesYour TimeYour LifeMy entire focus is on your complete satisfaction. In fact, I work to get the job done so well, you willwant to tell your friends and associates about it. Maybe thats why over 50% of my business comesfrom repeat customers and referrals.Outstanding service speaks for itself.I look forward to the opportunity to earn your business too.From listing to Sold, before it gets old.Jim Bolger GRI CDPE • •
  5. 5. the home selling processThere are a lot of details to be handled when selling a home. It is my job to streamline the homesale process for you, ensuring everything is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.This overview was designed to help you understand my role in the various steps along the way.Preparing for SaleConduct a multi-faceted Competitive Market Analysis to establish a fair market value of your homePrepare and complete the listing agreementRecommend improvements to maximize your homes valuePlace a lock box on your property, if neededMarketing your HomeEnter listing information into the MLSPlace a For Sale sign on your propertyCreate the House Book for showingsNotify top local agents of this new listingDistribute Just Listed flyers to your neighborhoodPost your house information on the InternetNotify potential buyers with details of listingArrange showings for other agentsCommunicating with YouContact you regularly with feedbackPrepare and deliver regular progress reports to youDiscuss all marketing activities with youCoordinating the SalePre-qualify potential buyersPresent and discuss all offers with youNegotiate your transaction with the other agentPrepare and finalize the closingFrom listing to Sold, before it gets old.Jim Bolger GRI CDPE • •
  6. 6. the home selling processOther Ways I Can HelpArrange for an agent to assist you in your relocationRecommend a moving companyProvide you with a helpful moving checklistRecommend preferred companies for related servicesI work hard to make the sale of your home as smooth and stress-free as possible!continued…From listing to Sold, before it gets old.Jim Bolger GRI CDPE • •
  7. 7. frequently asked questionsAre there things we should do to our home to help ensure the maximum price?Yes. There is a benefit to making sure your home looks its best prior to offering it for sale.There are also small remodeling jobs that will pay off at resale. I can advise you about specificimprovements that will increase your homes marketability and value.How often will you advertise our property?I dont just list homes; I market them. I will make sure your home is marketed to potential buyersaround the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I will customize a marketing plan to reach thetypes of buyers most likely to purchase your home. I know how to maximize the power of theInternet for my clients, while also using traditional methods which may include newspaper ads,brochures, yard signs and direct mail.Will you be present at all showings?Typically, potential buyers will bring their own agents to see your home. Most buyers prefer onlytheir own agents be present when evaluating a prospective new home.What if another agent tells us they can get us more for the house?Some agents will quote a higher listing price just to get your business, but an overpriced housewill not sell. If you choose to work with me, I will provide data in the form of charts and graphs,and conduct a multi-faceted Competitive Market Analysis prior to recommending an asking pricefor your house. I will provide this quantitative data and offer my professional opinion on how themarket will value your home. In short, I will explain how I arrived at the price, but ultimately thedecision is up to you.Do we have any responsibilities during the marketing of our home?Your primary job during the sale of your home is to keep it neat and clean for showings. A largepart of a homes appeal involves staging, which is everything from furniture placement to homefragrance. I will advise you on how to stage your home well, giving you easy tips and quick fixesto maximize your homes appeal.What happens once we get an offer?I will help you consider each offer and negotiate the best deal for you. Once youve accepted anoffer, I will guide you through the entire closing process and ensure everything proceedssmoothly.From listing to Sold, before it gets old.Jim Bolger • •
  8. 8. what I do for youAll real estate agents will claim they can sell your house...I promise to sell your house at the maximum market price, with minimumhassle.Selling a home successfully requires experience, time and resources.ExperienceFrom pinpointing an optimal asking price to writing a purchase agreement and negotiating termsof sale, real estate transactions are a science.TimeSelling a home involves hours of open houses, phone calls and paperwork that you shouldnthave to worry about. I will take care of it all for you.ResourcesYard signs, brochures, ads, direct mail and Internet technology. Keeping your home in front ofpotential buyers requires marketing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Selling your home can be a daunting task. I work hard so my clients can enjoy having their homessold worry-free and profitably. I would love the opportunity to earn your business.From listing to Sold, before it gets old.82% of home sales are the result of agent connectionsSource: National Association of REALTORS®Jim Bolger • •
  9. 9. my 10-step marketing planMy 10-step marketing plan is designed to get your home the maximum amount of exposure in theshortest period of time. Each step involves proven techniques that leverage the opportunitiesto showcase your home to key people that can either buy your home or help us find the rightbuyer: Prospective homebuyers, local real estate agents and investors.I will:1. Provide you with data in the form of charts, graphs and comparables to help you position yourhome strategically to be competitive in the current market and current price trends.2. Suggest ideas to help you stage your home to showcase features that buyers are mostinterested in: uncluttered rooms and closets, fresh paint and pleasing drive-up appeal.3. Place For Sale signage, complete with property flyers that are accessible to drive-by prospects.4. Distribute Just Listed marketing to neighbors, encouraging them to tell their family and friendsabout your home.5. Optimize your homes Internet presence by posting it on local and global MLS systems andadding multiple photographs and creative descriptions.6. Create comment cards and flyers for your property. Showcasing additional information andphotos of your home and neighborhood will attract extra attention.7. Target my marketing to active real estate agents that specialize in selling homes in yourneighborhood, and nationally to agents who specialize in relocation.8. Advertise your home in the appropriate real estate magazines, neighborhood newsletters anddirect mail campaigns.9. Target my marketing to active buyers and investors in my database that are looking for homes inyour price range and area.10. Provide you with weekly updates detailing my marketing efforts, including comments fromprospective buyers and agents that have visited your home.From listing to Sold, before it gets old.Jim Bolger • •
  10. 10. why Realty ONE Group?There is a reason more and more agents are making the change to Realty ONE Group. Heres why itmatters to you:KnowledgePowerful curriculum through keeps us ahead of trends, tools and advancements in the realestate industry.SpeedLeading-edge technology solutions accelerate our efficiency and productivity.TeamworkContrary to other real estate companies, Realty ONE Group was designed to reward agentsfor working together – to serve clients better.ReliabilityRealty ONE Group was founded on the principles of trust and honesty, emphasizing theimportance of having the integrity to do the right thing and always putting the customersneeds first.SuccessRealty ONE Group is the fastest growing real estate company in North America.When you offer a superior level of service, the word spreads fast.As part of the Realty ONE Group team, I look forward to providing you with a phenomenalreal estate experience!From listing to Sold, before it gets old.Jim Bolger • •
  11. 11. about meHow am I different from other real estate agents?First, I believe in education. And I further believe that education is a major component ofcompetency. That’s why I always make time for continuing education and for pursuing newdesignations. But even more important to competency, is market knowledge. And when you combineeducation with strong market knowledge, you have a top-notch, winning combination. That’s why inaddition to ongoing education, I also maintain a variety of local market statistics, and make it a habitto preview new listings as they hit the market in my market area.TechnologyUsing the latest technology, I am easily accessible to my clients, as well as other agents, lenders,escrow agents and industry news wherever I am. I can send and receive important information viaphone, fax, email and text messages, and I can react quickly to that information as it comes.CommunicationWhen asked, most sellers consider regular communication with their agent to be at or near the top ofthe list of what they consider to be good service. Clients want to know not only what’s going onthroughout the various stages of the transaction, but also what they can expect to come.As mentioned above, I use the latest technology to stay informed and to communicate with my clients.Through my mobile phone I can send and receive calls, text messages and emails and can respondimmediately to clients, other agents, lenders and escrow officers—whoever is part of the transaction.Additionally, I am proactive. I don’t wait for a call from a lender or escrow agent to tell me there’s aproblem. I am in frequent contact with everyone involved in the transaction so I stay informed on theprogress, and to head off any problems before they arise. No surprises is my motto.Clients for LifeIt is my sincere objective to serve my clients so well that they will feel compelled to do two things afterthe completion of the transaction: first to be so completely satisfied that they will write a glowingtestimonial; and second, to refer people they know to me, so that I may serve them as well.My Commitment to YouMy commitment to you begins with my commitment to continuing education, market knowledge andknowledge of my trade. Secondly, I communicate proactively so that my clients will not only knowwhat’s happening, but know what’s going to happen in advance so there are no surprises.From listing to Sold, before it gets old.Jim Bolger • •
  12. 12. what my clients sayThank You Jim Bolger!From the very beginning it was clear that Jim had our best interests in mind. He asked a lot ofquestions about our wants and needs and listened attentively to what we had to say. He almostalways answered the phone, and always responded quickly to our messages and emails. Thetransaction went smoothly and with no surprises. We highly recommend Jim and we will bereferring him to anyone we know!Thanks again Jim!The SieversScottsdale, ArizonaDear Jim,Thank you so much for being the true professional you are and delivering on all of yourpromises. We found just what I was looking for in less time than I expected. You sure know thearea! And as a first time buyer I was a little nervous about the loan process, but to my delighteverything went wonderfully. I am your client for life!Jackie CaplerScottsdale, AZFrom listing to Sold, before it gets old.Jim Bolger • • jimbolger.comJim,I have never written a letter like this before, but I just have to say thank you for all of your hardwork on my behalf. Being a business owner myself I know the value of great service. The factthat you still keep in touch with me to see how things are going even after the sale says volumesabout the level of service you provide.Thanks for everything Jim,W. E. GreenFountain Hills, AZ
  13. 13. what my clients sayDear Jim,Since our very first meeting it was plain tosee that you are a man of integrity. Allalong the way it was truly “All About Us.”Your professionalism, market knowledge,and attention to detail throughout thetransaction is to be commended. We willrecommend you to everyone we know!Thanks Jim!Ken & Donna JanuszScottsdale, ArizonaDear Prospective Client,I am thankful for kind words from my past(and current) clients and for theopportunity to have served them. I pridemyself on my knowledge and skills, and Iam committed to staying informed oncurrent market conditions, technology andthe latest lending practices to serve mycurrent and future clients in the best waypossible.As my client, if you should choose to hireme, you can expect the same high level ofservice that I provide to every one of myclients each and every day..Sincerely,JimJim Bolger,Thanks for a great job Jim, keep up thegood work!Dave FoleyPhoenix, AZFrom listing to Sold, before it gets old.Jim Bolger • • jimbolger.comJim,Carol and I would like to thank you for allyour hard work. As you know I wasconsidering trying to handle the transactionmyself, but after seeing how much goes intoit I’m glad we worked with you.Bill and Carol PakMt. Caramel, TN