Acountable Care To the Comsumer - ACO2C A Hourney To the Cloud


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Acountable Care To the Comsumer - ACO2C A Hourney To the Cloud

  1. 1. ACO2C – HIMSS 2012 A Journey To The Cloud? by Jim Bloedau of Information Advantage Group Judging by the signage and conversations on the exhibit floor with healthcare strategists, vendors and business leaders at the 2011 HIMSS conference this week, it’s clear that providers are responding strongly and at various stages of success in securing reform and meaningful use stimulus incentives from their EMR, CPOE and HIE efforts. What was also clear was that these new challenges were driving major enterprise IT vendor’s and consulting group’s responses. HP’s Digital Health, Oracle’s awesome HIE offering, Dell’s strong Healthcare program and even SAP showing a remote monitoring collaborative eCare product shows that the market continues to heat up under reform. New challenges for providers to plan for enhancement of their technology capabilities has refueled the management and business consulting services market benefiting majors like Ernst & Young, CSC, Delotte and PWC. Muchof this attention can be attributed to hospital and physician groups consolidating to offer a “point of buyingconcentration” that has enough girth to attract the large IT vendors.The more interesting booth chatter was forward thinking and centered onpost meaningful use and growing reform efforts around accountable care(ACO) and medical home models. A key tenet of the rapidly heating ACOmodel is that the patient, family caregivers, home health and non-professional companion/domestic services participate more whilephysician reimbursement has them being more patient-facing for lifetimecare rather than hospital-facing for episodic care. The problem is thatthere’s no money in reform legislation for the development of ACOinfrastructure. If an ACO has enough financial girth, like a largehospital/physician group with rudimentary infrastructure in place alreadyand the right zip code, then they will fair better than a smaller semi-ruralACO that has little money for development.A harbinger of how this problem will be solved was the high interest shownto “the cloud as a service” - mantras that were popular…lot’s of this forstorage on the exhibit floor. We’re seeing many new cloud entrants everyday outside of healthcare…we can only imagine how many cloud startupsare in stealth for healthcare. Despite lots of talk, there were few viableapplications that were ACO and medical home focused that would offerbranded private clouds to them with integration possibilities to licensed andnon-licensed caregiver entities. What was also missing was some kind ofground swell for mobile healthcare that supports all the hype about it forthe last couple of years. Although Meaningful Use reigns King with thebuyers, reimbursement models promise that next year in Las Vegas, wecan expect to see many marriages between the ACO, medical home and mobile tech being administeredby the cloud as the ACO2C market continues to heat up.