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Empowernetwork.com profound thoughts-of_the_day

  1. 1. Profound Thoughts of The Dayhttp://www.empowernetwork.com/jim208/profound- thoughts- of- the- day?id=jim208 December 12, 2012Profound Thoughts of The DayThe way you see people and things in your life has a great bearing on whether or not you thinkprofound thoughts of the day. Reality is positive and negative. Negatives enter our minds likeclockwork and pollute our thinking, unless we add daily, posit ive t hought s.Feed your mind with positive thoughts, daily. Consider it just like food.The negative side of reality is filtered into our minds day and night. Dilute those thoughts withbooks, audios, videos and uplifting people. All of the negative exposure we experience should befought by putting positive things into our minds.How do we change from positive to negative? See theopposite of negatives and f ocus on t he posit ive no matterwhat, even if it makes no sense. That new habit will enableyou to see more possibilities. It really works!The world WANTS you to succeed, when you actuallybelieve that.That’s one of many Profound Thoughts ofThe DayUse positive Self -t alk as if you are successful, even if whateveryone else sees is just the opposite way around. Thoughts and frequency of the world matcheach other and are attracted to each other. Attract winning instead of losing. It’s the bridgebetween where you are now and where you want to be. Whatever you believe, you attract intoyour life.Ignore everything that says you cannot succeed. Allow the posit ive f low of expectation into yourmind. You and your dreams are one. Visualize your dreams and you will recognize everything thatcomes your way to help you achieve them. Otherwise, you will not.Your problems in life are actually GOOD. Your negative feelings about them project a heat thatactually rejects success. Convince yourself to only look at the positive side, no matter what you’refeeling. How you FEEL is under your complete control.Throw away all negative outlooks and think good things. Tellyourself that you feel wonderful, even when you don’t. Yourthoughts will take over. Stay in control. Align yourself withGod. Everything that God created is good.Prof ound Thoughts of The DayACT NOW! Don’t allow negative thinking to control and
  2. 2. ACT NOW! Don’t allow negative thinking to control andslowly destroy your physical, mental, spiritual and emotionalmind.David Sharpe said, “You can’t t hink yourself int o a newway of act ion. You’ve got t o ACT yourself int o a new way of t hinking!”You cannot think yourself out of your negativity and failure. ACT on your thoughts and STOPthinking that you may not succeed because you won’t by thinking that alone. Get out of your way.Your own thoughts are keeping you from succeeding. It’s driving you away from your goals.The greatest things on earth have been created out of our heart; our spirit and by those who ACTNOW! Our own minds can be the biggest reducer of income in the world.Stop trying to THINK your way into a successful life. It does notwork. Stop talking yourself out of the possibility to succeed.Stop thinking “I could have, I would have, I should have!” …or ”Let’s see if it works!…” …or “Let’s see if someone elsesucceeds!…”You have t o be bold. ACT NOW! Just DO it! Lead wit h yourheart . Don’t sit there and try to rationalize your decisions toprogress to the mark. It’s the ONLY way you’re going tosucceed.Stop analyzing. You only live ONCE. Be bold and passionate!Profound Thoughts of The DayProsperit y is unlimit ed and more means more for others, too.You success will happen when you choose to be delighted, positive and just take the actionnecessary to make it happen.Be grateful day and night, especially before you achieve success. An at t it ude of grat it ude addsmagic to success.You have the power in your heart to simply succeed. That kind of energy attracts success like amagnet. Believe and DO IT NOW.Those are my Prof ound Thought s of The Day. Share them with others.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you liked this content, please ‘like and share.’Skype: jim.mcallister208Click Here t o Work Wit h Me Personally.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About The Author: Jim McAllister
  3. 3. Years ago, I got happily involved in t he Net work Market ingprof ession. I have at t ended live meet ings, wat ched videos andread books. I have learned t he f ollowing... Decide what you want .Believe you can have it . Believe you deserve it . Believe it ’s possible f or you.Then close your eyes every day f or several minut es t o visualize already havingwhat you want and t he f eelings of already having it . Come out of t hat and f ocuson what you’re grat ef ul f or already and really enjoy it . Then go int o t he day andrelease it t o t he universe. Trust t hat t he universe will f igure out how t omanif est it . Then be aware of t he people, circumst ances and event s t hat surround you, t ohelp you achieve your goals and dreams. Act on f ait h, f eel t he f eelings and be grat ef ul ast hough you have already achieved your purpose. Commit To Your Dreams! ~ Jim McAllist er