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How to Best Position Yourself for an Athletic Scholarship


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Jim Fallis, a former college head coach and athletic director, talks about how you can best position yourself for a college scholarship as a high school athlete!

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How to Best Position Yourself for an Athletic Scholarship

  1. 1. How to Best Position Yourself for an Athletic Scholarship By Jim Fallis
  2. 2. While many high school athletes may have big dreams of getting a scholarship to play their sport in college, just 2% of all high school athletes earn athletic scholarships. If you want to increase your chances of making it into the 2%, take a look at the best ways to position yourself for an athletic scholarship!
  3. 3. Focus On Academics Student-Athletes are expected to be students first and athletes second. As a result, one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of winning an athletic scholarship is to keep your grades up!
  4. 4. Don't Expect a Full Ride The average athletic scholarship is less than $11,000, so make sure that you explore other options for funding your education instead of simply hoping for a great offer to play your sport!
  5. 5. Talk to Your Coaches and Counselors Applications for colleges and scholarships are hard, but your high school coaches and guidance counselors can help you. Work with them to make sure you stay on track with your various applications, networking with recruiters, and more.
  6. 6. Develop an Athletic Portfolio When you apply to colleges, you'll want to send them an athletic portfolio that goes over your history in the sport. Include your information about the positions and teams you've played on, newspaper clippings talking about your big plays, and more!
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