Google Penguin 2.0 Recovery Solutions


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Just an overview of what is Penguin 2.0 is all about with some tips on how to go about being hit by Google Penguin 2.0.

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Google Penguin 2.0 Recovery Solutions

  2. 2. Penguin 2.0 had been unleashedand overall reaction was “???”
  3. 3. This update focuses on:Paying for content placements, such as sponsored posts on blogs. Matt Cutts fromGoogle, stated that advertorials are only considered ‘bad’ if they are being used for SEOpurposes (the passing of Pagerank) and do not fully disclose that they are paid for. Withthe new change, any website paying for content placements will be advised to include adisclaimer and/or use only nofollow links.Advertorials
  4. 4. This update focuses on:Anchor textGoogle is looking closely at the anchor text being used to link to your website. If themajority of the anchor text is linking to you is keyword rich (using exact match anchortexts), Google will probably find that very unnatural.
  5. 5. This update focuses on:CMS Hacked SitesSites that are hacked for the purpose of building links to other sites without the ownersknowledge due to unsecured Content Management System of the site. Once thealgorithm identifies a website as potentially hacked, Google will apply a label on itsSERPs listing.
  6. 6. This update focuses on:Things that may have an impact on Authority signals: Current sites, frequently updated with high value content that people want to share. A natural sharing pattern with all content (not fabricated ‘likes’ or fake facebookviews, etc). Produce content about current topics within the field (think trending phrases). Have other authorities referencing or mentioning them (not just linking, but co-citations and co-occurrences). Business mentions and citations (even for national and global brands – it’s not justfor local SEO anymore). poobahmarketing.comAuthorityGoogle gives more importance and rank sites that are authority in their niche.
  7. 7. This update focuses on:Questionable links to or from your site can cause a negative impact on your search engineresults.Backlinks Thousands of links all coming from one domain. Links from irrelevant sites. Link Velocity. The uptake rate of inbound links over time. Links from low quality sites.
  8. 8. This update focuses on:Domain ClustersDomain clusters are when you perform a search and the same domain shows up 3, 4, 5+times on the first page of SERP’s. Google would like to diversify the results that show up onthe first page so that users get more choices.
  9. 9. Were you hit by the update?To find out if you have been affected by any previous Penguin updates, check your rankings ifit correlate any drops of traffic with known release dates.
  10. 10. If you are one of the victims ofthis update …Here’s some tips for you
  11. 11. Perform Link Analysis1. Extract your backlinks using Webmaster tools and other online tools likeAhrefs, Open Site Explorer etc.2. Make a list of low quality links (PR 0, low DA) and send a request to siteowner to remove that link.3. List down remaining links and Contact each of the sites that are classifiedas bad and ask them to take your link down.4. Disavow any links that haven’t been removed after multiple contactattempts. Google allows you to disavow links via Webmaster Tools. Disavowthem using Googles Disavow Link Tool.
  12. 12. Diversify Anchor TextsNaked URL:The clickable portion of the link is actually the destination URL itself.Example: anchor text is the brand name of the company or website.Example: Squarefishinc.comBranded-hybrid:The anchor text includes the brand name as well as a keyword (or keyword fragment)associated with that brand.Example: Outsource SEO services at Squarefishinc.comJunk:Junk anchors consist of anchors such as “click here,” “visit this website,” “here,” etc.
  13. 13. Diversify Anchor TextsExact-match (keyword-rich):the anchor text is exactly the keyword for which you want a page to rank in the searchengines.Example: Outsource SEO ServicesLSI (Latent Semantic Indexing):It’s a way of rephrasing the exact match anchor text by means of getting the relatedkeywords.Example: Outsourcing SEO SolutionsSentence fragment:Are texts that flows naturally within the sentence and NOT any type of anchors.Example: SquareFish is a group of diligent yet fun-loving individuals who haveover 6 years experience in the outsourcing and Internet marketing industry.
  14. 14. Futureproof your Link BuildingBuild links for the long and short term, but makesure they are as naturally obtained as possible.Control your Link ProfileFocus on acquiring links from reputable sites and steer clear of any site which is irrelevantto yours.Slow and SteadyFocus on acquiring high-quality links over time, rather than bulk quantities in infrequentbursts.Build Your BrandIncrease your efforts with your social media as this now plays an important part inbuilding a social footprint. Brand signals and social exposure (G+, Twitter, Facebook andetc.) will all help in establishing a natural profile in Google’s eyes.
  15. 15. End of the