Smart Owl Creative SEO & Design Analysis for IPEF's Medinah Patriot Day Site


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An analysis of the Illinois Patriot Education Fund's Medinah Patrio Day site ( including SEO & site design thoughts and recommendations for improving conversion rates, bounce rates, donations, & registrations.

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Smart Owl Creative SEO & Design Analysis for IPEF's Medinah Patriot Day Site

  1. 1. Design & SEO Analysis for the Illinois Patriot Education Fund Wednesday, March 7, 2012
  2. 2. Contents:•Problem Analysis•Design Analysis •Thoughts & Recommendations•Site Analysis •Titles & Keywords & Tags, Oh My!•Competitor Analysis •Top Keywords •Traffic Details •Search Engine Ranking Position •Back Links •Social Media Presence•SEO Audit •Site Crawl •Canonical URL Check •Sitemap •Site Index Ratio•Other Suggestions
  3. 3. Problem Analysis:•High Bounce Rate •55.66%...more people are leaving the site than enjoying it•Low Conversion Rate •Registration page views only accommodate for 3.38% of all page views •Volunteer page views only accommodate for 2.73% of all page views •Donation page views only accommodate for 1.79% of all page views•Low Page Visit Durations •254 visits lasted less than 10 seconds •2.46 pages/visit avg•Lack of Mobile Optimization Mobile Visits Pages/Vi Avg. % New Bounce sit Time on Visits Rate Site No 407 2.48 00:05:23 44.47% 54.79% Yes 26 2.12 00:00:52 84.62% 69.23%
  4. 4. Design Analysis:•Logos do not make great sentences, especially for SEO crawling•Fix Volunteer & Contact Us tab…should be on same line with others•May want to limit tab options for easier navigation and to decrease distractions fromcalls to action (review ‘Content In-Page Analytics’ results within Google Analytics)•Use photos for slide show to showcase event’s prestige and its heart warming mission. •Or keep videos and make play button more prevalent.•Pull video into content on page•Make Sponsorship button same size as registration, etc buttons•Even out logo distribution in middle of page•Rethink top right hand corner dog ear…might distract too much, especially whendysfunctional•Call out Medinah Country Club’s status with Ryder Cup, etc. as well as IPEF’s mission•Update content and make more user friendly
  5. 5. Medinah Country Club Patriot Day Golf Tournament Tabs Slide Show Register WELCOME! Loremipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturadipiscingelit. Donate Etiamaliquamnisl id urnaiaculisporta. Aliquam sit amet mi vitae felisscelerisquescelerisque. VivamustinciduntarcunecSponsorVolunteer Photo Video Ad Logo Logo Logo Logo
  6. 6. Medinah Country Club Patriot Day Golf Tournament Tabs WELCOME! Loremipsum dolor sit amet, consecteturadipiscingelit. Video Player Etiamaliquamnisl id urnaiaculisporta. Aliquam sit amet mi vitae felisscelerisquescelerisque.1 2 3 4 Vivamustinciduntarcunec Register Donate Photo TextSponsorVolunteer Logo Logo Logo Logo Ad
  7. 7. Site Analysis:•Title & Description Tags •Defines the web page •Should include 2-3 keywords•Keywords Meta Tags •Handful of keywords & keyword phrases the web page is targeting•Keyword Density •Ideal is 3-5%...assures the content is keyword rich and increases relevancy
  8. 8. Site Analysis:
  9. 9. Site Analysis: Current RecommendedTitle Medinah Patriot Day - Golf Medinah Patriot Day / Golf Tournament at Medinah Country Club Tournament / Medinah Country ClubDescription Golf Tournament at Medinah Country Illinois Golf Tournament at Medinah Club that raises scholarships for Country Club to raise education Illinois military families. scholarships for Illinois military families.Keywords 2012 Ryder Cup, Medinah Country Illinois Golf Tournament, Medinah Club, ILLINOIS VETERANS, Jim Country Club, 2012 Ryder Cup, Illinois Cornelison,Jarrett Payton, Steve Dahl, Veterans, Patriot Day, Illinois Military Tom Thayer, Steve Cochran, Otis Families Wilson, Ron Kittle, ryder cup, patriot day, illinois military families,
  10. 10. Site Analysis:
  11. 11. Site Analysis: Why does this page open in a new tab/window if it’s within the site..?
  12. 12. Site Analysis: Current RecommendedTitle Become a Corporate Sponsor for Corporate Sponsors / Medinah Patriot Medinah Patriot Day DayDescription Held at the historic Medinah Country Extend your brand’s visibility and reach(Try to Club. Event is comprised of an 18- by accessing the large audience of themention hole golf tournament followed by a 2012 Medina Patriot Day Golfsize of cocktail reception with silent auction Tournamentaudience) and a dinnerKeywords Corporate Golf Sponsors, medinah Corporate Golf Sponsors, country club, ryder cup, patriot day, Sponsorships, medinah country club, illinois military families, ryder cup, patriot day, illinois military families, visibility
  13. 13. Site Analysis:
  14. 14. Site Analysis: this page out with the keywords you use to gain outside visitors looking for Medinah
  15. 15. Site Analysis: : Current RecommendedTitle Medinah Country Club History / Medinah Patriot DayDescription Home to various Ryder Cups, PGA Championships and U.S. Opens, this 640 acre country club was established more than 85 years ago.Keywords Medinah Country Club, History, Ryder Cup, PGA, PGA Championship, U.S. Open, Tiger Woods, Illinois Tournament
  16. 16. Site Analysis:
  17. 17. Site Analysis: YouTube videos within this page to help SEO and attract more visitors!
  18. 18. Site Analysis: : Current RecommendedTitle Event Videos / Medinah Patriot DayDescription View golf highlights and inspiring stories from the Illinois PatriotEducation Fund’s Medinah Patriot Day Golf Tournament.Keywords Golf highlights, inspiring stories, Illinois Patriot Education Fund, Illinois Patriots, Illinois Golfers, Medinah Patriot Day, Golf Tournament
  19. 19. Site Analysis:
  20. 20. Site Analysis:
  21. 21. Site Analysis: : Current RecommendedTitle Medinah Patriot Day Executive Executive Volunteers / Medinah Volunteers Patriot DayDescription The Illinois Patriot Education Fund & Donate your time and professional the Medinah Patriot Day Event is services to help aid and fundraise for actively Looking For More Executive Illinois military families. Volunteers Who Can Dedicate Professional Services and Heart to Serve our Illinois Military Families.Keywords Medinah, Medinah Country Club, Leadership, Volunteer, Illinois Military Ryder Cup, Medinah Patriot Day, Families, Golf Tournament, Volunteers Professional Services, Serve
  22. 22. Site Analysis:
  23. 23. Competitor Analysis: •Identified Top 5 Keywords/Phrases (Use Google AdWords account for relevant others) •Medinah Patriot Day •IPEF •Golf Tournament •Medinah Country Club •Armed Forces •Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) Keyword/Phrase Google SERP Yahoo SERP Bing SERP1 Medinah Patriot Day 1 1 12 Illinois Patriot Education Fund 2 5 53 (Illinois) Golf Tournament - - -4 Medinah Country Club 13 57 645 (Illinois)Armed Forces - - -
  24. 24. Competitor Analysis:•Increase referrals from current sources: •Attract organic search findings other than: 1. Google / organic 1. 2. IPEF 2. Medinah patriot day 3. 3. American flag golve glove 4. 4. Il patriot fund may 29 5. Bing / organic 5. Patriot day medinah 6. 6. IPEF 7. Yahoo / organic 7. Medinah country club 8. 8. Medinah patriot 9. (mobile visitors) 9. Playing golf to raise money for our armed forces•Increase additional back links fromrelevant orgs
  25. 25. SEO Audit:•Site Crawl •Site crawler simulator was capable of crawling site, but no description or keywords were found•Canonical URL check •Both www and non-www are fine and searchable•Site Index Ratio •If the site has many pages of which only few have been indexed, try submitting sitemap to search engines and creating search engine friendly navigation
  26. 26. Other Suggestions:•Keep meta tags concise & relevant•Declutter pages to increase conversions•Update WordPress& SEO PlugIn if compatible•Registration & Donation Pages Would Be Best Suited Within the Medinah Site •Taking Visitors to Another Website In Order to Complete a Call to Action Dramatically Decreases Conversion Rates•Volunteer Page is Fine within IPEF Main Site, But Think About Adding a Signup/ContactForm…takes too long to search content for email address to email to
  27. 27. (847) 710-1882